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[b]Warning:[/b] This RPG is for me and Kaede San to play only...

God I'm in too many RPGs...


[I]Hello, newcomer of Marrtree. I am Skine, the God of Gods and powerful master of the eight legendary orbs that bare my name. You are probably thinking what the Gosh Dang Donkey Dizzle am I saying. Well, let me start from the beginning...

It comes in technocolor!

It all started long ago when us Gods ruled the world of Marrtree. It was peaceful and happy and I was the shiznit.

Then a bunch of mean, nasty warriors waged war upon one another. Why? Because they are all stupid heads! Big, greedy, stupid heads!

There. I said it.

So us Gods had to think quick.

Then one of us had an idea!

God: I have an idea!

And so, the Orbs of Skine were forged. They trapped the evil of the warriors' hearts and locked it away. And it stayed like that for thousands and thousands of years.

Then we croaked.

Now the orbs have been released and scattered throughout Marrtree. To get the ancient powers of evil and become what people call [b]the Ultimate[/b], you will have to possess all eight Orbs of Skine. There are zillions of warriors out there fighting for them. Only a select few want them, but don't want them.

Am I confusing or what?

Warriors want to become [b]The Ultimate[/b], but a few want to get all eight orbs to stop others from becoming [b]The Ultimate[/b]. God, are these bold letters getting annoying.

Anyways, an example of one of these "warriors" is Rel:

Yep... that's Rel. Your average idiot who can somehow wield a sword right much less his own fists. Luckily he'll be teamed up with other fighters along his journey to get all the Orbs. They'll set him straight...

... hopefully.[/I]


Rel ran into his home which was a large stone building. Inside, he was accompanied by his best friend Blender which was, none other than a blender. He didn't exactly make any friends since his stone temple was located on an isolated mountain top in the middle of nowhere. But today would be the day he left his home and his dear friend Blender.

"Well, Blender, today's the day I leave my home and my dear friend Blender." Blender just sat on it's cushion which Rel had the appliance propped up on. "That's right, Blender. I'm off to find the Orbs of Skine. Gonna get me some magic powers or whatnot." Rel dragged his suitcase up next to the blender and started looking through his clothes. "Extra shirt... jacket... underwear... can't forget my booties. Mother always said you could get sick from walking in wet shoes."

Rel giggled with delight. "I can't wait to become [b]The Ultimate[/b]!" A sudden flash of lightning came and the torches lighting the room were vanquished with a sharp gust of wind. Rel squeeled. "Wha...?"


"Huh? Who said that?" Rel looked all around until his eyes were set on his Blender which was glowing with an eerie light.

"It is I, Rel."


"No it's not the--er... uhh... yessss.. the blender. Listen, Rel. You cannot collect the Orbs of Skine so you can become [b]The Ultimate[/b]. You must get them so you can save the world from destruction."


"And if you don't, all life may be destroyed by the dark evil."


"And? There is no more. I don't know how to explain it any clearer."


"Rel! Listen to me! I, Skine--er.. I mean... I, Blender, am asking you to do this for me. If you don't, consequences will be dire." Dire echoes throughout the room. Rel looks around for the noise, then looks back at the glowing house appliance.

"So I have to get the Orbs of Skire to use for good?"

"Skine! SKINE! They're called the Orbs of Skine! God, why did they choose YOU. It's the prophecies, they said. He's the chosen one, they said. The other Gods were a bunch of crackpots if you ask me."

"I didn't ask you."

"Just move it! And remember, once you aquire all eight, use this." The blender suddenly spews out what seems to be milk shake, but a small flute comes with it. "Use it and I will summon the orbs back up. It'll all be done before Christmas time."

"I like Christmas."

"I'm sure you do, Rel. I'm sure you do. And you may get a little something extra in your stocking if you do this for me."

"OKAY, BLENDER!" Rel shouted. "I'll do this for you. Time to get those orbs!" Rel suddenly jumps to his feet, but knocks the blender out the window and off the mountain."

"You foooooooooooool! I haven't channeled out of this yee..." Skine's voice fades away as he drops further down. Rel pays no mind and leaves his temple to start his great journey.
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[i]That?s Ginnel, a smart-alecky monkey-girl, who lives in a small town, full of lively people. She can be quite the troublemaker, and is a real quick thinker when not lost in her thoughts. She?s one of the people who are sent in helping Rel, hopefully to keep him in line, and focused.[/i]

?NOOO!? Ginnel shot through the doors, a bread placed in her mouth, as she climbed to the roof, and clanged to the weathervane by her monkey tail.

?Ginnel! Give me that bread!? The young lady yelled, shaking her fist at Ginnel. Ginnel stared at her, and cocked her head to the side, going in to thought. A small imaginary think bubble appeared as she slowly zoned out.


On the other hand?

Ginnel ? Bread= T____T NOT FULLNESS.[/i]

Ginnel?s thought suddenly vanished, and she turned her head to its normal position.

?No. Nyah!? Ginnel said putting the bread down, and sticking out her tongue, while sticking her thumbs by her ears, and waving them slowly back and forth, and with that, she hopped off, towards the road, where she?d be safe.

