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Art Goku Drawing


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This drawing was for someone (a boy) from my school, who requested a drawing. And so, of course, I want to share it to all of you, people, out there.
I don't know how Goku really looks like, but this what came out from the picture. I don't know if it looks like him or not, because I don't really watch dragonball z. I only see it in the commercials though.
I did some shadings also, if you can see it. And then after I shade it i blured it with a cotton and erased the ones that are passed the lines.

Comments and Criticisms are very welcome to be posted in this thread. Ratings are also welcome to. Thanks and See yah! ^_^
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CI, I must once again state that you are an [i]incredible[/i] artist.
I'm completely awed.... you drew that after watching a TV commercial? His pose looks very natural, and I like the cloudy background--it adds to the picture without cluttering it up.

Goku's face and expression (particularly the eyes and mouth) are very Inuyasha-esque, which I found amusing. ^__^

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