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Sign Up Frequency {Signups} (PG13 to R)


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Okay, I'm trying this one again. Hopefully, it'll work this time and I can get enough people to sign up. I've also changed this, the time period is different.
This was inspired by a song called 'Frequency' by Fear Factory on a sampler I got at school, I Love Metal. Be forewarned, if the CD is called "I Love Metal", guess what the songs are gonna be...that's right, metal. See? You're learning already...
Long ago, a lording race tried to perfect its technological inferiors. After decades of experimentation and occasionally torture, they found that a simple radio wave was all they need to achieve their 'noble' task. Enormous radio towers were erected intermittently across the planet and once they had become advanced enough, satellites. When the inferior race heard this radio wave, usually a slight static on radios, televisions, internet, and the like, their automatically tuned into an image of their world, be it for better or worse. The lording race became like gods and often times sat marveling at their 'creations'. Over time, they noticed that each generation, several would be born who were not affected by the radio waves. This problem could be corrected by a small change in frequency. Regularly, they made these changes and ignored the inferior race completely until time for the next change. They didn't notice that over time, these anomalies would again become immune to the waves. They realize what has been going on for these many millennia and will attempt to ban together. Whether they succeed or fail is your choice.
Okay, here's the deal. This all takes place on Earth in the PRESENT, that ball of water and dirt we are all probably living on. The inferior race are homo sapiens. The superior race is homo superior (I'd very much like a big fat DUH right here). Easy enough, no? The homo superiors have distanced themselves both emotionally and physically from the homo sapiens and are currently living on an uncharted island in the Pacific Ocean near the Ring of Fire. There are those who stray from this norm, but they are few and far between. THESE ARE THE ONES I WANT!!!!! You can be of either race. PM me with any problems. [i][b]I RESEVRVE THE RIGHT TO ACCEPT OR DECLINE YOUR SIGNUP AND/OR ASK FOR A SHORT WRITING OR POSTING SAMPLE![/b][/i] Just wanted to make things clear.
~No script style writing. That will get you hurled as far away from me as humanly possible.
~No bright text. I can barely read anyways. I'll give text colors when it starts anyway.
~Just because I don't post for a while doesn't mean the RPG is dead, just that I'm in the middle of Hell Month.
~All posts, except the first three, must be between one well written, well thought out paragraph and five or six of the same. I don't have time to read novels.
~Anyone who signed up for the last one, unless you want to give your character a major face lift, I suggest you create an entirely new signup.
Age: 15 or older, unless you give me a good reason via PM
Power: Homo superiors only. Very much like X-Men. See list below.
Weapons: Homo sapiens only for the most part, homo superiors in rare cases.
Short Bio:
Other: Anything else you deem important. Optional, but suggested. Might help you avoid being asked for a writing sample.
Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Technology, Electricity, Sound, Holy, Dark, Light, Metal,
More may be added later. PM me if you would like one not on the list.
PM me if clarification of any kind is needed. Below is a list of those accepted or rejected, those who need to add something, and those who need to PM me ASAP.
-none at the moment-
-none at the moment-
[b]PM Immediately[/b]
-none at the moment-
[b]Changes Needed[/b]
~Kyo no Ryo (Your spelling mistakes are glaring, at least to me.)
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Im slightly confussed about the story, but I think I understand... uh oh... Hell month is coming....

Name: Kai Tsume (Kay)

Age: 21

Appearance: She stands at 5'6 and has Gold hair and dark blue eyes. She wears a Dark Green turnic with a black shirt under neath it. She has wears a black belt that has a pack on it and her small dagger. She wears baggy dark green pants and black boots.

Race: Homo Superior

Power: Electricity

Weapons: Small Dagger (Is dat ok?)

Short Bio: Kai is a homo Superior who is very curious. She will sometimes leave the island the Superiors live on and take a look at the behavior of the Homo Sapiens. She wants to have piece between the two groups, but most of the other superiors dislike the sapians and want to destroy them. Kai has a great facination in her electrical abilities and trains constantly to improve her skills. She is highly against another Superior named Kyo would wants to completly whipe out the Sapians.

