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Ok...Im starting [I]another[/I] RPG...I have like 5 im already in...2 that are mine...and im gunna post this on the OB so that'll be 7 RPGs!!!...I guess im just too thick headed for my own good...

The [U]Stone of Car'e[/U] is...exuse me...[I]was[/I] a stone (obviously) that's legend is a long one. But I'll tell you the "short" vesion...
The [U]Stone of Car'e[/U] was made from materials long lost of the past. The stone was a powerful one. In the past the stone was broken up to four peices...theese four peices were used to give a person abilaties. The green peice would allow a human to read minds, and to all that stuff, including taking over a person's mind and mainly anything to do with the mind...this was placed in a persons right-hand. The blue peice would allow a male demon to make energy balls of fire, water, and total control of wind...this was placed in a demons left-hand. The yellow peice would allow a vampire to control weather that chanced with mood...which was placed in a vampires upper chest. And the red peice could do all of this when placed in the forhead of a wolf demon.
Now, years later, four teenagers...a human, a vampire, a demon, and a wolf demon...were born with the four stones embedded in thier skin, as there ansestors had, but had over powered and lost. The four teenagers must now servive the peril of the villagers trying to kill them, thinking the stones are a bad omen. And there is also someone else out there. A man that wants them all dead so he can combine the stones and create the Stone of Car'e again and cast the world into darkness. Now they must combine the stone within themselves, and destroy this evil, before it destroys them...

[U]The Sign Up[/U]


Age: (between 15 and 19 please if your one of the four...)

Gender: (demon must be a guy...)

Race/Stone: (note that the vampire will have the yellow stone, the human will have the green stone, the demon will have the blue stone and the wolf demon will have the red stone...dont fill this out if your not one of the four)

Discription: (note that a vampire will have fangs, a wolf demon will have a tail and ears, a human will...well you know...)

Demonic form: (if your a demon)

Specil wepons/abilaties?: (any wepons or specil abilaties your charecter may have)[optional]

Bio: (how your charecter came to find out he/she was one of the four, and a little backround info...)


Name: Arunue Kalamara

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Race/Stone: Wolf Demon...Red stone...all of the specil abilaties...

Discription: 5'9"...short red and black hair...white bandana...Red trench coat...white tanktop shirt...black, fingerless gloves...black, loose, jean pants...3 buckle knee boots...obviously the wolven ears and tail...[should be able to get a pic scanned soon]
Demonic form: looks as a large, gray, black and white wolf...[should be able to get a pic scanned soon]

Specil wepons/abilaties?: always carrys 3 daggers on her belt...3 swords: one on her belt and two on straps slung over her shoulder...crossbow also on a strap slung over her shoulder...

Bio: Grew up in a small village with her brother. She is actually 1/2 wolf demon and 1/2 vampire...fangs and all...her brother is the same but did not aquier a stone. She was born with the stone pressed into her forhead and her parents abandoned her for that. Her older brother thought it was wrong to leave her so he left and cared for her from birth. For this she developed a strong bond with her brother. Until he was assasinated by another vampire. She told Arunue to follow her and was forced to. She said that killing her brother was the best way to get her to come with her and that they needed to find the human and demon with the stones in their hands.


Ok...I need the Vampire, the demon(a guy), and the human...and every good story has a villain right?...thanx a bunch...
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Name: Shindi

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Race/Stone: vampire, the yellow stone, weather control based on mood.

Discription: Standing at about 5'3, long blue hair, and fangs that show a little bit over her bottom lip (only at night because she can control them during the day), a striped black and white shirt, light purple skin, a blue tie, a wind breaker, and white/blue pants /a bat.
Regular form:
Bat form:

Specil wepons/abilaties?: daggers: one on each leg.. Shindi is very skilled with the twin daggers she has, and (because of the stone) can control weather. She also has a deadly bite, being a vampire.

Bio:Shindi is one of the few vampires that tries NOT to bite people. But, when she sees blood, the true vampire within comes out and she is no longer able to contain herself. She has the yellow stone, which is imbeded in her skin near her heart, and that allows her to control the weather based on her mood. When Shindi was five, her parents were killed by the villagers: they attacked them while they were sleeping, and Shindi's parents held them off while Shindi took her brother to a hill, only to turn to see their house and parents being burned to the ground. When her brother was six and she was eleven, her little brother was killed by a demon, whom tried to kill her, but knocked her out and left her bleeding and for dead. But a man came by and took care of her, and nursed her back to health. Then, when she was ready, he introduced her to the others. She doesn't like the fact that her companions are that of the races which killed her family, she barely likes the man that took her in. So, she trusts no one since there was no one to trust.

I hope it's good ^_^.
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WOW!! No way! If you have the Green stone, you can read minds?! Cool!

[u]Name:[/u] Celestia Arandon
[u]Age:[/u] 15
[u]Gender:[/u] Female
[u]Race/Stone:[/u] Human, green stone, mind reading and... psychic powers?
[u]Description:[/u] Long, wavy black hair with tints of aqua, aqua/violet eyes, and very pale skin (it's almost white). She wears a white tank top with a shiny purplish blue jacket over it with pants of the same color. She wears a blue skirt with a flower pattern over her pants; the skirt goes down to just below her knees. She's about 5'8" and is sometimes seen wearing a black hooded cape.
[u]Special Weapons/abilities:[/u] Celestia has a couple of magical arrows with shiny blue heads (which she doesn't use very much) and a wand consisting of a crystal aqua sphere with shiny blue stiff metal "ribbons" wrapped around part of it (about a foot and a half long). It looks kinda like a mini-staff. Her special abilities include various psychic powers (of course) including ESP, some hypnotic powers and good intuition, and a weird form of telekinesis... She can also cast a few dark spells with her wand.
[u]Bio:[/u] Celestia was born on a faraway planet called Natali. She was raised by mages and had a little sister named Mereduin, who looked a little like Little Red Riding Hood. Celestia always prefered night to day, and would sometimes just gaze at the stars for a while, almost in a state of meditation. It is said that this is where she got her psychic powers from. One day, she just wandered off in a trance while looking at the stars, and she ended up far away in a place she did not recognize. According to legend, Celestia remained in that trance for hours, standing perfectly still, and eventually, with a giant flash, she vanished into thin air. When she finally awoke, she found herself in a forest, surrounded by strange creatures and demons. Was she teleported or something? Nobody knows.[/color]

I hope Celestia makes it; she's one of my favorite characters!
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Name: Yusuke Shinjuki

Age: 15
Gender: Male

Race/Stone: Demom, Blue Stone: energy balls of fire, water, and total control of wind

Discription: [img]http://www.studiomiki.com/images/kurama.jpg[/img]

Demonic form: [img]http://sparker.crosswinds.net/images/kurama.jpg[/img]

Specil wepons/abilaties: Aside from the power from the Stone, He can transform to demon form at will.

Bio: Yusuke had been locked up for thousands of years in a jail in the underworld for a crime he didn't commit, always refraining from using the power of the stone that rested in his hand. Eventually, something farced him against his will and caused him to flood nearly the entire underworld. He transformed into a human form and has been a wanderer ever since.

Yes, I know, very, VERY Yu Yu Hakusho ensipierd.....So we can start now?
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