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Art Iori!


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Lol, A new banner by me :p This one's different though...[size=1]Because it's huge[/size]
Its, obviously, way over the size limit of OB, but I had fun making it,
The explosion background was made on accident. i was trying to make it blue, and put Captain America on it, but i liked the orange and yellow better. I knew that wouldn't fit with Capt. America, so I put Iori on it instead.

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IORI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is a really good banner. I like how it isn't square. I'm glad you accidently made that background. It looks really really good. The pictures are very nicely cropped. The pictures go really well with each other considering one is kindof like a "real-time" that is not a drawing and the other is a drawing. good work!

P.S. I like your banner that's in your sig.!! ^^
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