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?Eirka, wait,? a middle aged blonde hair women said as she chased after the teen, ?you can?t just leave.? Eirka turned and faced the women. Her green eyes struck fear into the women.

?Just watch me Aunt Mary,? Eirka said as she turned back around. Mary stood helplessly as her niece walked away. She was a Humanoid, but the fact that Eirka was half Demon gave her the willies.

About an hour later, Eirka was stopped in a town. She was buying some supplies for her trip. She overheard some people talking. She turned in the direction of the people.

?You know,? a man with black hair said, ?I?m getting really tired of those darn Demons.? Another man, that looked similar to the man with black hair, shook his head in agreement. Eirka assumed they were Sayians. The war between the Sayians and Demons has been over for about fourteen years, but those two breeds seemed to still hate each other.

?Thank you sir,? Eirka said as she paid the merchant. The old man nodded his head and handed Eirka her supplies. She gently grabbed them and walked pass the two men who were talking. Eirka truly detested Sayians. They were the ones who were responsible for her father?s death and mother?s disappearance.

Another hour passed and Eirka was taking a break under a tree. She was dozing off on the lush green grass, but something startled her. She jumped up and looked around.
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Nicholas woke to the usual feelings...grass and leaves brushing against him...the same dream he's been having for weeks now. He slid out behind to do his usual training, meditation on his energy and his mental powers...followed by a lot of combat training. Nothin but the norm...But then suddenly he felt something...or someone...familiar, like he'd felt it before...
He slid from shadow to shadow, the whole time thinking, 'Will this be the one...they feel different'
He shot straight up a tree to wait for whoever it was...'It's a girl...and she's alone. I saw more then one person in the dream, it can't be her. But still...she feels...different...'
As she walked by he shadowed her...then he heard a noise...she obviously heard the same thing...for she looked to...
'It wasn't me...I wonder who's there? Oh crap...don't lose her!' and he continued to watch her carefully.
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Jason slid out of his humble, satin sheeted bed and walked over to his dresser to put on his familiar leath pants and white shirt. After getting dressed and ging through his morning routine of powering up and down, he walked down the stairs to go outside.
After getting outside, he watched the sun come up and started on a walk. He saw a few little Poke'mon and Digimon playing with a little boy on the lush green grass. Jason's mood darkened a little at this, mostly because he felt a little robbed of his youth by those who murdered his parents.
He walked home to go andmeditate on tis and refocus his powers. When he got home, he sat on a familiar pillow and meditated until hisfocus was razor sharp. Then he went trough the stages he had set for himself, so hec ould control hispower, and when he finished went outsde. He saw ayoung woman paying for some supplies and thought she was oddly yung to be on her own. But, he dismissed thi as none of his business and went off to try his tk on some unsuspecting birds andtrees.
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Lilix sat down for a wile then sniffed the air...*Something is changed...* Lilix thought. Her long silver tail swished back and forth as she looked around. "What is it?" She mumbled. She decided to give up the worthless search and go some place far. And with that lilix began running all you could see were the dirt and grass being pulled up in to the air. When she saw a lake she sat and began to drink. "I hope I never have that feeling agean it felt as if I was being watched...Nah."
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[color=orange]"Psyyyyy! Saiiiiiii! Saaaaaaiiiii!" Psybuzz squealed loudly at a weird-looking nearby orange cat person. Within second, the cat yawned and opened her eyes. It's Naito!
"Nothing like some nice music to wake a kitty up..." Naito yawned. Psybuzz was squealing at her excitedly, meaning that there was a big day ahead of them. Then she pointed in a seemingly random direction and nodded.
"What is it, Psy?" Naito wondered lazily. "Do you see something?" She slowly looked in the direction Psybuzz was pointing. "Oh, get out of here. It's just a tree." Psybuzz just shook her head and continued tp point and shout. "Come on, you can't... wait." Naito stopped dead silent. She saw something blue beyond the tree. She got up frantically and rushed out of the park with Psybuzz zooming along right behind her. Psybuzz raced toward a little boy with a weird-looking purple cat next to him.
"Hey! You there! With the purple cat! Hello there!"
"Hi, my name's Robert! Who are you, miss cat?"
"Ummm... I'm Naito, not Miss Cat."
"Psyyyyyy." Psybuzz giggled.
"Fiiiiii!" said the purple cat. It had big navy blue eyes, a tail shaped like a Y, and a red dot on its forehead.
"Cool, huh?" Robert giggled. "Meet Espy. I guess he really likes you!"
"Espy, huh? Cool name!" Naito replied. "The gem on its head is so pretty," Naito continued, and then her voice transformed into curiosity, "but... why is it staring at me like that?" She petted Espy. "Ohh, his fur is so soft!" Espy's fur stuck up as Naito petted his back, as if she sent chills up his spine. "Oh, Espy tends to look inside the head of every person--or cat--he meets," Robert replied nervously. "He can read minds?" Naito blurted, sounding a tad bit surprised. "Oh sure," Robert added, sounding like someone bragging about their favorite pet. "That's why I call him Espy!" "Naito forced a giggle. "He has ESP..." Naito muttered under breath. "No wonder Psybuzz has a crush on him..."
"Psyyy-yy..." Psybuzz shook her head in disagreement. (No way, I don't have a crush on Espy! Eww gross!)

