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Sign Up shimobi high: 18+ may have sexual content and language

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this is a school like any other but somethings are difffrent, people carry weapons, fight with weapons, use magical attacks. for the girl characters you can be slutty as you want i don't care. the plot of this is that you are a student at this school for ninjas you can learn martial arts, magic and summon beast, and at the end of the school year there is a tornament whoever wins lets just say you're the riches person in the world


Age:(keep between 15-21)
Grade: meaning are you a teacher, magic user, student,swordsman or shinobi
Weapon: up to 4
techniqes: up to 4
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Heehee... Ok, here I go:

Name: Maki Higuya
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Grade: swordswoman ( :) ) Can do minor summons.
Bio: She's new in school and a mystery. She shows no emotion usually, and keeps to herself. There is a fire in her eye, though....
Appearance: Wears dark clothing and has long black hair. She's well-endowed and many of the guys notice her. She's short and has flawless, but a bit plae skin.
Weapon: Knows how to use daggers, swords, throwing weapons. Prefers blades.
Techniques: can summon a few beasts.
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[color=#707875]You can be as slutty as you want?

I'm going to close this. This is an example of an RPG with "mature themes" that [i]isn't[/i] at all mature. I see this as an attempt to simply provide lots of swearing and sex with no real plot.

Take a look at my current RPG for example; there isn't much swearing or sex compared to some more recent RPGs. Yet there is a mature theme running throughout. Mature themes doesn't mean that you swear at every given moment, or that people can just make their characters "slutty". If you can develop a truly good story with true mature themes and then attach swearing and things like that in context, then fine.

But please...if you're going to make a "mature RPG", I [i]expect[/i] to see it dealt with in a mature way (ie: longer and more detailed backstory/sign up). If you want to gain access to mature devices like swearing or sex, I think it's only fair that you do the hard work to get there.[/color]
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