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RPG Digimon: Return of the Exiled Foe


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Accepted people so far:
FF7 Vincent
Solo Tremaine

Please be sure to check out my last post in the Recruitment thread if you haven't already, I've written comments about some of you.

[B] Sign-Ups are still open, feel free to tell others about it.[/B]

Concitomon stood above the portal, watching as innumerable swarms of his Minions marched out of the gateway. They had easily overwhelmed all the areas surrounding the portal; their numbers able to overcome any of the disorganized resistance. Concitimon had fused many Minions to create a fortress surrounding the portal.

The Minions were small, even more so than the average Rookie. They were basically humanoid shaped, each armed with a small blaster, which would shapeshift into a sword when engaged in melee fighting.

A faint movement in the north caught Concitimon's eye. It could just be grass blowing in the wind, or it could be some enemy spy. Best not to take chances for any reason.

"Horde of Minions!" he bellowed, sweeping his hands beyond the walls of his fortress. small bricks formed from nowhere and slowly took shape. Piece after piece fit together perfectly, snapping faintly as they connected. Seconds after his short declamation, 150 newly born Minions stood ready to do his bidding.

"Go." he said simply. Intimately linked with him, the Minions knew exactly what they were to do.

Concitomon had spent ten-thousand years locked away in an alternate, infitine, empty dimension. Time was peculiar in that realm. It passed, but didn't have the effect of aging those in it. Concitomon, to be more specific. Time passed in the Digital World, but not nearly ten-thousand years. A five or ten centuries at most.

Concitomon had spent five-thousand years producing Minions. He had been badly defeated in single combat by an unnamed foe. He, of a level higher even than Mega, had been overcome. That one fact drove him into a fierce state of mind. Fore the next five-thousand years, he trained. He honed his powers, focused his skill. Every day he grew stronger, untouched by age but shaped by it's passing.

After reaching what he believed to be his peak, Concitomon sought a way to be released. He finally decided that his only means of leaving would be to use his powers to reopen a rift between his world and the Digital World.


Okay, here's what's happening. Concitomon has vast armies of Minions under his command, but is consolidating his position around the portal before he makes any further moves.

The Digimon Army is presently engaged with another Minion army, and has nearly overcome them. They don't really have any plans other than to destroy Minions and to figure out a way to stop Concitomon. I'll toss in someone later (think "Gennai") who'll explain everything to them.

Here's some info on Concitomon

[B]Name:[/B] Concitomon.

[B]Level:[/B]He's a DNA of two supercharged Megas; that's the best way I can describe it.

[B]Attacks:[/B] Magical Imbalance, Horde of Minions (there are variations to Horde of Minions that will be introduced later)

[B]Attack Descriptions:[/B]

Magical Imbalance: Concitomon gathers unstable energy into a weak field of energy. He then launches the sphere at his enemies. The field dissolves after a few seconds, causing an extremely explosive flux of energy. Concitomon may create several at a time.

Horde of Minions: Concitomon instantly creates 150 Minions out of bricks that he pulls out of thin air. This process only takes a few seconds.

[B]Other:[/B] Concitomon has returned to the Digital World to search for his enemy, the one digimon that defeated him all those years ago. He rarely engages in battle since he's returned to the Digital World, believing that that one foe only is worthy of him.

If he is somehow damaged, Concitomon may regenerate himself by consuming Minions.

I hope I didn't leave anything out. :D Let's begin!
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OOC: Happy to Oblige

A swarm of minions came forth from Concitomon, and rushed towards the grassy hill. Angemon lay prone, scoping out the scene below him. The rest of Heaven's Angels lay in ambush wherever they could find cover.

"They come!" Angemon bellowed as the minions approached in droves.

All acknowledged his statement almost invisibly as he rose up into the air. The minions immediately saw him, and zeroed in on his position. Angemon slowly drew his hand back, drawing all of the energy he could muster into his left fist.

The minions stopped 25 feet from his position. They lformed a long line of ranks instantaneously, and drew their weapons, leveling their sights on the angel.

"NOW! Fist of Fate!" the sweeping blast of holy light ripped through the first row, but many more took the place of their fallen comrades.

"Apollo Tornado!" two Piddomon shot out from a ditch below in a blinding whirl of feathers. They rushed upwards, cutting off the ranks of the minions. As the digimon slowed their spin, a wall of energy was blasted at them. They dodged for the most part, but one was caught in a wing, and the acrid smell of burning feathers and evaporated ozone filled the digital air.

