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Manga Global Garden & Auto Focus? (manga)

Braidless Baka

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[color=orangered]One day I was down in London, and I happened upon this cool little Japanese shop. I went in, bought a couple of mangas that I had no idea what they were (they were sealed in plastic packets) and I took them home.

Now, I've got them both at home, about a year or so later. And I still have no idea what they're about. I read pretty much no Japanese aside from less than half of the hirigana (and the word "yami O_o). Does anyone know the story behind either of them? Having flicked through them, In get the feeling Auto Focus is some kind of photography-related love story. And I think Global Garden is a shounen-ai romance. I also know they were both published by "Hana to Yume" comics, and a character in Global Garden is called Robin. Aside from that, I know nothing about them O_o;;

[url=http://www.braidlessbaka.velegant.com/linkedmedia/globalgarden.gif]Global Garden Cover[/url]

[url=http://www.braidlessbaka.velegant.com/linkedmedia/autofocus.gif]Auto Focus Cover[/url]

There's the covers. I've been trying to find out about these for a long while now - so anyone who can shed any light has my eternal thanks. I can't even tell who the authors/artists are O_o[/color]
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