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Sign Up A Mage's Force (PG-13 to R)


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In a world much like ours, and in a time very reminscent of today, it would seem as if everything would be fairly the same. Well, just about everything is, other than the fact that many people are born with the power of a mage. Some people ignore this trait and continue life, trying to be as normal as everyone else, but some people try to harness their skills as a mage, practicing their magic, and inventing their own special skills. Some mages go to schools specially created for their kind, some just stay by themself, afraid of ridicule by the "normal" people.


Ok, so here's how things are. Everything is in a modern time and place. The great majority of kids go to school, and school, even schools for mages are very much like normal schools. Some mages are very friendly with each other, some get in fights. Some normal people are either very interested in mages and friendly to them, or they dislike and ridicule them. Normal people sometimes have the ability to awaken mage-like powers, also. The majority of mages control main elements, each element being the base of their powers.


The Rules --

1. No "god-like" characters.
2. All students must be age 13-19, all children must be age 5-12, all adults must be age 20-40, and all elders must be age 60-90. I guess that sums up the age group thing.
3. A limit to 2 elements per mage, unless you're an elder, who controls all elements, and a limit to 1 element per human who has awakened their powers.
4. A limit to 4 elders in the whole RP. 2 which are teachers in school, 2 which are well, whatever they want to be.
5. Please, spell and use grammar to the best of your ability, and no "internet talk" such as "liek omg wat r u doin?"
6. Have fun!


Content --

Content is based on the way the whole RP goes. Violence, swearing, and not-so-graphic sexual content are all allowed, as long as it relates to the story, and is not pointless! So, basically, don't go running around killing everyone, don't swear like crazy, and don't go running around screwing everyone in your path. Keep all content tasteful and story related. Thanks.

Elements --

ESP (I know, not really much of an element, but I guess if you wanted to be kind of like... a psychic mage, then that would be what to use)


Character sheet!

Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Mage or Normal:
General appearance:


Let the RP begin! Anyone who is interested, and will obey the rules may join!


My character --

Name: Dai Senshiro
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 135 lbs.
Hair Color: Light grey
Eye Color: Blue
Mage or Normal: Mage
Elements: Lightning and Darkness
General appearance: Usually wears black, semi-gothic styled clothes. His grey hair is about chin-length, but usually styled strangely and crazily.
Bio: Dai came from a sort of "rags to riches" background. He was born into an extremely poor family, but they then came into a fortune. Things were good at first, until the money became all they thought or cared about. He dislikes the way his family acts now, and spends as much time out of the house and away from them as possible. He goes to a school for mages, but doesn't necessarily want to. The only reason he goes is to be away from his home, and even after that, he usually finds a way to get away from them for quite a while, sometimes weeks. You'd think his parents would be sad or angry about his constant disappearances, but they're all too caught up in their jobs and money to really take much of a notice. They've all grown too far apart over the years to really notice what's going on around them. Dai doesn't have many friends, seeing that the majority of the people around him are afraid of him. He hides his feelings of sadness under a calm, quiet, intimidating exterior, but he is really a very disturbed boy. Despite all of his troubles, though, he constantly practices the ways of a mage, and continues to try to increase his power.
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[color=blue][size=1]I like RPGs like this. I'll join!!

Name: Kitty Yo
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 114 lbs.
Hair color: Brown w/ blue streaked bangs
Eye color: Green
Mage or Normal: Mage
General appearance: Normally seen wearing a t-shirt that says something like "Bite Me" or "Kitty with a Mean Streak", baggy jeans, and sandals.
Bio: Has always had a 'normal' family. They ignored their elemental powers, but decided to pursue hers. She goes to a mage school and is usually seen alone, but is sometimes seen in the company of ravens or black cats. Even though she has never had any 'bad' family history, she tends to be a loner everywhere she goes, especially school. She refuses to reveal anything about herself without getting to know someone, and she rarely tries to get to know anyone.

Hope that says everything!! Oh, one question. Should I add what element I want? And can two or more people have the same element, ya know, besides elders. That's it, so laterzez.