"Fist of FATE! HA!" Another sweeping blast pinned the minions back, allowing the Piddomon to retreat behind a boulder on the cliff.

"You're going to need more help, Angemon. Can't play the hero all day!" the twin Angewomon rose up, flanking him. As if they were exact replicas, the twin angels created arrows of light,

"Celestial Arrow!" the arrows each pierced through a large portion of the minions, but still more crowded in. More blaster shots penetrated the air, causing all of the angels to take cover.

"Fist of Fate! HA!" Angemon made another sweep, leveling another rank, but still more came. They always kept coming. He crouched down behind a rockface. The minions followed their movement, and changed their blasters to close-range swords.

"Angemon, we won't hold them off. One of the Piddomon are badly injured. He can heal himself, but if they keep coming like this, there won't be anything left of any of us. Where are Seraphimon and Ophanimon? We won't survive without them. Celestial arrow!" Angewomon let loose another arrow, slicing through another slew of minions.

"They know that we are here. They will sense our trouble, and will bring help. For now, we need to fight for as long as we can. Someone will come. They said they would bring word from the Digimon army. They understand our cause, and will send help,"

Ten minions had rushed at him with their swords brandished.

"Angel Staff!" he spun his staff at lightning speeds, knocking back the blows. More minions surrounded him, but their numbers seemed to be thinning.

"Fist of Fate! HA!" he leveled the minions, but saw more approaching. The Piddomon were still fighting a large group, ripping through them with their tornados, but suffering more and more wounds.

[i] Maybe we will not need the help of Seraphimon. They seem to be thinning[/i] The hundreds of minions had become meer groups.

"Wipe them out! They are ebbing!" Angemon screamed as he fired another blast of energy. The group disintegrated, only this time no minions came to replace them. Twin light arrows pierced through another row of minions, and they too were destroyed. The Piddomon delivered the finishing blow, blasting through the last two groups of charging minions. One Piddomon took another hit to his wing, but it did not stop his attack.
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[COLOR=#503F86]Sorry I'm late, heh.

The sky was darkening. The black clouds swirled overhead in the distance, casting an ominous shadow over the forests of the Digital World. An ill wind ripped through the forest- a sign of imbalance.

Flamedramon took a deep breath, not taking his eyes from the eye of the cloud whirlpool. Several Dark Masters had come and gone in his time, and each one had been seen off with little trouble. This one should be no different, whoever it was.

"So this is it..." he growled. The forest around him seemed to shake in reply, the wind buffeting its leaves and brances.

He chanced a look behind him as an Agumon sprinted to meet him.

"Sir!" he yelled. "Minions have started pouring from the dark castle!"

"Where?" Flamedramon barked, striding back to where this division of the Digital World's elite army was lying in wait. The Agumon struggled to keep up with his brisk pace.

"They...'re over the other side... of the mountain to the North." he panted, almost tripping over several tree roots while following Flamedramon.

"Send a message to the non-combat support units- have them wait at the base of the mountain. We're likely to take heavy casualties." The dragon Digimon tore branches from the trees which were in his way- he'd have time to apologise to their inhabitants later.

The Agumon nodded affirmatively and darted into the undergrowth.

Flamedramon broke into a run- they had to be quick. If they let this creature get any kind of foothold in the Digital World their battle would become a lot harder. They had to eliminate him hard and fast. And for good, this time.

He broke into a clearing, where hundreds of obedient digimon were anxiously awaiting his command.

Leaping onto the back of an obliging Tortomon, he gave his address.

"There is an evil force invading the sanctity of the Digital World." he bellowed. The digimon amassed in front of him tensed. "His minions have attacked the land over by the mountains to the North. Are you ready to destroy him?"

Howls, growls and ferocious roars of approval shook the forest. Flamedramon raised his fiery claw into the air and pointed forwards.

"Let's go!"[/COLOR]
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Within the masses of digimon that lay in front of Flamedramon, there was Torimon. He wasn't the strongest digimon out there, probably because he was still a rookie, but he was ready to follow the commands of his leader.

He listened to Flamedramon's words intensely, absorbing every word, every letter. Listening to his great commander got him even more excited and ready for the battle ahead.