"Hey Naito!" Robert suggested to Naito, "I'm starving. Could we, like, go to get something to eat, together?"
"Ummm... sure!" Naito smiled. Her first date![/color]

OOC: OK, that was kinda sick... :blush: And isn't it surprising that Espy is very closely related to the Pokemon Espeon? Hmmm... :twitch:
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OOC: Sorry 'bout that, but I had to set somethings up for my brother and I've been really into my Trigun RPG. JoyKaiba's back though. ^_^;

As Eirka looked around, she saw nothing. Something was really bugging her though. Was someone watching her? She sat back down and let out a sigh.

[i]"Maybe I'm just being paranoid,"[/i]Eirka thought as she looked up into the deep blue sky. She started to doze off until she was finally sound asleep. Something was wrong though. Her demotic powers kicked in why she was asleep. She was standing in a small house where a boy and a girl had just entered the room.

"Why must you insist that we have a half-sibling out there Andrew," the girl said as she turned to the boy. Andrew bit his lip and looked at the window. The girl looked at Andrew and sighed.

"Listen Amber," Andrew said as he faced the girl again, "you know our mother wasn't faithful to our father." Amber shook her head. She didn't want to be hearing this. She grabbed her hands and ran out of the room. Andrew chased after her. Eirka watched the two teens run out of the room. She woundered if they had a connection to her. Eirka's dream and sleep was suddenly interupted.

"That's it," Eirka said as she jumped up again, "who's there?" Eirka looked around and waited for an answer, but there was nothing but silence.
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Nicholas stood still as stone...glaring intently at Erika...but she was on to him.

Eirka looked up...'what the-' Nicholas thought as he slipped on a branch on the other side of the tree. He turned to see her just looking at the clouds...eventually she slipped soundly to sleep.
'This is my chance...'

Nicholas slipped down to get a close up look...he looked the woman up and down, then looked at her closed eyes, staring as if to slip right under her eyelids, and then read her mind...he didn't want to pry, just find out who she was...she saw distress, sorrow, anger...such mixed emotions, then he started to lose it!

