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RPG D-Warrior's Odd Day

Dragon Warrior

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Here is an odd story that you write with peeps by writing one sentence (yes there is another one). Its stars me :D and i shall have a crazy adventure. feel free to make villians. I'll start now:

D-Warrior was being cool one day when suddenly an evil looking and bad smelling guy approuched him; smells of all sorts reaking off him.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Dragon Warrior [/i]
[B]...G_A aka Gold_Angewomon and she kills smellyman! Ryu sees her and dies for some unknown reason. The reason why he does is because... [/B][/QUOTE]

He's psychotic.

DK, and G_A run over to D-Warrior to see if he's okay. DK bends over him, and suddenly, D-Warrior comes back to life! They all scream. When suddenly...
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