As soon as Flamedramon gave the command, Torimon was off like a bolt. He ran as fast as his little legs would take him toward the mountain. Many other digimon passed him, by land and air. Soon, he was struggling to keep up with the tail end of the group.

"Wait... For... Me...!" He managed to struggle out in between deep breaths.

Finally he could advance no further. He fell to the ground, face first and breathed heavily. Each breath kicked up some dirt as he slowly struggled up to a sitting position. He looked ahead of him at the huge mountain.

"I don't know how I am going to be able to make it over this! Some help I will be in the battle."

Torimon slammed his paw on the ground. He then looked up at the clouds that swirled about him in the sky.

"Who is this Concitomon anyway? I have never even heard of him? How did he get so powerful?"

So many questions filled Torimon's head. He stood up and shook the dirt from his fur then started his way towards the mountain once more.

"There is no time for questions now, I must get to the battle and help my friends and commander."

As Torimon continued to climb, a Greymon passed him by. The large dino digimon looked down at Torimon.

"Need a lift little one?"

"Really? That would be great!"

The Greymon bent down so Torimon could climb onto his back. He then stood up straight and began up the mountain.

"Hold on tight little guy!"


After Torimon said that, Greymon began leaping up the mountain side and Torimon held on for dear life.

"A lot faster than walking!" He thought to himself as they neared the mountain top.
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[COLOR=navy]Renamon arrived and jumped into a tree at the battlefield.Others under estimated her.Although she was still in Rookie level she was quite strong and she answered to no one except people who earned her trust and friendship in various ways.

She stopped them from moving onwards.

"Flamedramon.Is it serious?"Renamon asked looking around.
"Renamon.Yes it is.As you must have heard,Concitomon and his Minions are breaking through into the Digital World."
"I see...We gotta get in there."Renamon said.
"You don't have a problem.You can teleport.We're trying to get in unexpected."Flamedramon said thinking.
"That's it!"Renamon said.
"What?"Flamedramon said, clueless.
"Everyone line up and hold the arm of the Digimon next to you.'Renamon called.

The digimon obeyed.Renamon jumped down and grabbed the arm of the first at the line and then held Flamedramon's arm.

"Everyone ready?"Renamon called.They all replied with a positive.

Renamon and the digimon disappeared and when they reappeared they were in the battle.Renamon and the digimon let go of the chain and they started to attack.
Sorry if I ruined anyone's plans?[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=#503F86]Just before Renamon telaported the huge army of Digimon, Flamedramon released his grip from the one next to him, sending only three other Digimon along with Renamon.

The others looked perplexed as he began striding towards the mountainside.

"But... why did you-?"

"She would have deleted herself if she'd tried teleporting all of us," he said abruptly. "Better to have a few heavy troops in there first rather than risk not having anyone at all."

He pointed at some of the faster creatures. "Go on ahead- give them all the support you can."

Overhead he could see some Pteramon flying in formation over the mountain ridges in the distance. he signalled to a large section of the group and made a signal with his claw.

"Get around the side of the mountain and lead a counter-attack from that side. We'll meet you on the battlefield once we get over the peak."

Obediently, the digimon ran to a valley pass to head off the attacking forces.

Looking to the rest, he threw his arm forwards again.

"Now, as fast as you can- CHARGE!"

The army of digimon hurtled through the trees, some almost catapulting themselves up the slope to get to the battlefield. Flamedramon was determined not to lose. They had to get there in time.

His metal claws plunged into the earth as they sprinted through the trees. The mountain was small and grassy- less of a challenge for some of the smaller troops. On the other side he knew what would be facing him- Concitomon.

His armour glinted dangerously in the light as he ran, bearing his teeth in preparation for battle.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=darkblue]When Renamon arrived she realised that Flamedramon wasn't there.She was about to teleport away but a Minion hit her.Renamon growled angrily.She didn't like it when anyone interrupted her train of thoughts.She bared her teeth angrily and let out with kicks and punches.Soon some Pteramon flew over and Renamon realised that Flamedramon and the rest of the people were on their way.

Renamon continued to fight.She would jump to help others that were in trouble and soon she saw the flaming power of Flamedramon.She quickly teleported over to him and they started to battle together.

"Are we getting any more back up?"Renamon asked between fighting.
"I'm not entirely sure.I hope so."he replied. [/COLOR]
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[color=midnightblue][size=1]Ben, please excuse my latest absence, We've been moving stuff around, seeing as how I'm sharing rooms with Cameron now O__o" so, I might be a little slow with posts >__<"
Draguiymon sat in the shadows, standing there, by Concitomon? her master? her king? her creator.

