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[SIZE=3][FONT=century gothic][COLOR=crimson]HOLD UP I DIDNT DELETE THAT ONE... i wanted to but didnt... and i probably should claim it but i wont... F_F closed it... i posted that i agreed it should be closed... and then cloud deleted it... (omg@all 3 of us agreeing it was spam (hears ice forming in hell)) so it MUST be spam... no 2 ways around it... it goes in GD not here... therefore it is spam, for it had nothing to do w/ FF besides telling us what we have already seen here... pointless message... and remember if you read the rules it says mods have the right to close/edit/delete ANYTHING they want... and as i stated in my response in that thread... any and ALL posts like it WILL be deleted, and untill im told by james or adam that it isnt spam i will continue to delete them... and remember i am one of the 3 mods here... your NOT... we all thought it was spam... and come on F_F thinking something is spam? when i think a lot of his older posts are spam... must mean it is spam... he closed it BEFORE i could... all i did was post on it... and talk to cloud about y it was closed... so i didnt do ANYTHING to that thread... thou i wish i had... so dont blame everything on me yall there are 8 people that can get in and edit this forum.... im only 1 of them[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
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