'Aw, man, she's waking up...' He turned around searching for a place to hide. Then he lifted up a log with his mind and then dove underneath...it came down with a thump as he slipped into a slight dip underneath the log. He could still see her...but barely!
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[color=orange]"Hmmm... this restaurant is closed," Robert mentioned in despair. His stomach rumbled.
"Hee hee... Guess you're hungry!" Naito laughed. Then, she felt her own stomach runmble. Later, the same thing happened to Espy and Psybuzz. "OK... scratch that. I guess we're [i]all[/i] hungry," Naito and Robert said in unison. "Hey, what's the day today?" Roberty wondered."
"May 22."
"No, I mean the [i]day[/i]. Of the week."
"Oh. Its a... Sunday."
"No wonder..." Robert groaned.
"Don't worry, you two," Naito added reassuringly, "we're sure to find something, won't we?" She looked at Psybuzz.
"Psy-y!" Psybuzz nodded in agreement. Naito, Robert, and their two Pokemon continued to wander around town.
"Hey Naito," Robert wondered, "did you notice that..."
"Did you notice that we're the only two people here with Pokemon friends? Or even..." Then Robert stopped short. He saw a girl walking by with a white cat walking on two legs. "Hey! I guess I spoke to soon! That girl has a Meowth!"
"Ummm..." Naito replied in confusion. "What's a Meowth?"
"A Pokemon."
"Oh, you mean like Psybuzz and Espy?"
"Hey, how'd you know Espy was a Pokemon?"
"Oh whatever. Hey you!" Robert shouted to the girl with the cat. "Like your Meowth there! Really pretty!"
"Why thank you!" The cat turned around and giggled.
"Wow, you can talk?" Robert replied in astonishment. The only Meowth he'd ever heard talk was evil...
"Hee hee! She's no Meowth. Her name's Gatomon," the girl said. "By the way, I'm Kari. Who are you?"
"Kari?!? No way!" Naito exclaimed. "You mean... you're really Kari? Oh, I know you! You and Gatomon saved the world together, didn't you?"
"Yep, that's right. Right, Gatomon?"
Robert's stomach growled again. "Oh, you must be hungry," Kari noticed. "I just saw a neat restaurant down that a way."
"Thanks, Kari!" Robert and Naito replied together. They started heading down the street.
"Hey wait!" Kari shouted. "Can I come with you? We haven't eaten either!" She and Gatomon rushed top catch up. Naito and Robert were standing at the door to a nearby diner. "Hey there slowpoke, " Naito teased. "We were just about to ask you to come along, right?" She looked at Robert with a sweet look Robert had an uneasy feeling about.
"What's the matter, are you in love, Naito?"
"No. Hey, how'd you know my name?"
"I saw you hanging around with a strange-looking woman once."
"What strange woman?!" Naito inquired with a tone of fury in her voice.
"Umm... you know... she had white skin and green hair in a weird hairdo like this..." Kari arranged her arms so that her elbows were behind her head, her wrists rested on her head, and her hands pointed downward, forming a C. "And," she continued, "she had a long white dress with these really long green sleeves, and what looked like a red... thingy... stuck in her chest, and..."
"Wait a sec," Naito interrupted, "I think you mean Cado. Yeah, she does look kinda weird. I can't tell if she's human or not.
"She can't be. I've seen women who had really small waists, but never one you can fit one hand around!"
Robert listened to the girls' conversation, and a big fat sweatdrop ran down the back of his head. "I hate to interrupt you, girls," Robert slurred, "but that sorta sounds like a Pokemon I saw before... no offense, it could've been my imagination..."
"Oh robert, you and your Pokemon..." Naito mocked. "You must know every Pokemon there is in the universe... How many are there, 500?" Naito had a lot of sarcasm and babyish tones in her voice. "Ummm..." Robert stuttered, more sweatdrops running down his neck, "a-actually, th-there are... m-more than 500," Robert sighed, then spoke more clearly, sounding like a know-it-all, "Yes, there are. That one you two were describing happens to be a Pokemon named Gardevoir. There, are you happy now?"
"So that's what it was..." Naito whispered to herself. "I knew there had to be some reason Cado spoke like, 'Gardie... dee...' Hmmm..."