?He comes...? Draguiymon said. Her voice seemed as though in a trance.

?I know,? Concitomon said slyly. ?And, I plan on sending you out.?

Draguiymon smiled at this. Her sharp, small, and pointy dagger-like teeth baring, but with smile instead of a scowl.

?Go my minion... and serve me well... for I... I will be watching for the defeat, of Flamedramon.?

Draguiymon nodded at this, and left him, only to join up with her army fleet. They all stood tall, and awaited command.

?Listen up,? Draguiymon paced around them staring at them? perfect they were, killing machines in her eyes.

?Our orders are to destroy and take over this poor waste land which we call home? this pitiful world is to be taken over by our master himself! And, we shall obey!?

The sound our roars, screeches and other noises of agreement took the air as they all threw up their clawed fists, in which in the other was armed with a tiny blaster.

Groups of thousands, by hundreds, by fifty, and so-on took the area, in which they all moved in unison. As their fists went up, all cried out to their leader, in unison with echoed throughout the large area, and kept on, as the word; ?KILL!? took to the air, and drifted on making other Digimon fear for their life, and the lives of their family and friends.

?Now, my brethren! GO!?

The Digimon roared, and they all set their sights upon the troops of the enemy.

Draguiymon sat still, awaiting in the shadows for he who is to be destroyed.

?Your time shall come... Flamedramon.? Draguiymon said to herself, with a glow in her eyes, as she then let out a crackling laugh, which could be heard throughout the battlefield, as the minions of Concitomon chanted the word; "KILL!"
Heh, sorry for being late Ben! ^^;[/color][/size]
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The dust cleared as the last arrow of light blasted the weak minions apart. Angemon rose up from behind the rock he had been using as cover, and hovered a few feet from the ground. The minions that had been streaming in endlessly had ceased, although many buzzed angrily in the valley below.

"I think that our help has arrived!" the injured Piddomon called from the edge of the cliff.

Angemon hovered over to the edge. The minions created an endless blanket of darkness across the normally green field, their foul stench choking the life from the nearby vegetation. Even as their dismembered pieces lay on the ground around Heaven's Angels, the plants that they touched rapidly decayed and reeked of a dying stench. The minions seemed to be multiplying again. Concitomon was conjuring more from thin air it seemed, and they were all creating a seemingly endless row of ranks.

From the other side of the valley charged the last resistance of the digimon. Heaven's Angels had seen this army before, but was still awed by the sheer magnitude and spectrum of digimon. Many of them marched through the hard ground of the valley, but many flew, carried on wings, or just floating, suspended by nothing. Angemon strained to see the two ambassadors, but Angewomon spotted them first.

"Ophanimon! Seraphimon!" she called into the collective of flying digimon. Ophanimon and Seraphimon flitted above the main group, searching for Heaven's Angels. They spotted their group, and ricocheted off of the air, bolting towards the faraway cliff.

"Angemon! It is good to see that everyone is alive! I see that you got in a bit of a tussle," Ophanimon eyed the Piddomons' healing wings.

"It was fine. We handled them accordingly," Angemon spoke with a humble nature, being addressed by his leaders.

"That is good, but we must continue to be focused on the task at hand," Seraphimon noted. "We have talked with Flamedramon, and he intends to attack the minions head-on with his army. Now I have contacted several other freelance groups. Flamedramon does not think his army will be enough, and he will most definitely need to do more than just have his army attack head on. He has split his army into several groups. What you see here is the entire army, but they should split very soon..." as he spoke these words, the army split into three different groups. The two groups disappeared into various crevasses.

"What're they?" Angemon began to question Flamedramon's decision, "That small group will be slaughtered! There is no way they can take on the entire army by themselves!"

"They won't. Look at where they are going," Seraphimon pointed out. Angemon looked, and saw the other digimon overlooking the valley on another cliff, as they were. This cliff was different because it was shallow enough to run down for the ground digimon. He saw a glint of armor, and saw MetalSeadramon and MetalTyranomon leading them up.

"You trust the androids? They have not been the most sacred of the digital world. How do you know that they will not turn on our army?" Angemon questioned again.

