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Art Manipulation: the simplest form of coercion


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In keeping with my expansion into other forms of image manipulation I would like to post the images that I created for use in my many profiles in yahoo chat rp.

This profile was based on a character from Angel Sanctuary...I forget his name.

Also using an Angel Sanctuary character, Kira I think you can start to see a trend in the particular style that I have employed.

Using Yuki from Gravitiation this time, shying away from the animal theme but still, starstruck, as it where ^_~.
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[I]Absolutely[/I] no clue on what's what, so excuse me for any errors.

I really like this nifty style, where you've got a profile shot going and then an "ambient" picture to go alongside it (i.e., their actions/poses/expressions are something you would expect to see some passerby doing on the street). What's really the awesome "wacha!" is that symbolic representation behind it all.

I'm wondering why the first picture is lacking this little addition?
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