"Excuse me," a waiter interrupted. "How many? Three? OK, right this way please." Now all of them had sweatdrops running down their heads. "Oh, and I see we got some cute little critters here too," the waiter continued. "Let's see, a dragonfly, two cats... Oh, absolutely adorable!" Now the two girls' and the boy's sweatdrops got bigger, and the Poke/Digimon got them too. Help! Sweatdrop season is coming!![/color]
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Sheshuri looked out over the horse paddock. She sighed. "They're so beautiful." She said to herself, "But they're dead." As Sheshuri said this the horses turned dead white and dissapeared. She sighed again. "Chrimson!" She yelled. Chrimson was a live horse that had supposedly been givin to her by her father. Sheshuri wiggled her wolven ears. She swished her tail and began to pet her horse. 'Your my only friend.' She thought to herself, 'My only friend in the world.'
Then Sheshuri looked out into the fields. clouds were comming. Dark clouds with bolts of lightning comming from all ends, and not so ends. Chrimson gave a little neigh and a loud snort as Sheshuri covered them in a viel of spirit energy. rain fell hardly on the surface of the shield.
Chrimson snorted. "Settle down, girl, your okay." Sheshuri thought to herself, 'We're both okay now. We live by ourselves the way it should be. Nobody to care for. Love and trust are just tools for the weak to depend on. Well, except for between us. And you can never die, my friend."
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[color=orange]"Wow, that was delicious. Thank you," Kari said after the group left the deli. "Well," she continued with a sigh, "I guess Gatomon and I will have to go now..."
"Already?!?" Naito exclaimed.
"Yes, already. Don't worry, Naito. We'll see each other again sometime, right?"
"Right!" Gatomon replied. Kari then reached into her pocket and took out a weird-looking egg with feet. She also took out what looked like a hand-held computer. She held it up and ointed it at Gatomon and threw the egg high in the air. Gatomon glowed.
"GATOMON ARMOR DIGIVOLVE TO..." Gatomon began to morph into a larger cat and grew wings, looking like a sphinx.
"...NEFERTIMON!!" The Digivolution was complete.
"Wow! She evolved!" Naito complimented in amazement.
"Yeah, she likes that," Kari replied. She then got on Nefertimon's back, and Nefertimon flew off with Kari, who waved goodbye. Naito waved back with tears in her eyes.
"Oh, Robert..."
"Hey Naito," Robert said almost abruptly, "I think Espy and I will have to leave too."
"Espy and I have a long journey ahead of us. We want to become the world's greatest Pokemon Masters!!!"
"Pokemon Masters?" Naito sounded confused, then brushed it off. She smiled and said, "Good luck!" They said their goodbyes, and off Robert went.

"Well, Psybuzz, what do we do now?" Naito asked Psybuzz cheerfully. But, before she took three more steps, she fell right into what seemed to be a bottomless trap hole. Psybuzz turned around to try and save her. Her eyes glowed, and she tried to do a psychic attack, hoping to get Naito out of the hole. But Naito was falling too fast, maybe faster than the speed of light. Oh well...


Naito was in a daze when she woke up. That was a hard fall! When she got up and looked around, she was in the middle of a big city, right next to a big building. A helicopter was flying overhead. The place was crowded; there must have been 50 people on the block. Quite a few of them were holding cards, but not any ordinary cards. The backs of then were red with a black vortex on them, and on the front were various pictures with descriptions underneath them, and some of them had numbers underneath that. Naito snuck a peek at one of them; it was yellow with a picture of a man with purple armor and a pointed hat, holding a long greenish silver wand. She read its description: "The ultimate wizard in terms of attack and defense." What did that mean? Underneath the description, Naito saw two numbers: 2500 and 2100, labled "ATK" and "DEF". At the top was what she guessed was the card's name: "Dark Magician".
"Hey! You! It's rude to look over someone's shoulder you know!" the guy holding the card shouted. Naito jumped in surprise and turned around. The guy had reddish brown spiked hair with yellow tips. He wore a black shirt and blue jeans, and he had a chain around his neck with a charm that looked like a giant pyramid with an eye on it.
"Hello," the guy said. "My name is Yugi. Who are you?"
"N-Naito," Naito said, quivering in fear. "I-I'm sorry for what happened..."
"Don't worry about it. It seems that everybody wants to get their hands on my Dark Magician... Hey, are you, by any chance, a duelist?"
"A what?"
Suddenly, a boy with medium-length blond hair ran towards Yugi and Naito, shouting, "Hey! Yugi! I've been looking all over for ya!"
"Hey there, Joey," Yugi replied.
"Joey?" Naito wondered. "Oh hi there. I'm Naito by the way."
"Hey! Did the cat lady ask you for a duel?" Joey asked.
"You mean like with swords? I don't have one..." Naito sounded confused.
"No, with cards," Yugi explained. "I guess you're not a duelist..."
"No, I'm not... I don't even really know what a duelist is... And I've never seen a Dark Magician before..."
"Oh he's my favorite card. We share a bond together, if you know what I mean."
"Of course I do! I actually have a little pet dragonfly named Psybuzz! And lots of other animal friends too!"
"Ummm... she's a Pokemon, but I suppose you don't even know what Pokemon are..."
"No, I'm afraid I don't."
"Hey! What's with the chit-chat?" Joey interrupted. "Let's go find someone to duel!"
"OK!" Naito replied excitedly. "I can't wait so see what a duel looks like!"

