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Sign Up An Intresting Proposition PG-13 to R


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[I]Is the is the world I dreamed? Where is the love and the color that I saw? Have I been wronged? WHERE AM I?[/I]

[I]Is this the world that they call Earth? COuld it have really changed in only one year? There is nothing left. All I can see is one flag and even it is impossible to tell whose side it could belong to. What has happened? Has the nuclear war happend? Did the man known as Sadam finally destroy the United States? Did the World War that would end everything on Earth finally happen? All I can think of is how the human race could have survived. As I look over the bleak horizen I think of my last year on Earth.

I was a bright and upcomming senior at Middleburg High. I had the brains and the brawn that made me a force to reconed with. I had straight A's and plenty of sports scholarships lined up. My parents wanted me to go to law or medical school but I just wanted to play football. I quickly sent out my essays to my picks and sat out waiting for the offers to roll in. I wish that would have been the case. As I went to pick up that fateful June morning I had no idea that I would be sent to another world that the CIA would want me. It was that damn letter that got me here. I remember it like it was yesterday.
[I]Dear _____,
We are please to inform you that the CIA wants you. This message is an explosive and will exploded after you drop it on the ground. Pease come with nothing more than the clothes on your back and a car you can drive. Thank you.
CIA Director
____ _______[/I]

That acursed letter put me in the position that I am in right now and I grieve for all those that lost thier life because of me. WHy did I need that power and glory. I hang my head in shame as I remember Now I just make it right by changing the past and righting the present. I must stop the "Messenger" and all his stops and minions before they destroy the world and force me to leave.[/I]

Well folks this a JJRiddler exclusive. This going probably get about PG-13 to R due to violence and the sometimes present language and rare Sensuality. If any of these things bother you please don't bother to signup.

You can either can as a Civilian, CIA Operative, or CIA Trainee
All three have important parts but the civilians have a larger casulty rate. This is a real time RPG no magic, no elements, no happy ending. If your wondering we are going back If you still want to signup here you go.


Birthdate: (This will either help or Hinder you.)
**Small Bio about thier life and work:
Description: (A picture will suffice, but a verbal description wins brownie points ;) )
Are they in the Military? (Only a max of 2 civilians can)
***If not What is thier occupation?
****Casuilty Rate:

* Age has to eb at least 30.
** One to two paragraphs!
**** Leave this blank. Your Signup will determine it.

[B]CIA Operative[/B]

Current Location:

* See Civilian
** Either 1 big Gun ie: Uzi or Machine Gun or 2 handguns Pistol, or Revolver. I don't care about make or model it won't matter because it won't help you.
*** I would appriciate more than 3 words. Maybe a paragraph or two? Just describe your position in the mission and what is needed to be acomplished.

[B]CIA Trainee[/B]

Small Bio about high school acomplishments:
*Reason for accepting Invatation:

* Please again no three words! One to two paragraphs! :D

I will take about 3-4 signups for Trainees and pick the best two,
Iwill take 4-5 for operatives and take the best three, and 5-6 for civilians and take the best four. If you want to be an Operative Please PM me for I have further instructions I would rather not post.

OK Now I am Done and you can stop Reading! Have fun!
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[color=royalblue]Name: Dr. Satell Megelani

Codename: Ballet

Age: 24

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 120lbs.

Weapon: Penknife, literaly. It's a switchblade, poisoned, able to be thrown very accurately by her hands. Glock 9mm.

Mission: Her job is mostly as a trainer for would be CIA agents, but if worse comes to worse, she'll be an assassin. Not only are the glasses part of the act, the heels are easily replaced with combat boots. And the skirt, is just for show, the skin tight pants afford her the movement that has earned her the name of Ballet. Not only does she move with an unnatural grace, she also performs her missions with complete simplicity and expedience. She will find who has been recruited and train them for a time. Not only is she an expert at this, she also posesses an inquisitive and seeing soul, necessary for penetrating the heart of the younger.

Current Location: Taipei, Taiwan. Train station.[/color]
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