?I ist the evil ooone! No one can catch me, for I am half Monke-? Ginnel began, a strange cry heard from above. Ginnel looked up to see a strange shiny object falling from the sky. ?Why do I get the feeling that pain is coming my way??

Suddenly, a heavy, new but scratched blender came flying down, ricocheted off a rock, and came hurdling at Ginnel, where it suddenly hit her head.

Ginnel: X . x

?OOOOOOOOuch.? Ginnel said, clutching her head in agony. ?Heeey! ?This blender is nice! ? but? where did it come from? And, why am I talking to myself??

Ginnel held the blender up to examine it. A shadow suddenly cast behind her?

Ginnel: O__O?

[I]Please, please god? don?t let it be the baker lady?[/I]
No picture yet, I?ll put it up though? just wait ^^[/color][/size]
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Ginnel turned only to see... a bunny. "Oh, it's so cute!" She held the blender in one hand and the bunny in the other. "What are you up to, little guy?" Suddenly, the bunny bit her hand and she screamed, throwing the rabbit into the air and into the blender.


Ginnel: O.O;;

After Ginnel awoke from fainting from seeing such a sight, she noticed the blender glowing. "Hey, where did all the blood and stuff go?"

"You! Monkey girl!"

"Eep! Me?" She squeeled at the blender, still sitting curled up, scared.

"No. The other dang monkey girl next to you. OF COURSE YOU! Listen up, I need you to save the Orbs of Skine from evil."


"Ugh... okay... obviously you have no idea what the Orbs of Skine are... you're just primitive."

"Hey, you junky piece of hardware! I'm smart and I don't have to prove myself to a regular everyday kitchen appliance!"



"I'm no ordinary blender! I am the God Skine channeling myself through this appliance to speak to you, damnit! Now listen! You must find the one they call Rel and make sure he doesn't mess up."

"Why?" Ginnel asked, still astounded.

"Because I'm a God and I said so!"

"Yes, Mr. Blender!" She squeeled.

"Now go! He should be around that mountain up ahead! If he's not stupid and forgot what they were, he should be able to explain about the Orbs of Skine." The glow had then left the blender.

"Huh? hey! Come back! You still there?" His nose wrinkled at the smell of burning and chopped up bunny flesh. "Guess not." She then stood up and looked toward the mountain the blender "pointed" out. "Meet a guy named Rel and make sure he doesn't mess up? Huh. whatever." She took a bite of her bread and wandered off toward the mountain.
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[color=teal][size=1]Ginnel shook her head and slowly walked out from behind the rocks, and took the blender and shook it while glaring angrily at it.

?I see no one! Where do I go!?? Ginnel shook the blender madly. The blender was suddenly struck by thunder, and formed in to and eight ball.

Ginnel: O.o?

The small plastic piece in the middle popped out, and Ginnel peered in to the little window.

Magic Eight Ball: If you stand there, he will come?

?WHAT DOES THAT MEAN!?? Ginnel screamed shaking the ball more forcefully.

Magic Eight Ball: If you do not release me, I will be forced to call: ?1-800-Magic eight ball- Abuse?

?There are only eight numbers in a phone call?? Ginnel stared at the eight ball and shook it again.

Magic Eight Ball: The number you have dialed is out of service?

?But? you?re an eight ball?? Ginnel groaned, and dropped the ball.

Ginnel suddenly turned sharply to the sound of a scream, there was fog covering the area, and a sudden black object came falling, only to land on Ginnel.

?Ooouch!? Ginnel said, her head pounding again as another moan sounded. She opened her eyes to find herself staring face to face with another person.

Ginnel/person: O__o?

?AHHHH!? The two screamed immediately pushing away from each other. ?Hey, you wouldn?t happen to be Rel, would you?? Ginnel asked.

The other person suddenly tugged at the back of his pants, revealing his name on his underwear. ?I think so? my name is on my underwear anyways??

Ginnel: o__O?

?Riiight, well, Rel, I am Ginnel. Sent to you by God Skine.? Ginnel stood up and held out a hand, to help Rel up.

?That?s a funny name?? Rel commented, as Ginnel glared at him angrily. She picked up the eight ball and threw it at him with much force; the ball hit him with a loud ?klunk?! as Rel instantly fell with a bump on his head.


Rel: @___@?

?What do I do now Mr. Blender?? Ginnel asked. She shook the eight ball and waited for reply.

Eight Ball: Ask again later?

?What!? Ginnel shrieked in outrage at she threw the ball, which bounced like it did as a blender, off another rock, coming back at her, she quickly dodged it and smiled.

?Nothing gets me twice!? She said with a smirk, While, behind her the eight ball ricocheted off another rock coming back at her without her knowing, only to end up smacking the back of her head leaving a large and painful bump which she rubbed in agony.

?Then again? no one?s perfect? I guess, I?ll wait for Rel to wake up?? Ginnel said to herself as she laid her back against a rock and waited, asking the ball more questions until Rel came back from unconsciousness.[/color][/size]
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