Yugi, Joey, and Naito walked around for a bit and came across a large crowd gathered around an open space with two people and two monsters: a dinosaur and a robotlike monster.
"And now, Jinzo, attack and take out the rest of his life points!" one of the two people in the open space declared.
"Noooo!" the second person cried. "Not my Twin-Headed King Rex!"
"Oh yes, your Twin-Headed King Rex. Just as I predicted."
"Well, you lost. So hand over your locator card and your rarest monster."
"Oh... OK."
"What's going on?" Naito asked.
"Someone just lost a duel to that guy," Yugi answered.
"OK!" the winner of the duel shouted. "Who's next? You! Blondie! Want a go?"
"OK!" Joey replied excitedly.
"Watch out," a nearby man warned. "That guy has ESP!"
"ESP?!?" Naito shouted excitedly. "No way!" She rushed over to the guy he was talking about. He had blue hair and wore a pink shirt with a jagged red stripe. "Hi, who are you?" she asked excitedly.
"Hmph." the boy said. "I'm Espa Roba, and I see all."
"Cooooool!" Naito shouted jubilantly. "Watch out, Joey, you don't stand a chance against psychic power! I know, 'cause I have it myself!"
"...You do?" Espa wondered.
"Yyyyes! I do!" Naito declared proudly. Joey got a sweatdrop. "Oh great," he muttered to himself. "She's more out of control than I am..."
"Yay!" Naito danced around with joy. "Well, Jo-ey, you're not gonna beat a psychic! I gotta work on my psychic powers! Catch ya later!" And off she ran.
"What a weird little girl," Joey muttered. "Well, Roba," he declared, "let's duel!!"

Meanwhile, Naito ran off to the park, where she stared at a rock. She concentrated, and the rock was levitated. "Yaaaay!" Naito shouted excitedly. "That's telekinesis! All right!" Naito sighed, wondering how much sugar she had today.[/color]
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OOC: If Maximillion404 doesn't start posting, I'm going to kick him off of here. :shifty:

Eirka yawned as she woke up once again. She looked around and decided to move along. She got up and stretched. She started heading east.

An hour later, Eirka was standing in front of a huge city. The biggest buliding had the letters KC on it. Eirka shook her head as she looked at the city.

[i]"Good ol' Domino City,"[/i] Eirka thought as she stepped into the city. The city was overrun with kids and cards. Eirka had her own cards, but she rarely used them. She has some friends in this area and it was about time she payed them a vist. She stopped to look around.

"Hey," a young boy said to another boy, "Joey Wheeler and Espa Roba are dueling over there." Eirka's sharp ears picked up the boys converstation. She looked in the direction the boy was pointing at. She hurrily ran in the direction the boy was pointing. Eirka got to the duel area in about five minutes, but it was already over.

"Alright," Joey said as he punched upward into the air, "I beat Roba in a duel and I also got Jinzo." Yugi smiled as he looked at his friend. Eirka walked up to Yugi and put her hand on his shoulder. Yugi turned around and smiled.

"Eirka," Yugi said with a huge smile, "long time, no see," Eirka smiled and looked at Joey. Joey had stopped gloting and looked at Eirka. Eirka shook her head as Joey ran over and hugged her.

"Eirka," Joey said as he swung Eirka around. Eirka turned bright red as Joey sat her down. Joey laughed and looked at Yugi. Yugi smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

"Hi guys," Eirka said as a sweatdrop appered on the back of her head. Joey grabbed Eirka's hand and started pulling her off. Yugi quickly followed.

