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RPG Galerians(Sign up)


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I don't know if this is anime or not but this is a RPG called Galerians.This is kinda horror/adventure thingy.So if you want to join just put a profile like this:
Location:Michelangelo Memorial Hospital
Bio:Rion is the son of Dr.Steiner.He was injected with the PPEC's(Phychic Power Enhancement Chemicals) and broke free from his restraining bed using his new found power.He hardly remebers his name and now searchs for clues to help remember his past.
Alright anyone wanna join?:D
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...can I make up my own Psychic?

Name: Rico T.
Age: 19
Sex: Male

Location: 17th Street Skylax Apartment Complex

Bio: Being introduced to mass amounts of PPEC's during infancy, Rico develped a hidden power that helps him to lift objects and alter reality. He lives a normal life, not knowing his growing power...he joins the police force as an undercover officer, hoping to rise the ranks. He relies on the massive computer in the center of the city to help him on his cases.
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name:saiyan buu
Form of majin buu with a scouter

sex:male...i think

location:pod heading for earth

bio:before destruction of planet vegita........

Chibi Vegeta:ya think this creation will cut it pops?


Bardock:after i insert these pishic powers into his brain he should be able to destroy anything..


King:it's Freiza!!!




Vegeta: get him in the space pod qui!!.......THSGHYSEHYSFHT!!!.....................................kakarott.....vegeta.........nappa.......raditz survived ......along with one not mentioned.............Buu MAJINO
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by RicoTranzrig [/i]
[B]Umm...did that count? [/B][/QUOTE]
Um...this is'nt a dbz thing man.so i'll start this

Rion wakes in the hospital.

Rion:Where am i who am i?:confused:

Doctor:*walks in*How did you get free?

Rion:Who am I?What did you do to me?

Doctor:Get back to your restraning bed now!

Rion:NO!*Uses his new power and the doctor's head explodes*

Rion walks out of the room.
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Rico gets a call from the nurses from the hospital.

"Help! Some guy's walking around and everyone's paniking!"

Rico says, "I don't see how a guy walking around would cause panic..."

"He's killing us with some kind of uuuuahhhh!!!!" The link disconnects.

Rico gets up from his desk back at police headquarters, suits up, gathers a small team of two other people and drives over to the hospital. Little does Rico know that being near PPEC's and psychics has the potential of bringing out his true-self.
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Rico get's to Rion.

Rion:Stop don't come any closer!

Rico:Who are you?

Rion:I don't know.

Rico:How did you kill those people?

Rion:The doctors.They did something to me...

Rico:Get him!

Rion:Stop No!AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!*uses a powerful shock wave and kills both guards*

Rico:What the!AHHHHHHH!*He lifts Rion with his powers*

Rion:Put me down!*Hears voice in head*Where are you?Who are you?Lilia your name is Lilia!

Rico:What are you talking about?:confused:
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Rico drops Rion, but keeps a hold of his powers.

Rico: "Whoa, what was that and who are you talking to?"

Rion: "I have to find Lilia, where's Lilia?"

Rico: "Who's Lilia, Lilia who? Look, if you're not giving me any straight answers, I can't help you...what the?"

Rion discharges a powerful fire blast, hitting a nearby car and disorienting Rico, enought time to escape.

Rico: "Hey! Come back!"

Rion: "Sorry, but I have to find her."

Rico: "But who's this Lilia you keep talking about."

Rico gives chase...trying to catch up with Rion as he runs towards the outskirts of the city...
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Rion gets to a big house.

Rion:Who's house is this?*Gets a flash in his memory*

Walks up to house.

Rion:This is my house!

Rico catches up to Rion.

Rico:What's wrong with you.

Rion:This is my house!

Rico:But who are you?

Rion:*Gets another flash*I am Rion.

Rico:So what do we do now Rion?

Rion:*Looks at window and sees Lilia*There she is!*Runs to front door*It's locked!

Rico:So what do we do?

Rion:Here*Puts hand up and closes his eyes and sees a vision of where the key is*
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Rico tries to ring the doorbell and knock on all the doors around the house. No answer. They go to the back yard and find a small garage.

Rion: "Look it's a rusted out car."

Rico: "So? What's so important about a piece of junk like that?"

Rion searches the car and finds a key to the house hidden in the passengers visor. He takes the key and unlocks the back door to the kitchen.

Rico: "Well, that was quick...I was thinking of breaking open a window...hey are you listening?"

Rion and Rico go inside silently.
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Rion:Where are you?!

Lilia:I'm up here!In the attic!

Rico:Let's go Rion!

They get to the second floor.

Rion: D@mn!The door is locked!

Rico:What now?

Rion:Stand back!*Uses powerful shockwave and blows the door down*


Rion:We still got 2 more floors to go through and i'm runnin out of Nalcon.
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Rico: "What in the world is Nalcon?"

Rion: "It's this drug I use to keep my mind stable when I use my attacks...gotta find some, and quick!"

Rico: "But where!"

Lilia: "Nalcon? You say you need Nalcon? I think I found some downstairs in the refrigerator."

Rico: "Sit tight, I'll go get some"

Rico runs down stairs back to the kitchen, opens the refrigerator door and sees a large bag and vials of nalcon to the side. Rico takes the large bag and vials and tries to put the vials inside only to discover a human head of a female gagged with a clock in her mouth. He goes back upstairs.

