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RPG Soul Calibur III the quest of the swords


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He walked slowly down the trail followed by namiko, flare, Micheal, and alka cold.

Lighting: "Hey guys let's stop and rest for awhile we've been going nonstop for days now."

Namiko: "I agree with him my feet are starting to hurt a little"

micheal: "i really don't care when we rest as long as we destroy the swords sometimes soon i can fel an evil presenc coming to claim the swords."

Namiko: "what do you mean":she took her shoes off and sat her feet in the river beside them:

Micheal: "exactly what i said soemthing is coming and it is coming fast can't you feel it lighting"

Lighting: "i can feel something calling out to this blade on this back so i have the strong feeling that Knightmare is calling out for it but i thought i destroyed him when i fought him for this"

Flare: "I don't think we should be resting from hwat i feel we are being pursued by not just him but a few others too the power of the swords calling out to them"

alka "I agree i think we should move on"

Lighting "what about you namiko"

Namiko: "well i want to rest for just a little but give em 5 minutes and we'll go ok"

Lighting: :pulled the sword off of his back and the eye stared at him blinking: "Accursed sword how come i can't just destroy you with another blade"

Dark Voice: :speaks into lighting's mind: "because you don't want to you can feel the very power of this sword and do not want to release it do you young warrior"

Lighitng: :jumped at the voice in his head then thought back: "don't misunderstand my mission is to destroy this sword"

::suddenly the sword began to change shape it shanged into a samurai sword and the hilt became red with the blood of the people it had killed::

Micheal: "what just happened"

Lighitng "the sword is trying to take me over by showing me it's power but i will not let it"

Namiko "let's continue on"
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Kontra stared down at the men she had just slauthed blood gushing from there cuts.She smiled,"Don't under every estmate a womans sterenth".Kontra herd people coming towards the town she had just killed she then frowned thinking people coming to ruin my fun.She dased behind a building her hand on her sword.
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Um, look inside of my post and please let me know if I'm good or evil. You didn't make the requierments too clear in your sign-up post, so I'm sorry if it's unacctable.

Roy stared down at bodies of many men laid in the street near him. "Feh, whoever did this must have a problem with anger." Roy turned around and caught a glance of a woman's hand clutching a sword behind a building. Roy drew his sword and called out, "I'm not a man to fight a lady, but if you attack me I'm afraid I will have to hurt you." Roy didn't see or hear anything from the woman, so he stood on guard. "Please do not force us to fight unessessarily....."
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Kontra stared at the man amd frowned at his words.
"To bad I only like men who are brave info to fight a woman".
"Did you do all this?!"roy said.
"Yes",Kontra said stepping out of the shadows,"Do you like my masterpiece?"She said moveing her arm over the bloody masecure.
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Seated in the corner of a shady tavern Gabriel watched the occupants mingle with partial interest. His hand was clasped around a half filled glass of whiskey, swirling it's contents absently. His booted feet were crossed and propped up on the coarse wooden table before him, his rapier held across his lap. Taking a small sip of his drink he sighed and held his free hand at the back of his head, leaning back in his seat and closing his eyes.

The door of the tavern slammed wide open, a chill wind swirling through the heated room. A shadowed figure leant in the door way, his chest heaving with panted breaths, a clenched fist held tightly to his chest. Stumbling forward he stopped himself roughly at the bar and ordered a souble shot of vodka. Grasping his drink harshly he pushed himself away from the barman, his other hand still clasped to his chest. His legs shaking and barely able to stand he made his way through the crowded common room staggering against tables and shoving through groups of people. Tripping on an upened chair he fell, sprawled across the floor. The hand that was held to his chest flew forward, the contents skittering across the rough floorboards as he lost his grip. A soft glow followed his lost item, which appeared to be a jewel or fragment of glass of some sort. His eyes widened as he saw what he had done and he scrambled after the jewel. Reaching out to close his hand over it he was stopped as the razor sharp point of sword slammed into the wood by his fingers.

Gabriel looked down at the man from his perch at the table, his grey eyes curious as he reached down and plucked the glowing jewel from the floor.

"No...no please!" The man's pleas were desperate as he struggled to rise from the floor, his ascent halted, just as before, by Gabriel's blade.
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ishtar stared at the sword that her dead father gave her she rememberd the long lost friend who had battled knightmare. her body shivered as the moonlight hit her arm where a scar was made. he thinks i'm dead he thinks i am not alive but that voice is calling to him i will not let him fail after all i am his other half. ishtar noticed that the alley way had become a fre for all. a young man in clack trousers grabbed her arm.

you are ishtar arnt't you!

let go if me! istar screamed grabbing her sword she slid into fighting stance

sword of heaven moutain protect me let me win this battle without death!!!

the man smiled so it is you the decendent of kusunagi
you will not survive

ishtar smiled something in her eyes had changed

so knightmare you think posession of someones body will bring the sword to you?
i think not he is to strong to be glammored

but how did you know?

you never address a decendent of the sashimu by her name it means death

well ishtar i say we meet agin and he dissappeared
istar fell to the ground and noticed that the sword was red from the blood of a dead man
i won't fail this wuest fateher i must protect him
yunsung asked me too
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Lighting ::slowed to a stop and looked off to te side and Knightmare stepped out::

Knightmare::held in his hand a piece of soul edge and he gripped it and it transformed into soul edge the originial form::give me my sword back

Lighting I destroyed you didn't I

Kinightmare this piece brought me back now you will pay
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