A little later, the three were at Domino Park. Eirka looked around and sighed. She went and sat down under a tree. Joey and Yugi sat down on each side of her. Eirka looked at both of them and smiled. She then spotted a cat girl levitateing a rock.
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"WHERE IS SHE!" Nicolas yelled as searched frantically left and right, "AUGH...I took my eyes off her for a minute..." Nicolas slouched down beside a tree...the same one the girl had sat by before...and sighed. He was in plain view for any traveler to see, and for the first time...he didn't care.
A few people, here and there, walked by Nicolas and swung wide around him, because right now Nicolas looked quite irritable...and he quite deserved to be!
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lilix stood and thought that she should go back. She began to reach the spot when she saw a guy sitting angryly in the grass! Lilix crept up and leaned over him. "What are you doing?" She asked nosely. "Sitting." He spat back. "Oh...hey your that guy who was spying on me!" "What you were just there!" He turned and looked at lilix she planted her self becide him as he looked away she smirked.
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Nicolas sighed
"Nicolas...and you are?"
"Lilix...you don't seem like the lazy type...what are you doing here?" Lilix eyed Nicolas.
"I was following some girl...technically since you see me I'm supposed to kick the crap out of you...but as you can see I'm feeling a lack of motivation..." Nicolas continued staring strait ahead.
"Oh...." Lilix sat back and looked ahead again
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Sheshuri walked towards the city. It was called Domino City. She knew a couple of good duelists there. Sheshuri was bored. She hadn't come in in time to catch the bigining of Seto Kaiba's tournament. Now she couldn't duel against him. Darn. Oh well. The horse races didn't start for a couple more weeks, so Sheshuri could still train Chrimson, who was still back in the fields under a S.E. shield. "Ah, damn it, never mind." She said and headed back towards the field. "Stupid city, stupid tournament, stupid Seto, STUPID EVERY F***ING THING!!!" Sheshuri resorted to stomping her wolven feet agains the ground. She jumped up on a high rock and looked back at the city. "Why did I become a duelist? Why do I fight battles, collect pokemon, digimon." She looked down on her sword, "Stupid...katana...god damn...stupid father." Sheshuri jumped from her rock and layed on the soft, wet grass. It doesn't matter that it's wet. She wiggled her wolven ears. Very comfortable in the rain. At that moment the clouds reapeared and rain slowly started to drip, "Ahhhhh...the rain...":cool:
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"Wha kick the crap out of me!" Lilix stood up with balled fists at her sides. "Yeah you heard me." Nicolas smirked with his dull expressions. "I did nothing to you and...." Lilix looked up and saw a shadow of some thing. "Grrrr....beat me up...what is that?"Lilix said as her silver tail lashed with rage.
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[color=red]Darren was wondering around Domino City. He had heard about Battle City and he wanted to check it out. He walked through the park to take a shortcut to Kaiba Corp. when a young girl sitting with two boys caught his eye. Where he was an Elf, he could tell when someone was Human or not. He was getting Human vibes off the two boys, but he was getting a Demon vibe off of the girl. He was also getting a Humanoid vibe off the girl. He walked over to the small group.

"Hello," Darren said sweetly, "My name's Darren and I was just passing through." The girl jumped up when she spotted Darren's pointed ears. She looked at him and let out a sigh.

"Well," the girl said with a smile, "my name's Eirka and these are my friends Joey and Yugi." Darren looked at Joey and Yugi as they waved. Darren nodded and looked back at Eirka. He shifted his weight and beckoned to Eirka to follow him. He started walking toward another part of a park. Eirka looked Yugi and Joey, shrugged her shoulders and followed Darren.

"I can sense that your on a journey," Darren said as Eirka stopped behind him. Eirka looked at Darren with a look of surprise on he face. She walked up next to him.

"And if I am Elf Boy," Eirka said as she looked at the sky. Darren turned and looked at Eirka. Eirka glared at him from the corner of her eye.

"Maybe I could help you," Darren said softly as he turned around. Eirka turned to face Darren. She put her hand out.

