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[color=#006699]I'm pretty sure a good amount of this board knows about Finch. They've gotten pretty big since around July. I've known about them since around Febuary, so a little while before they got HUGE. They were still pretty well known anyway. I'm a fan of their older stuff, more than the stuff they released after "What it is to Burn", and no, it's not because I have a vandetta against mainstream stuff. But because they went a little softer for that album. The two exceptions to that rule and my favorite songs are Perfection Through Silence and Project Mayhem.[/color]
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I've loved Finch for a while now. I don't really remember how long it's been, but my older brother introduced them to me way before they were on Mtv. They are one of the best bands on Drive-Thru.

I like this one song of theirs called "Once Upon My Nightstand". It's not on a CD, I don't believe, but I found it on Kazaa. It's pretty much an acoustic guitar and Nate singing with distorted vocals. I also really like Waiting and Apologetic Theory.

[i]What it is to Burn[/i] is a really great CD. My favorites off it is the opening track, "New Beginnings", and "Without You Here".

I heard that they made a video for "Worms of the Earth" for some movie soundtrack. That's a really good song. They are also supposedly working on new songs, too.
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I absolutely love Finch!
Atmy school all my other friends think Finch sucks, but that's because they have lousy taste in music. (Mainstream ****, mostly)

From their EP to Album, I've loved every damn song. Nate Barcalow is just such a great singer, even live he's amazing!
'What It Is To Burn' is currently my favourite Finch song, but I also really like 'Awake' 'Grey Matter' and 'Project Mayhem'

Finch is just different from most rock/emo/punk bands, that's why they stand out.

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