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Hi there, its me again. This is my third RPG. Here's a quick summary. This story might sound a little cheesy.

About 150 years ago, the way we lived changed. Our reality was fused with the reality with the anime world. Now there are bunches of different types of people and they live in perfect harmony. The different type of people as fallows: Humans, Humanoids, Sayians, Demons, Elves, and Darkstallkers. (For you people who have never seen Darkstallkers, Darkstallkers are any type of mystical human type creatures. Like cat people or wizards)A lot of these people also have special gifts. These gifts as fallows: They can control Digimon, they can control Pokemon, they can control spirit energy, they can control Monsters, they can become Dragoons, they can have the ability to become a shaman, and they might even be a cyborg. There're a lot of half-breeds with special gifts. Even if these different ?Breeds? of people can get along, there are a lot of wars between them.

Here's the information I need for your character:

Special Gift(s), if any:

Here's my characters info:

Name: Eirka Rain
Age: 17
Description: She?s around five foot seven. She has dirty blonde hair and green eyes. She wears a pink and purple belly shirt with the words fight on it, blue jean flares, and black boots.
Breed(s): Demon-Humanoid
Special Gift(s): She can do everything listed. She just isn?t a cyborg. ^_^ lol
Bio: Eirka is the loner type. She likes begin left alone. Her father was a full-blooded Demon and her mother was a Humanoid. Her father was killed in a war between the Demons and Sayians. Her mother then disappeared. She was left alone in her life. Her other relatives tried to comfort her, but she just consider them invisible. She soon finds out she has a half brother and sister. They both belonged to her Humanoid mother and a Human father. She wants to find them so that she doesn?t feel left out of this world.

I hope you like this. I need maybe about 10 people. 5 that want to help Eirka and 5 who want to cause her trouble. Yes, I know this sounds like my Trigun RPG, but this one should be more interesting.

Edit: Scratch out the 10 people thing. This is unlimited, but I still need people to help and people to get in the way. Ok ^_^;
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Well, can't blame me for trying.
Name: Jason Lee
Age: 18
Description: Jason is an evn six foot man. He has black leater pants that have hidden pockets, A plain looking white shirt, and a long black leather coat.
Breed(s): Demon, Sayain.
Special Gifts: He can cotrol, fom, and fire spirit energy, and summon/control monsters.
Bio: Like Erika his parents were executed, for loving each other when they were never supposed to. He watched them die and swore forever to fight oppressive and archaic people. He seems to be a villain but really is on Erika's side.
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Can I have a "pet" or something if my abilities include controlling Pokemon/Digimon/other monsters? I hope so...

[color=orange][u]Name:[/u] Naito
[u]Age:[/u] 10
[u]Description:[/u] Naito basically has an (almost) human head. She has medium-length orangish blond hair, big, catlike eyes with orange on the outside and green on the inside, and tiny whiskers. She also has amber-colored cat ears and a little pink nose. She wears an orange shirt and a puffy white skirt with pink on the inside. Her arms are covered with amber fur, and she has cat paws instead of hands. Her legs are also coated with amber fur, with paws instead of feet and no shoes. She also has a fairly long, puffy orange tail underneath her skirt. Oh, and she wears a pink bowtie on her head.
[u]Breed:[/u] cat person
[u]Gifts:[/u] Naito can control Pokemon and Digimon. She has some control over spirit energies, especially psychic energy. She can use telekinesis and has some hypnotic powers. And she can attract the opposite sex quite easily...
[u]Bio:[/u] Naito was the daughter of a human and a cat. (Is that even possible?) However, she was abandoned at birth, and was then raised by Pokemon, especially the cat-types. Some Gatomons helped too. Some say her best caretaker was a big flying cat Digimon, but that's just a legend. Now she's a monster lover, and she has lots of monster friends.

