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I had this really cool video game idea. You can post your own or comments and questions.

Here is mine:

Title : Grave Robber

Game Systems: Gamecube, X Box, PS2

Storyline: You are a grave robber in England during the Victorian Era. You dig up bodies and sell them to crooked doctors. While you try digging up the freshest bodies and selling them for the highest price you have to elude police and deal with rival grave robbers. In the cemetaries you have to fight off vampires and zombies. Use the money you earn to buy weapons, digging tools, and to bribe dishonest cops. You can hold the bodies of famous people and hold them for ransom. In 2P Mode you can play in a 2 player story mode or play against a friend in mini games.

Rating: M for graphic blood and violence
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Sounds like a crazy person's idea of GTA.

I [B]would[/B] post a gaming idea, given that's the closest thing that I wanna do later in life, but I can't right now--it'd take me too long! ~_~'[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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