"It would be nice to not to travel alone," Eirka said with a slight smile, "so we're partners." Darren smiled and shook Eirka's hand.[/color]
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"Ya...you heard me..." Nicolas sat back, "it's nothing personal, i'm not trying to be cocky...but no one's proved me wrong! You see...i had this dream...and..." Nicolas stated calmly
"No really...what's that?" Lilix pointed behind Nicolas..."Look!"
Nicolas turned around slowly. He saw a shadow, which quickly darted away...
"I'll go check..." Nicolas got up...lazily
"I'm going, too!" Lilix grabbed him by the arm as he walked away.
"Suit yourself...if you can keep up." With that Nicolas hovered above the ground and used levetation to push himself away...flying at a smaller rate...just to show off, really!
"Woah..." she was startled at first, then regained her composure, "Pff, I can deal with that!" Lilix took off... both of them going off the way the shadow had darted. Lilix kept up quite well the whole way... for a pedestrian

'Heh...she's quick...' Nicolas thought, his thoughts were interrupted by Lilix
"THERE IT IS!(breathes - sp?) I SEE IT!"

K, you pic what we see...I'm blank
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OOC: Wow, I see a joining opportunity...

[color=orange]"I play Roulette Spider!" Joey shouted. He was in the middle of a duel with Espa Roba, who was about to lose. "Nooo!" Roba cried. "Don't destroy my Jinzo!" But the spider did destroy Jinzo, ending the duel. After the duel, Joey walked back to his freinds. "Well how'd ya like that?" he asked triumphantly. "I kicked Espa's psycho butt!" "Good job, Joey," Yugi congratulated him. Erika did the same thing.
"Yeah, I guess that little cat girl was wrong," Joey boasted. "And Psycho there was a fraud! Haha!" Darren stood there, confused. "What little cat girl? I think I've seen her before..."
"Just some dope named Naito," Joey replied. "She seems to be just as psycho as that Roba fraud." Suddenly, someone came running towards them...
"Hi Joey. Well, I guess my prediction was wrong; psychic powers don't always work, you know... Hey congratulations for winning the duel!"
Joey turned around to find out who was speaking to him. It was Naito!
"Hey, how'd you know I won the duel?"
"Not only did I know you won the duel, I saw the whole thing, and I think you know how. But that's my little secret." Naito giggled, leaving Joey confused.
"So you're Naito, huh?" Erika asked. "I see you've already made friends with Yugi and Joey here...
"Friends?!" Joey blurted. "She's more psycho than Roba!"
"You mean psych[i]ic[/i]," Naito corrected him.
"See what I mean?" Joey muttered. Just then, a strange voice called from afar; people were screaming everywhere...
"Gardie dee..." it said.
"C-C-Cado?!?" Naito stuttered, surprised.
"Dee!" Cado came rushing towards Naito and gave her a hug.[/color]
OOC: Remember Cado from a couple of my posts back?
"Cado! I never expected to see you again!"
"I've been looking for you too..."
"Cado? Was that you? Heh. You prefer telepathy now, huh?"
"I guess you can say that," Cado thought to Naito. "Come with me," she commanded.
"Hay wait up!" Darren shouted.
"Why are you following me?" Naito wondered.
"I... happen to be going this way too. I have things to do..."
"Uh-huh," Naito said sarcastically.[/color]

Hope that was OK, Maximillion...
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Lilix stopped and looked at the thing she crouched down and crawled to it..."What on earth are you doing?" Nicolas called softly. "Shhhh..." Lilix muttered. Lilix fimally saw it...it was a kitten!
"All that work over a kitten?!" Nicolas yelled furiously. "It was not a kitten it was a giant beast!" "Oh im terified." Lilix flipped her long silver pony tail off her sholder. *That is not a kitten...I was not seeing things.* Lilix thought. "Welp Im going back..." Nicolas turned but lilix froze in her tracks and closed her eyes the wind blew wildly and a pack of wolves surounded her pettals flew and covered the site. "What are you doing?" Nicholas called. The innocent kittens true form shown to be a giant flameing wild cat! The wolvs growled as the Giant cat lunged for lilix! Her eyes cold and looked to be dead. Nicolas knocked her down sending them both falling. "What did you do that for!" Lilix called out. Nicolas was silent. "I could have unleashed my black gate and banish it for good! The wolves surounded the flaming cat and attacked at will. Nicolas brushed him self off as he stood. Lilix Back flipped to get up. "Are you going to help?" Lilix asked. "Duh!" Nicolas replied stiffly. "Then dont make another atempt to save me....those attempts are only in vain." Nicolas turned coldly.."Who said I was saveing you!, Maby I wanted to waite later and kill you my self!" "Yeah." Lilix turned and ran twords the Flameing Beast.
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"*sigh* Stupid woman..." Nicolas hovered up to watch her do her stuff... "I wish i could asociate with normal people..."

