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Art Kenshin_K's Banners


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I'm taking a guess by assuming that you're using Paint?
If it is, that's a pretty good banner for MS paint. The images blend well into each other, and I liked the fact that you used the bright green text on a readable surface, such as the blue.
Very nice.
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Good font, but the color doesn't really go with the picture. The background is kind of plain. Here's an idea you might want to use: try putting some quotes or something in the background instead of just his name everywhere. I think that would really add to your banner. (6/10)
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All right.
The Sanosuke banner is all right, but I would change the font. You can't really see it all that well. But I like how you blended the pictures.
The first Kaoru banner is better then the Sanosuke. It's beautiful looking with the different minature backgrounds and the text is good.
The Kurama one...well I would change the background for it. The black and the light blue font in the back doesn't match with the colorful picture of Kurama. Agreeng with Marron347, put a quote for it instead of his name a lot of times. If you made the background more colorful and blending with the picture of him, it would look great.
The 2nd Kaoru one is nice. But I don't like the blue font at the top. You can't see it. And did you mean to put the pictures in a gray color? It's cool, it reminded me of the walls of an Egyptian tomb for some odd reason. All I would do for this is change the font and you're set.

Out of all of the banners, I like the 1st Kaoru banner the best.
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