"Because their homes were wiped out by minions as well," Angewomon whispered, "And now they are here to reclaim what is theirs,"

The other third of the army had come up near their peak, but chose a peak that overlooked the main branch. They were being lead by DoruGremon, a very respected leader of the Light-hearted Beasts.

"We will move in position as soon as the three armies have converged, and will provide cover fire," Seraphimon planned out their attack strategy., "Piddomon, I want you to refrain from using your Apollo tornados. They are very powerful attacks, but if you get surrounded by this many minions, you are dead. Do you understand?" The Piddomon nodded quietly.

"This is the final stand for the digital world. If we fail, then Concitomon will create more and more minions to destroy all that we know and love. We CANNOT let him do that. Now we must wait, and from then, our world will be decided," Ophanimon ended quietly, and turned to watch the glinting figure of Flamedramon, charging forward towards the endless black.
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O.O.C. Sheesh! We're not going to have much of a story if you guys win this soon.

Solo, Concitomon is already in the Digital World. He's built a fortress in the side of a mountain, with lots and lots of Minions in and around it.

And this goes for the rest of you too: [B]Concitomon is supposed to be unknown.[/B] He's just come back to the Digital World after about a thousand years. [B]No one has any clue who he is.[/B]


Concitomon watched as the hordes of Digimon advanced on his mountain fortress. He looked around him. Minions numbering somewhere in excess of ten thousand stood ready, with hundreds more pouring out of the portal every second.

"Fools." he murmered.

Concitomon lifted himself into the air. He looked down upon the advancing armies and spoke in a voice that carried to all corners of the battlefield.

"I abjure you, you Digimon. Begone from here, else I shall unleash the fury of my armies and of my will."

There was a unanimous bellow of defiance from the assembled armies.

"As you wish!" Concitomon roared.

The Minions dotting the mountain opened fire on the army, and the assembled masses at the base of the mountain charged, brandishing their swords. The Digimon again roared their defiance and charged also.

"Magical Imbalance!" Concitomon conjured a large orb of unstable energy and hurled it at the center of the enemy charge. BOOM! Digimon were hurled in every direction and a cloud of digidust obscured the sky.

Concitomon gathered his magic energy in the palm of his hand, then struck it with his staff. Sparks of magical energy shot out and destroyed whole flocks of flying digimon. More fell under the rain of fire from the mountain.

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[COLOR=#503F86]OOC: Whoops... Well, let's see if we can get this going again- mistakes aside, heh. I'll edit those posts.

Flamedramon slammed his fist into a dark digimon's face, causing it to explode into hundreds of bits of data that floated into the sky.

On the mountainside above him stood a massive castle, looming oninously in the grey skies.

"What is that?" He could feel a dark energy surging through the mountains all around him, as if the very rock underneath his was being torn apart.

Above them, he could see hordes of these strange creatures digging at the rocks near the castle. Huge boulders cascaded down the mountainside and into the pass where the suppoting forces were travelling. Flamedramon could only watch in horror as the flying digimon tried desperately to stop the barrage of rocks from killing all those underneath them.

He kicked two creatures from a rookie's back and started running in the direction of the digimon creating the rockslide. His fists began to glow with fire.

A high-pitched whistling stopped him in his tracks. he stumbled backwards just in time to miss being vaporised by a massive bolt of energy. He scraped the ground with his claws in frustration.

Hundreds of minions were pouring from the entrances of the castle, each shrieking wildly and swaring over the nearest attacking forces. Huge energy sparks exploded into the moutainside like meteors, sending digimon flying into oblivion.

"This is bad..."[/COLOR]
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OOC:....right then. Let's continue, shall we?

Angemon glared down at the massacre happening above him. He was blasting boulder after boulder, but they continued to rain down upon the army, aiding the minions.

He saw Seraphimon glowing in unnatural light as he blasted apart five of the rocks easily, moving on to help the smaller digimon. He was struck down by a smaller boulder.

"NO! Seraphimon!" he blasted at the huge boulder, and it burst in half. Seraphimon pulled himself up, but two of his wings were crooked.

"Angemon, I will not live this day through. Go save whomever else you can! We have lost for now,"

Angemon quickly turned around, not wanting to see his fallen comrade.

