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    I like anime for what it is. I like to do many things...music videos, draw, write stories...I'm also pretty deep in my own way, and kind of complex. Just myself.
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  1. Eugi

    Art Gaga Life

    Pretty cool. Thats nice 2d art. I dont know what else to say but that.
  2. Eugi

    Anime Inu Yasha

    Asuka and Dagger have made the deepest points, and I can only agree to them. Here in canada, we DONT get cartoon network, so I wouldnt understand how it becomes so big over there in america. And its true what Dagger said, "people like the bands when they have reached certain stardom, and claim to like them all along". I guess its society these days, nuff said with that quote. Here in canada, Cartoon network is replaced by YTV...the worse channel you could ever get overseas (if you dont live in canada). So, most preffer to download anime. But you know, with YTV is where EVERYONE gets to know anime, after ONE episode of, lets say, Inuyasha, the person that never know wtf anime was in the past, is no totally into it... And...thanks The Fizz, that WAS my question in the first place :P
  3. I don't think anyone knows of this game. But has anyone played "Sonic Blast man" 2? I LOVED that game. In my eye, my favorite game ever...it was a party starter.
  4. Eugi

    Martial Arts

    I study Kung Fu, if not the best martial arts ever. Why do i say that? well, go ahead, name me a martial arts, ive done it. And in my 14 years of life...the only martial arts i was into was Kung Fu, and will ever be into. I work out for it and all, martial arts is very usefull...watch this...sneak behind me!
  5. So is this supposed to be tag that you made? If it is, then i guess its nothing more than just a picture of the guys and a font of metallica on grayscale. If its not a banner of your own..then explain to me what this thread is about.
  6. Eugi

    Anime Inu Yasha

    The art didnt make it a bad show..but I do look for anime with good art to inspire me. What made it a bad show was the whole plot and stuff, and the characers and so on...
  7. I noticed a long time ago, but never cared. Anime DVDs are good enough for me. I do rant about how much they cost, but I never minded the extras anyways (the extras of a normal dvd are hard to find for me anyways...like the mtv movie awards stuff in the matrix reloaded...maybe i never even looked for it). Anime dvds are fine the way they are, but if they lower, it will be the best phase of anime history. Like lower the prices, or just put more behind the scenes. I can't complain though, the voices of a distant star wasnt more than just 21 bucks (dvd) and it had like 15 extra features. Not bad, and it was the cheapest anime dvd i bought....in contrast of the Argentosoma dvd that cost me a wreckning 56 bucks and it only had 4 extra features.
  8. Eugi

    Art Iori!

    Wow...PHAT! And...well, you put too much height, i bet if the height was just a bit less, it would be the perfect Iori banner. Not bad at all! Keep at it.
  9. Eugi

    Anime Inu Yasha

    Thanks people. I was actually watching it yesterday...and I disliked the characters a lot. I was kind of expecting Kagome to fight over Inu Yasha, who is a complete asshole. I watched 2 episodes in a row and I got bored out...and the animation was nil to nil. Also, the character design is still ugly. I wonder sometimes, overrated anime is everywhere.
  10. To be honest...my last name fits every other name. My last name is from an italian origin, and it fits any other last name...and I wouldn't mind if my wife doesnt get my last name, I mean its her decision really. But it would be nice.
  11. Now, can anyone [b]LIST[/b] the movies they had wanted to, or had, seen the credits of below?:
  12. Eugi

    Anime Inu Yasha

    Hmm...hey there. Seriously now i just want to ask. Ive never cared to watch inu yasha...the art of the characters and the design of the characters disgust me...but everywhere i go, and everyone i ask, they say "i love inu yasha".... .... I dont know...but what makes it so great? Can someone brief me up on it? i feel like im missing a lot.
  13. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by OtakuSennen [/i] [B] Heck, compared to Excel Saga [/B][/QUOTE] I wonder sometimes.... You cant really compare eva to excel lmao...excel actually tries to be dumb and chaotic (excel as in excel saga, not justthe character).
  14. Hmm...i dont know...well, ive never liked marker, its why. I cant say too much about the picture, if it looks good to you, then it will look perfect to others.
  15. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Amity [/i] [B]Ok? That's kind of awkward, but ok.[/B][/QUOTE] Not saying that YOU'RE shallow, but that little sentence right there....is shallow. I think CHW has a nice taste, an interesting one, and has a nice vision on things. [quote]You feel guilty about watching DVDs? Or reading books in your room?[/quote] The way it feels, to read a book in that scenario....you can picture it come on, i know you can. And the dvds at night (i didnt say which kind) are very nice too.
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