~Meow... >.<;~[/color][/size]
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[font=times][size=4][color=lightpink][i]~Name~ Simone Crawford
~Age~ 16
~Height~ 5'4"
~Weight~ Not telling!
~Gender~ Female!
~Hair Color~ Redish Orange
~Eye color~ jade
~Mage or Normal~ Mage
~Elements~ ESP & Fire
~General Apperance~ She usually wears blue jean blazer, it has two rows of buttons down the middle, and jean hip huggers to match, black heeled boots to make her seem taller. She wears a black bandana to keep her hair out of her eyes, some of her bange hanging down.

~Bio~ She grew up in Germany, she was upset all the time at her mother. She was a prostitute. She never had a father. Her mother couldn't figure out who her father was. So she ran away going to her aunts house, telling how her mother was. Thy took her in and kept her better. Then she found out about her powers and was sent off from 'normal' school to a 'mage' school. Being told that it would help her.[/color][/i][/font][/size]
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Don't worry! Inti to the rescue!! (just ignore that, ok?)

Name: Smyth
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 67kg (eeerrr.....isn't that like 120 something pounds? im australian, so we use kilos here!!)
Hair Color: Perfectly white.
Eye Color: Blood red.
Mage or Normal: Mage (definitely)
Elements: Earth & Lightning
General appearance: Has an average tan (obviously the perfect tan everyone's always trying to get) and has a good build for someone his age (quite true...lol, just kidding).
His hair is about shoulder length, so he wears it back in a ponytail. Of course, his hair is silky smooth and straight.
He normally wears a white singlet with an open, blue shirt over the top. He wears some cool looking jeans as well.
Bio: Smyth always got along with everyone, being a real people person. Got along well with everyone in the coastal town he lived in. Normal or mage. He went to a co-ed school (normal and mage people). This was all until his parents wanted to move into the city. When they went to check out a house they were going to buy, they were mugged by a group of "non-mages". Both parents were stabbed in several places and both died.
From that day on, Smyth steered clear of all normal people, sticking to his mage friends.
Then his godparents came and took him to the city, where he was ridiculed for having pure white hair and blood red eyes. He soon beat them up, but was expelled from the only co-ed school in the city. He then was sent to a Mage boarding school, where he kept to himself.
Smyth was now a cynical mage who had almost mastered both the Earth and Lightning magic skills you could learn at the mage school.
He has friends, but not many. Most are still out in the coastal town he left all those years ago.

Hope that's ok. Tell me if I need to add anything or take anything away.
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Name: Rune Selith
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Height: 5'9"
Weight: What girl tells her weight?
Hair Color: Jet black.
Eye Color: Black with silver flecks
Mage or Normal: Mage
Elements: Light and Darkness
General appearance: Tall and slender, as well as quite pale. Her hair is waist length, and most often worn in pigtails. She usually wears jeans, a white shirt with long gray sleeves, and a long black sweater over that.
Bio: Born to two young and talented mages, she spent most of her childhood with them, brought up with a full knowledge of magic in the world. She showed some skill, but her parents were reluctant to send her to school. One day when she was 12, they were all in a car accident, and her parents died. Rune escaped with a case of amnesia, unable to remember anything, even her parents. She didn't know any relations, so she was sent to live in an orphanage. Her mother's sister found her there when she was 14, and took her to live with her. She sent Rune to mage school a year later, not wanting to send her too soon, afraid it would be a big change. Rune is quiet, unsure of what to say when spoken to, and very private. She rarely exposes any of her past. She keeps a journal, which she writes in constantly, afraid to forget anything else about herself.