"You will be remembered Seraphimon. We will not forget!" he kicked off of the ground, trying to find the rest of Heaven's angels, bursting rocks apart left and right with his Fists of Fate.
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>.> Phew. Thanks Riolaskand, I was hoping that you'd get the idea. Pull back the attack for now. You guys rushed this RPG just a little too much, I think.


Concitomon gazed about at the destruction being wrought below. Hundreds of digimon were being crushed by the boulders that rained down from the mountain. His Minions worked and worked tirelessly, and hundreds more poured from the Portal each second. Concitomon glanced to the left and then to the right. Two armies of Minions, previously unnoticed by the Digimon, advanced from both horizons.

Quite suddenly, all the Minions around the mountain stopped what they were doing and retreated. The Digimon army and the other varying factions, battered and beaten, regrouped and looked to the sky, at Concitomon.

"I am giving you this one chance to flee. Flee now and do not tempt me to destroy you."

Some of the digimon did run, shrieking in terror and crying with despair. Other stood, resolute. Staunch in their devotion, they echoed their earlier cries of defiance.

Concitomon sneered and began to gather energy in his hands. The two armies continued to advance from either side.

Flamedramon leapt atop a Greymon and peered about. His remaining troops, those who had not fled, stood around him. They were battered, bruised, and yet maintained the falsity of hope. There was no hope. The armies coming in from either side and the inestimable power of Concitomon could not be overcome just yet.

"Get out of here!" he yelled.

The digimon turned to look at him incredulously.

"You heard me! Retreat! Fall back! Live another day! We cannot win this fight, but if we leave now, we may not have a chance at another!"

The digimon stood looking sullenly around at each other. They knew they were beaten, but they clung to their hope. They all fixed Concitomon with a unanimous look of hatred, turned, and ran. Flamedramon hopped lightly off of the Greymon's head, and ran in the direction of the mountain.

"Where do you think you're going?" demanded Renamon, matching his run stride for stride.

"To make sure they get away safely." he replied.

Concitomon was systematically destroying those flying digimon who refused to surrender. A dozen orbs of magical energy appeared in front of his outspread hands, then dove into a desperate flock of Biyomon, utterly annihilating them.

Flamedramon leapt up the craggy mountainside, his powerful legs launching him swiftly past those Minions who sought to encumber him. Renamon followed him, teleporting in short bursts up the mountain. A MetalSeadramon loomed in front of Concitomon suddenly, Minions crawling about him like ants to food.

"River of Power!" he called.

Unfortunately, a Minion stabbed him in the eye just before he unleashed the attack, causing him to pull back his head in pain. His attack narrowly missed striking Concitomon. Concitomon pulled back his hand and prepared to hurl an orb of unstable magical energy at the disoriented Mega.

"Magical Imba-"

"Diamond Storm!"

Renamon unleashed her attack directly into the swelling orb in Concitomon's hand, causing the orb to detonate and unleash its unstable energy. Concitomon was thrown down to the mountain by the force of his own attack. He stood up quickly, and indignantly, rising once again into the air. Renamon leapt into the air, preparing another attack.

With unsurpassed speed, Concitomon appeared behind her and struck her sharply with his staff. She fell several feet from where Concitomon had just fallen.

"Horde of Minions!" he barked, unleashing a storm of his mini-soldiers at her. (O.O.C. Think of Myotismon's Grisly Wing)

"Fire Rocket!"

Flamedramon poised himself in front of Renamon and launched himself into the teeth of Concitomon's attack. Minion after Minion collided with the aura of forceful fire and disintegrated. Flamedramon plowed through all of them until finally colliding with Concitomon's hand.

Concitomon grabbed Flamedramon by the throat, and then hurled him across the rocky mountain turf. "You," he whispered. "You have been a thorn in my side, Flamedramon. Even then, ten thousand years ago, you sought to stop me."

"What are you talking about?" groaned Flamedramon as he tried to get to his feet.

"It doesn't matter now, because it's over for you!" he declared. "Magical Imbalance!"

He hurled another of his deadly orbs at Flamedramon. Suddenly, a wave of energy struck the orb, causing it to rupture before striking Flamedramon. The unstable forces flowed outward blasting Flamedramon over the mountain's edge, and causing Concitomon to draw back as another of his attacks was obstructed.

MetalSeadramon soared away from the mountain with Renamon seated atop his back, cradling Flamedramon in her arms.
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[COLOR=#503F86]Flamedramon groaned quietly. His whole body ached- he could hardly move. As soon as he tried opening his eyes a searing pain shot through his spine, causing him to tense violently. Gradually it subsided and he tried his best to remain still.