Rico: "What in the world is this!?!"

Rion: "I-I don't know!"

Rion tries to remember who it was inside the bag while taking the nalcon.
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Rion:I got to rest!

Rico:I'll stand guard.



Rion:*takes a key from under him*

Rico:What's it for?

Rion:*Gets a quick flash*The attic!

Rico:Great now you don't have to blow anymore doors down!

Rion:Lets get going!

They run off and don't know what's following them.
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They open the attic doors and finally make their way to the top.

Rico: "So when we find and rescue Lilia, then will you tell me what is going on?!?"

Rion: "Okay, just let me get through this last door."

Rion charges a psionic blast, knocking the door down. They run inside and find nothing.

Rion: "Gah, I could've sworn that..."

Rico: "Tough luck..."

Rion walks over to where he heard Lilia calling out and scans it.

Rion: "D@mn! Psychic residue...she's gone, but she's been here recently."

Rico: "Any ideas where she went?"

Rion: "I have no idea..."

Rico: "It's getting late, you gotta come with me back to the police station to clear everything up, we can run a trace on her there."

Rion: "Okay..."

They walk back downstairs and back to the kitchen. Rion and Rico notice the refirgerator is open with another bag inside.

Rion: "Rico, did you leave the refigerator open?"

Rico: "No..."

They hear footsteps and turn around...
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A man in a black trench coat stands there.

Rico:AHHHHHH!*Gets blasted back*

Rion:What do you want?

Bird man:Your head!I got your mother's and father's now i want yours.

Rion:*Starts to shake angrily*Ugh!NOOOO!AHHHHHHH!*Uses his anger power*

Bird man:You have to catch me first!*teleports out the door*

Rico:Go get'em!*stands up but still limps a little*

Rion:*teleports out door*Stop!

Bird man:Huh?What the!!!

Rion:You can't win!*holds head*

Bird man:Hmph.AHHHHH!

Rion:*Makes Bird man's head explode*
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can i join??????????????

i want to be:
name: Zaden
age: 17
sex: male
location: in a laboratory at a city 12 miles away...
bio: an evil android warrior named zetrex killed his father. all he has to remember his dad is a sword his father gave him. he has sworn to kill zetrex and now follows him around waiting for his chance...........................
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Watches birdman as he falls to the ground, headless.

Rico: "Holy smokes!"

Rion is in a trance-like state and is glowing with charged energy.

Rico: "Rion? Oh..."

Rico takes a nalcon vial out of his pocket and injects the liqid into Rion, turning him back to normal.

Rion: "Thanks, Rico..."

Rico: "We gotta get outta here...this place is really dangerous if people come out of nowhere and start murdering people."

They take the two bags with Rion's parents inside and head back to the police station via taxi.

Rico: "You mind telling me what this' all about?"

Rion: "It's a long story..."

They head to the police station to get everything cleared up...

[lordvegeta, time to jump into the story]
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meanwhile in a distant city in a abondoned warehouse........
thraxxar: hmmmmm lord zetrex should be complete soon...
scientist: yes yes if things keep going this way hell be complete and more powerful than ever....
thraxxar: i dont belive a low level like zaden defeated lord zetrex..
scientist: the humans keep getting stronger and stronger... its good we gave zetrex this new metal body........
thraxxar: haha!!! zaden's death will come soon!!!
zaden thinx to himself.... hmmmmmmm if i attack now he may be right better get some help.......
so he gets on his hypercycle and speeds off towards the city........
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They walk into Rico's office and turn on his computer.

Rico: "What was her name? Lilia right?"

Rion: "Yeah...but it won't really do much good...she's been missing for over eight months."

Rico runs a trace on Lilia and locates her in the center of the city.

Rico: "Wait, that's where the centeral computer core is..."

Rion: "What's so imporant about that?"

Rico: "We haven't been able to control it since it developed a mind of it's own and started to take over our systems...we were able to isolate a small section to work on a solution."

A person wielding a large sword barges into the police station asking for help. The officers inside are stunned and baffled. Rico walks out...

Rico: "What seems to be the problem"

Zaden: "I need some help...there's this guy after me..."

Rion comes out of Rico's office.

Rion: "There's a phone call for you."

Rico: "Just hold on...I'll help you."

Rico walks inside and gets a call of a disturbance at a local hotel. A couple of people are tearing up the place using some kind of power.

Rico: "Rion, I'm gonna need your help...officer Kai, gather a squad and follow me."

Zaden: "Are you going to help me or not?"

Rico: "We're kind of busy right now...if you want to talk to another one of our officers..."

Officer: "Sorry Rico, we're all busy right now..."

Zaden: "Well, maybe I can help you..."

The three get into Rico's police cruiser and speed off with the assault squad to the hotel...
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then the next morning they get a call that there was a huge explosion at the city lab last night (not the one earlier) so the get in a hyper pod and fly to the lab just to find a pile of rubbel.
zaden: hmmm doesnt look like thers anything here....
rion well sensors indicate that theres some movment down there...
rico: great lets check it out!!!
when out of the rubbel comes a large..................
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