Personality: She very goofy and carefree. She likes to make jokes even in the most serious of situations. She is kind to most except for those who think a bit too highly of themselves and think that they have the right to control others. She gets very baffled about the tension between the Sapians and Superiors. When she is angered by someone being killed or hurt she seems to turn into a completly different person. She becomes very serious and deadly.

Other: She really can't stand it when others are killed, even if they are an enemy. She has killed before and she seems to go into an odd confusion when this happens and she usually has to think about the meaning of life. She loves it when it rains or storms.
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Name: Dillon Ratcliffe

Age: 23

Appearence: Middle height, about 5 feet, 9 inches. Light build, not really any good for fighting against someone else in close quarters. His skin is a sickish pale from years of being sick inside. He is prone to getting sick; his immune system has been weak ever since he was born. His hair is short in a style which is very effecient, short blonde hair in a crew cut.

Race: Homo sapien

Weapons: Hunting rifle and hunting knife.

Short Bio: Dillon was born in rural Wyoming. He was raised in a little house in the woods by a father who liked to hunt, and a mother who was deeply concerned with health. It was her nightmare when she gave birth to a sickly son. He was barely alive for most of his infancy. In his adolecent years, however, Dillon became stronger. His father even took him out hunting, which Dillon enjoyed greatly. The number of hunting trips increased dramatically during his teen years, where he became very effecient at the sport to the point where he could live out in the wild with no trouble at all.

Personality: Patient. From his years of hunting, he learned how to be silent and wait for the right moment when stalking his prey.

Other: He respects what he's hunting. He knows the huntee inside and out. That's his advantage, the ability to read what he's watching. To study the inner workings and tendencies of his prey very quickly, and most of the time, accurately. Though he isin't saying he's always the best to exploit these weaknesses....

Immunity Level: He runs the range of either being Fully Immune, or "something's wrong with this."

-Hope this is good. Rada

Edit: We can choose to be either immune or not? I'm going to try and make this an interesting RP for me and make myself slightly immune to it, but sometimes he's taken over. By the way people, I don't want to be the only sapien, so we need more of them.
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Name: Getarin

Gender: male

Age: 23

Species: Superior

Appearance: 5'9'' Dark skinned, and lean, with black hair and strange, dark purple eyes. He wears a long black trenchcoat over a white,long sleeved shirt and blue-jeans. He generaly walks slowly, and purposfuly.

Weapons: The only visible weapon he carries, is a rediculosly large sword, almost as tall as he is, and about half his width though only the hilt is visible from his tunic.

BIO: Although only a juvinile by Superior standards, Getarin is already more profficant than most others from his time. When he first existed (are they born or just made?) he felt pity for the humans and never understood why they were not like himself. Out of curiosity and general duty, he decided to be a guardian of Superior secrets, searching out those who are immune to the frequencies and battling with them, only deeming them worthy to live when they could strike him with their insignificant weapons.

Personality: Aloof, and unforgiving, though he sometimes has a soft spot for the more "intrueging" humans. He is very deffensive of his right to the wind powers, and often derives humor from irony. Though he has no special ties to any other Superior, he always greets them with respect and generocity, seeing as he has no natural opposite.

Other: though it is a powerful weapon, he never draws his sword unless he means to kill.

yup, I was on the first sign-up for this one... meet my original post ^^. Hope this one turns out better Eclectic.

EDIT: OK, my char. is fixed up for Frequency v. 2.0 - lol
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Fire Phoenix, please decrease the age, make the clothes more modern, and get rid of the abilities to go with the powers. I've decided to make a few changes.
Radagast, are you going to be a homo sapiens whose immune to the frequency or not? If so, please include that somewhere in your bio. Other than that, perfect.
KKC, perfect signup. You're in.
Kyo, please use everyone else's, especially KKC's and Radagast's, signups as examples for your own.
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