Occasionally a noise would attract his attention, alerting him slightly more to what was happening around him. He could feel a soft, warm fur being held against him and the low whistling of the wind.

He was being carried away. Was he captured?

He gave another low groan and let the pain lull him into unconsciousness.

* * *

[i]"Fire Rocket!"


A loud, hissing noise. Like the roar of a waterfall, only something more vicious...


* * *

Flamedramon awoke with a start. He sat bolt upright, his eyes wide and sweat driping from his forehead. Shaking, he tried raising an arm to wipe it away. His right arm seized up painfully. He grimaced and gently laid it to rest by his side.

All around him were other injured digimon, each on makeshift fabric beds on a site near the Koromon Village.

A wave of dizzyness pased over him and he fell backwards onto his pillow, feeling rather idiotic in doing so. Were he not in so much pain, he probably would have started giggling through giddiness.

His claws felt odd. He still couldn't move them much. It felt like his body had been encased in dense sand. He gave an indignant snort and gantly looked around to see if anyone was actually caring for those injured.

"What am I doing?" he cursed under his breath. There were others that needed help far more than he did. he was a strong warrior- he could survive, but others might not be so fortunate. He took a deep breath and hauled himself into a sitting position in the edge of his bed, trying desperately to ignore the pain surging through his body.

Gritting his teeth through the stabbing pain of the spasms in his back, he got to his feet and slowly shuffled towards one of the larger tents.[/COLOR]
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"Sit right back down." commanded a creaky voice. "Now."

Flamedramon turned at the unexpected command, and was once again overcome with a wave of dizziness. He sat down on the edge of a makeshift bed.

Painfully he dragged his head up to view who was most certainly the owner of the voice. He was an old man, or so it seemed. He didn't seem to be human, but looked just so. He had wrinkled wrinkles, lines within lines, and eyes deeply set.

"Who-who are you?" asked Flamedramon.

"My name is Ophist." replied the man promptly. "I have come to help you."

"What c-can you do to h-help us?" stuttered Flamedramon. The pain and dizziness was not getting any better.

"Well, for starters, I can do this." the old man reached out and gently touched a crinkled finger to Flamedramon's armored head.

Flamedramon's vision suddenly blurred and he began to see a multitude of zeros and ones overlaying everything. While the rest of the world seemed to be composed entirely of white numbers, the figure in front of was not overlayed with that same code. Flamedramon heard a series of bleeps and chirps. Slowly, the dizziness left him and the pain dulled. His sight returned to normal and he looked more attentively at the figure standing before him.

"What did you do?" asked Flamedramon. "I'm not dizzy anymore, and the pain is all but gone."

The old man shrugged. "I manipulated the system. It wasn't all that hard."

"Just what are you?" demanded Flamedramon.

"I'm a Programmer." answered the old man. "Or rather, I was. I'm no longer welcome amongst the others."

"A Programmer? Others?" it just didn't make sense to Flamedramon.

The old man cackled. "Confused, eh? Things aren't nearly so bad as they were a thousand years ago; you'll get over it."

"You didn't answer my questions." accused Flamedramon.

"You're right, I didn't. But that's because they don't really have any relevance at the moment. All you need to know is that I'm here to help you, and Concitomon hates my guts." Flamedramon flashed a grin. The old man pulled a cane from nowhere and began to walk outside the tent. "So, first thing's first. You'll need a place for your troops to be brought back."

Flamedramon pushed aside the flap of the tent and stood back as the old man walked through. "The Primary Village is not too far from here." he said.

"You're right, it's not. But it just doesn't move fast enough, it doesn't. You need those troops fast, you don't have time to sit around and wait for their data to be collected that slowly."

The old man snapped his fingers. In front of the eyes of about a dozen or so digimon a large pool of water appeared. It did not spring from the ground, or ooze up. It just merely phased into existence.

"This pool will collect the data of every digimon who goes into it when they are destroyed. They will be reborn through the pool into their In-Training form." said the old man.

Flamedramon had given up trying to understand [I]how[/I] the old man was doing these things. Instead he was wondering just what else the old man would do to help them.


Don't even think about touching that old guy! Just take a dip in the pool and keep moving. Smash a Minion or two; develop charcter. Do something not related to Ophist.
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