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Art new vash banner


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Eh first of all what pograms are you using?


- Add a border
- Change the color of the text so it's more visible
- And keep in mind flipping the pictures like that so the banner is
symmetrical often doesn't look good, as is the case now =\

You did do a pretty good cropping job though and the two pictures of Vash are pretty cool =).
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Guest Horrorvacui
I agree that the mirror image is a little much... and the color balance seems a bit off to me. youve got to much red and not enough contrast. i personally dont use borders for the most part, and i dont think you need one if you play it right. change the color of the font so it stands out from the rest of the picture a bit and see if you can get a good pic of his face and hair, the yellow-blond hair will really add contrast and make your color scheme a little more interesting, as of now, red and black serves as a pretty uninteresting combo.
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