*Naito might switch between "pets". She could meet and say goodbye to them as the story goes on... (I made up most of her companions, but I'll describe them as they go...) The one she has at the beginning is a Pokemon, a dragonfly named Psybuzz. Her special powers include psychic powers, beam and powder attacks, and of course she can fly.[/color]


I hope Naito and Psybuzz are in. Oh, and I also have a picture of Psybuzz...
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Description:her hair is silver and long,Silver silky tail, eyes are black, she has a tatoo on her left sholder of three stars (once said to mean something on the path of life),5'4, Wareing a torn brown and black short dress.
Breed:Wolfe Demon
Special Gift: Controls wolves and can summon a black gate
Bio: Lilix ran away from her real pack to be a lone wolve, When the pack and cought up to her they had thought she was dead all the found were bits of her once was out fit at the edge of the clif. Her mother had died due to her father's rage when she was 14. Her mothers spirit has never left her side.
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Cool! Here goes..

Name- Korina
Age- 19 or 20
Description- 5'7". She is skinny, but strong. She has pale turquise angel-like wings. Her eyes change from dark teal to turquise when she has strong emotions (fighting, mad, or sadness). She is wearing jeans and a shirt that says "I am alone." on it in Meeker. She is very fast and quiet. She walks (and runs) on tip-toe.
Breed- thinks she's a mutant human, actually a Meeker.
Special gifts- can fly really fast and high (likes to drop people), has some magic= Sosokii- takes energy from someone, transfers it to her or an injured person. Sioti- sends out a blast of ice, freezes at least part of the opponent. She can also swim very well, and is able to breath water.
Bio- ran away from home at 14, away from the people hating her because of her wings. She was taken in by a Meeker town. She learned how to fight from them.They are her few friends. And she is one of them...
Korina will help someone whenever she can. She can't stand seeing people in pain, unless she is fighting them. So she will help Eirka.
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Name: Nicholas

Age: unknown

Description: A sad man, and it shows. Not that he's moping...just grim...and alone. He wears black and hides in the shadows, his face is grim and scarred right below the eye, and below his chin.

Race: 1/2 Demon, 1/2 Sayain

Special Gifts: Psychokenesis(Levetation, Telekenesis, and PK shield), Minor Forseeing(doesn't understand or controll it...but it's there), and minor mind reading...but the person who he is reading must be completely calm...such as a deep sleep or is allowing him to read it. He also has spirit energy manipulation.

Bio: He hides in the shadows of the forest...sparring those who find him, in case it is the one he saw in his dream...in case he loses, because that'll be the one. He also stops to help those preyed upon by thiefs and rogue monsters.
In his dream...he saw a figure walking... vulnerable... searching for something, he doesn't know what to do from there... it's all such a blur.
He's slow to make friends, not because he's bad at it, he's just never done it before. He never speaks to his father or his mother...they didn't want him...they called him weak...
Now he lay in the shade of trees...waiting to pounce when seen.


i'll probly be on erika's side eventually, but right at the beginning i'm a loner
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Hello sis. I figured I would help you out on this.

Name: Darren Summers

Age: 18

Description: Darren has spiked red hair with pieces of black in it, green eyes, pointed ears, and is about six foot. He wares a red t-shirt with flames on the sleeves, a black leather vest, black jeans, and black timbs.

Breed(s): Humanoid-Elf

Special Gift(s): He's like Eirka. He's has all abilities. He also has elvfin magic. LOL

Bio: Darren was raised just by his elf mother because his father ran out on his mother and him at an early age. When Darren was seven his mother ran away from her home forest and left him behind. Now Darren is on a quest to find his mother. Along the way, Darren runs into Eirka. He feels Eirka's pain and decides to help her out.

Hope you like this sis!
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so uh then if it's started can I still get in if I can i'll post up my info later

Name: Sheshuri
Age: 18
Gender: female
Description: Long white hair. A wolven tail and ears. A dragon vest and black pants and tanktop. Has a scar over her left eye
Breed: Half breed wolf
Special Gift: can call upon dead dragons, horses, wolves, and ravens
Bio: no one knows Sheshuri's past, half of witch she can't remember herself. She remembers an abusive step father, a long hard horse ride, her real father dead, her mother dead, her brother left her and she dropped off her younger sister at a friend's in fear of personal danger.

[URL=Isn't this cool?? I can do this...]http://www.mythicalrealm.com/images2/dragonskull.jpg[/URL]
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