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  1. [B]007[/B] Holly sat down in the Food Court. She checked her watch. 10:00 a.m. The sale at Khol's would start any time now. A man walked up to her wearing a long overcoat and carrying a suitcase. "Heh, heh. Nice disguise number 56." He dropped the suitcase and stalked away. Confused, Holly hesitated, opened it. Her eyes widened.
  2. [B]No Escape[/B] [I]Huff, huff, huff...[/I] She couldn't run any longer. She turned to face her attacker. A blade rose above her head. She sat up in bed. She sighed. "Just a dream." She felt a breeze and turned to see her window open. "Strange, it wasn't open before..." She shut the window and turned around. She screamed.
  3. [U]Love Hina:[/U] Keitaro: A noose so he can put himself out of his misery. Naru: A frying pan to beat Keitaro up with. Su: A banana! Mutsumi: An agenda planner so she won't forget everything. Tama-chan: A turtle friend. I mean come on, she's the only turtle at Hinata House. She's probably lonely! Kitsune: A membership card to Alcoholics Anomynous. And maybe some lingere. Shinobu: A boyfriend. She really needs to put her sights on some one other than Keitaro. Motoko: Anger management. Sarah: A straight jacket, a sadation gun, and a white padded
  4. [COLOR=Magenta]Kitty slowly opened her eyes. She sat up rubbing her head. She looked around and realized she was on a sub dock. [I]Why am I on a sub dock?[/I] To perplex Kitty more she found that she was wearing a very badly made kimono and had a pointy stick in her hand. She tried to remember why she was here. Her mind vaugley remembered running away from the police, but why would she do that? Kitty stood up and saw that she had been sleeping under a sign. Kitty read it. "The Cookie Avengers," Kitty muttered to herself. Then Kitty snapped her fingers. "Oh yeah! I have
  5. Name: Kitty Age: 14 Gender: Female Personality: Kitty has a light, bubbly, outgoing personality that would make anyone want to be her friend...most of the time. When shown anime merchandise or anything related to anime or Japan Kitty becomes a way too hyperactive girl of insanity that most normal people cross the street to avoid contact with. Appearance: Kitty is about 5' 3", and is 98 pounds. Kitty has curly, blonde hair that hangs a little bit past her shoulders. Kitty has piercing blue eyes that often times "glare" people arguing with her into submission. Kitty is of
  6. [COLOR=SlateGray]Kally laid her violin onto her lap. She turned the violin onto its back and traced the letters carved onto the back with an index finger. "Kally," she whispered to herself. Kally's eyes grew distant, but shook her head and placed the violin back into its worn case and slid it under the bed. Until she had put her violin away, Kally didn't realize how tired she was. Kally laid back onto the bed, with her legs dangling over the side. She gazed up at the ceiling and traced the cracks in the plaster with her eyes. Kally's eyes fluttered and slowly closed. [I]Kally was r
  7. [COLOR=SlateGray]Kally plunged the shirt into the bucket of water, submerging her arms in sudsy water up to her elbows. She scrubbed the shirt vigorously against the side of the bucket and then took it out. Kally frowned. The stain was still there. 'Why do I even bother?' Kally asked herself. 'It'll only get dirty tomorrow.' Kally sighed and plunged the shirt back into the bucket of water. Work was what kept her going even if the efforts were futile. Besides it reminded her of the orphanage she had used to stay at. Kally smiled to herself. All those bright, round faces gathering arou
  8. [COLOR=SlateGray]Name: Kally Age: 12 Gender: female Personality: Kally is very quiet and is a bit of a philanthropist. She has a soft spot for younger children and often shows a motherly affection towards them, which is a bit premature for her age. But there is a sadness that hangs like a veil about her, probably caused from the dissapointment that she will probably never make a huge difference in her life. Because of her kind yet melancholy demeanor many people describe her as a "sad little angel." Kally still has a small flicker of hope from childhood but day by day it grow
  9. [QUOTE]Originally posted by [B]Shinmaru[/B] [I]Also, I've been impressed with plenty of the newer members lately (I don't mod here, but I do frequent the area quite a bit, by the way). In Apartment Building C, I let in a couple of newer members over some more 'established' RPers, simply because they impressed me more, and I didn't regret it in the least (both are still contributing well to the RPG, which means I need to get my act in gear lol).[/I][/QUOTE] I assume that I am one of those two new members being mentioned and I am very flattered. Thanx. :D But back to the discussio
  10. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]I am still interested in ths RPG but, sadly, I can't give any recomendations on contacting Sonata. Maybe you should ask one of the mods about this, Takuya.[/COLOR]
  11. Can you change your username? I want to change mine but I don't know how. Is it even allowed?
  12. OCC: My characters are supposed to be in Spring Break. So maybe it should take place in late spring? But if you want it to take place during the summer that?s okay. We should probably put the time our post is taking place as well at the beginning of each post so we don?t get confused. IC: [COLOR=DarkOrchid]Alicia slid the card key into the slot and opened the door. The girls propped their luggage against the wall and both walked over to the window. A beautiful view of the beach stretched before them. Samantha opened the window and stuck her head out, looking every which way. Alicia
  13. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]Two young, college-age, ladies wheeled their suitcases into the hotel. One of the ladies, whose redish hair was tied into two braids, chatted gaily to the other who listened quietly. The one with the braids appeared to have said something amusing for the other shook her long, brown hair back and forth, laughing. They both pulled their luggage up to the counter. The brunette turned to Mr. Jamason and said, "Excuse me, but could we have one of your rooms?" Mr. Jamason pushed a clipboard forward with a form attached to it. The form had all the room numbers printed
  14. Is this good? This is the first time I've posted a poem on the OB. :sweat: [B]Poem:[/B] Many have great wisdom And cast magic of many a kind. Within their shadowy kingdom, They cast a spell of awe upon my mind. [B]Word:[/B] Mystery
  15. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]Name: Chani Gothing Age: 14 Gender: Female In Your Own Words: I grew up in a city with my mom and dad. My dad a scientist, my mom an English college professor. They both have unexceptionally high IQ and so do I. I am very studious and have always gotten great grades. I also love to sing. I've lived a pretty normal life. Except for one thing. I'm blind. I wish my parents would just stop babying me. I wish [I]everyone[/I] would stop. Just because I'm blind doesn't mean I can't take care of myself. Why am I telling you this? You'll only pity me like ev
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