How's this?
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Name: 'that strange kid' or 'weirdo' the teachers call her 'cast'
Age: looks quite young, but is actualy 14
Weight:45kg(I'm an ausie as well)
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: no one realy looks
Mage or Normal: mage
Elements: shadow(dark) mind(esp)
General appearance: 'Cast' is short, as is her hair. She might be considered beautiful if she was dresed up but as it is all she wears is drab clothing in hues of brown, neer blacks ans the ocasional bit of white(school shirt for example)
Bio: she had a family once but now the're gone, only those intangibe memories remain. She was shuned throughout her childhood, the other children feared and taunted her. Her magic emerged at this early age and she weaved shadows around her so that she would not be found. Later on she learned to tweak peoples memories os that they could start to forget about her and she pased much of her life left alone. There are many rumors about what happend to her family and where her money comes from. Even where she lives is shrouden in mistery. some beleve that she prey on peoples minds and takes their money and memories. No one ever listens to such rumors, a mre popular theor is that she has a wealthy benofactor or its part of a government tactic to keep young mages of the streets. She dosent offer such information? no one ever asks her.
She is usualy quite quiet, but she is prone to saying things when she thinks they should be said. She hides often, from those that would atack her besause of her size and physical weakness, she skirts the edjes of large crouds and avoids confrontatins. However, when cornered, she will play 'mind tricks' on her harasors, making them affraid, confused. This, she enjoys.
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ok i was told i need to register here so here goes
(btw, is there any plot to this or?....)

Name: Raist(just raist, didnt keep his family name for reasons later explained)
Weight:57kg(I'm from isreal, we use kg as well)
Hair Color:deep blue with a white streak in the middle
Eye Color: right eye is deep blue, left eye is bright green
Mage or Normal: mage
Elements: fire and water
General appearance:mediume built spiked short hair, usualy wears blue jeans, and dark blue jeans jacket and a white shirt, and sun glasses to hide his eyes(your regular biker looks i guess:D)
Bio: Raist had a harsh life from the begining, he was born a normal baby, but in a few short years, he developed his blue/white hair and green/blue eyes, in addition to his special talent for magic from the begining
his father, shocked and disgussed, said he didnt want a weird freak for a son, and left the house when raist was just a baby, when he grew up, his mother was a drunk, always blaming raist for his father leaving the house and her alone, she then came down with a sickness about when raist was 8, when he turned 10 she died and seince then he was living alone in his house.
after that he signed for the mage school, they agreed to let him in for the fact that even for his young age he had great tallent.
raist is a quiet boy, not very social because he never knew how to talk to people, another reason is because of his weird looks that everyone kept away from him, even the teachers at school sometimes gave him weird looks, he hated them for that.
he usualy spends most of his time in a quiet medow he found in the outskirts of the city, he can be alone there practicing his magic, because of that he has skills in most of the elements but his mastery is fire and water.

hope everything is ok now
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Guest Skyechild91
Name: Talia Corren
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Height: 5?6?
Weight: 135 lbs
Hair Color: Black with blue and green streaks
Eye Color: Green with gold flecks
Mage or Normal: Mage
Elements: Water and ESP
General appearance: Slim, wears black flare jeans, thick heeled boots, a black tank top, and silver hoop earings. Very tan.
Bio: She wa salways part of the in crowd, atleast, until she found out about her powers. Then she was cast out, despised and slightly feared because of her magic. She found the other mages, though, and became good friends with them. She grew up in a small town in Georgia, and moved to New York when she was 8. At the age of 12, she moved to Virginia, and now goes to the school for mages.

Hope this is okay, TeRRaFLaMe
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Name- Nita
Age- 14
Gender- Female
Height- 5 foot 10 inches
Weight- ya right, who can tell?
Hair color- Pitch black with dark green highlights
Eye color- hazle
Mage/normal- Mage
Elements- Light/water
General Apperance- Normaly wears dark blue jean cargos and a t-shirt that says things like "sorry I stopped listening days ago" or "I'm smiling that should scare you". Nita also wears a dark green hoody around her waist.
Bio- Nita grew up in a normal family and took German in school. She is a loner and doesn't like what most teenage girls do. She rather go horse back riding on a Black Morgan named Donavan then be caught dead in a mall. She also loves to read and is often found in a liberary.

sorry about spelling!! :(
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