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A Vision Of Terror (PG13-R)

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This takes place in a dark, nearly abandoned city. A brutal dictatorship has built a large, enclosing dome over the city, to quarantine a dangerous biological outbreak which had occured there, but anyone which didn't evacuate the city is now trapped there. The virus has mainly diminished in most areas of the city, but it is still floating through certain areas. The virus takes over the immune system, and slowly mutates the cells in any creature's body, including some humans, changing them into a type of creature, depending on the way the cells were mutated. These transformed creatures have no control whatsoever over their actions, and will basically do anything to anyone who crosses their path. There are two types of normal humans left in the city now, though. Those who are trying to die, and those who just plain don't care. The dictatorship regularly makes checks through the quarantined city, which is planned to be re-populated in the future, thus needing to be empty. Needless to say, the soldiers that enter the city are as dangerous and ruthless as the mutated creatures are... willing to kill anything and anyone in their way.

Ok... so let the RP begin!

Rules --

1. No "god-like" characters.
2. All characters in the city are fairly vulnerable.
3. All soldiers from the dictatorship are just that. Soldiers. Nothing more, nothing less.
4. Content is almost on an anything goes basis, but nothing TOO extreme. Keep things semi-normal and sane, people.
5. Spell as correctly as you can, and use at least fairly-good grammar. And please people, don't use "internet talk"

So, enter your character's name, stats, etc, and let's get started.
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Name: Shishio Kalmar

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Bio: Years before she even entered the city, her hometown had been dumped with radio active wast and she was the only one left alive from that. She wandered into the city because it looked abandoned and no one was there to point out how she looked (the virus put togeather with the radio active waste had mutated her into something half wolf and half human) She usually lurks in the shodows of the alley ways. Stealing from the all but abandoned stores. Pretty soon she meets up with someone that has a plan to get out of the city, destroy it, and really doesnt care about how she looks, which is quiet new to her.


TeRRaFLaMe, your not gunna join your own RPG???
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[color=blue][size=1]Name: Katzurigi "Kitty" Montague

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Bio: As a little girl, she ran away from home because of her abusive father and insane mother. She lived on the streets for most of her life, giving her useful skills and strength, and was soon chosen to be a soldier in the virus-filled city. She refused their proposal, but was forcefully sent there anyway. Since it was the dictatorship that sent her there, she vowed to kill every member on it slowly, one by one.


If there's anything wrong with my sign up, let me know.[/color][/size]
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