Lilix was about to do whatever she was talking about...when the cat slammed it's big ugly head into her shoulder... and pounced on her.

"She let it get too close..." Nicolas moaned..."*Sigh* and here I thought my 'Knight in Shining Armour' duties were over..." Nicolas flew over and telekenetically shot a rock at the cat. It got hit and rolled off of her, then Nicolas shot over and put up a PK sheild...
"Fine...I've helped you...happy?"
"You don't have to!" Lilix got up and shot at him... "So if you have telekenises how come you haven't used it yet?" The cat clawed at the sheild and Nicolas got pushed back, so he threw up his other hand, as if to hold the barrier firm.
"Well obviously it's not gonna last long...so open your...Gate of whatever or get the hell out of here!"
"Don't tempt me..." Lilix grinned
"Funny." Nicolas groaned as he shot more energy into his shield...
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Lilix closed her eyes, crossed her arms across her chest and in sign language (sp?) spelt black gate. "Black Gate come forth!"
Lilix yelled. The sky grew dark as the beast turned, a silver lightning bolt struck the ground in front of her. "Is she trying to kill her self!" Nicholas thought to himself. Another bolt hit both hands createding a giant black ring..."Black Gate open!" The gate opened to and pulled the beast in the claw cut lilix's rist as the beats tired to fight from being pulled in. When it was banished the grass where she stood had a thick maroon looking coler to it...Lilix's rist was slashed, She tore a pice of her short tattered dress and rapped it around her rist.
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OOC: Good one!

IC: Nicolas fell to the ground...he gasped for breath.
"Nice work! Sorry I doubted you!"
"Ah...it's not a problem..." Lilix bandaged up her wrist.
"You're bleeding pretty badly..."
"It's just a scratch!" Lilix wrapped up her wrist.
Just as she did, Nicolas grabbed at it...the cloth was already crimson red with blood.
"Sure... just a scratch!" Nicolas said sarcastically.
"What do you care...you're gonna kill me later, right?" Lilix glared at him.
"Ahh, you know what I meant, I got a reputation to keep up!" Nicolas pulled the cloth off of her wrist.
"What are you doing?"
"Do you know what Psychokenetics is?" Lilix just stared at him... "It's the ability to move, speed up, or slow down molecules...That includes recombining severed skin..."
"You can do that?"
"I hope so!" Nicolas grins.
"You're a cocky one!" Lilix grinned back.
"Ah, I try!" With that Nicolas stared intently at the bleeding wrist, and waved his hand, and the cut slowly regenerated...
"Wow, I feel better then before, I mean besides the blood loss part..."
"Yes that would tend to make one dizzy. I added in a little healing."
"You can do that, too?"
"I can now..." And Nicolas walked away... "Are you coming?"
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Lilix looked down at her wrist slitly blushed then yelled,"Yeah duh im staying with you!" She prances past him as he smirks. Lilix looked around and a vishion apeared in her mind. * She used the black gate as nicolas stood behind her so he would not get sucked in and the oddest thing happeden it destroyed her! Lilix grabbed her head and stood shakely (sp?)
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"What happened?" Nicolas grabbed the shaking Lilix, "Are you alright??"
"I'm...I'm..." Lilix shook...Nicolas sensed distress in the girl, then set her down beside the tree...
"What were you trying to do?" Nicolas was quite worried now...what was wrong? What's out there?
Ok, I don't know what happened! But I'll put more when I find out or if Inuyashagirl posts first...either way...it's all i could come up with!
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