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[color=green][size=1][b]hey, im sublime1. you can call me lou. i am going to be starting an RPG about a group of super powered people.(more details below) anyone who wants to join can. there are 5 spots open. just reply here with: [/color][/size][/b]

[color=red][b]1. your character's name.
2. your character's species
3. your characters power.
4. some personality traits of your character.
5. any other info you wanna toss in there. [/color][/b]

[color=green][size=1][b]I only ask that your characters be original and not be so ultra super powerful that they be invincible to all attack. So add:[/color][/size][/b]
[color=red][b]6. your characters weakness(es) [/color][/b]

[color=green][size=1][b]The basic premise of the story will be that we will be in "The Central Hub Dimension". Which is where all dimensions converge into a hellish world composed of demons, humans and mystics. Your character can be any combination of these. humans are known for intelligence. mystics are known for wisdom. and demons are known for physical strength.

There is a war brewing between the mystic, human and demon factions that rule over the "Central Hub Dimension" that is being antagonized by rebel demon and human gangs.

I am taking up the first spot. there are 5 still available.[/color][/size][/b]

[color=red][b]1. i am known as Ivan
2. i am a human/mystic
3. my power is over light and heat energy.
4. i am strong willed but all around pretty nice
5. i like training and learning the extent of my powers.
6. my weakness is being blindfolded. my powers do not work unless my body can process light. [/color][/b]

[color=green][size=1][b]My first post will be when all positions are filled. [/color][/size][/b]

[color=red][size=5]!!WARNING!! THIS WILL CONTAIN ADULT LANGUAGE AND THEMES. NOT FOR ANYONE UNDER THE AGE OF 16.[/color][/size] [color=green][size=1][b](you people won't listen anyway. you never do. but, hey. you can't say i didn't warn ya')[/color][/size][/b]
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"Tis not the rating that maters; tis the story that truly makes the difference."

Oh well, I'm 15 and a half, close enough.
[color=sky blue][u]Name:[/u] Laura Sentren (a.k.a. Aurora)
[u]Species:[/u] Mystic
[u]Power:[/u] Mostly celestial powers, especially regarding moonlight, starlight, and various weatherlike illusions. (She never goes anywhere without her ether staff!) She can also read minds and see things far away (kinda like X-ray vision)
[u]Personality:[/u] Aurora is fairly social and likes to be around people. She sometimes sees herself as sort of a superhero--always saving people that are in trouble. She's glad to do it too. However, she's fairly stubborn and sometimes tends to get frustrated easily...
[u]Other Info:[/u] A few months ago, Aurora just called herself Laura, and she was basically a happy, go-lucky party/rave girl. That is, until the apocalypse came one day... That's where she got her powers and called herself Aurora for the rest of her life. That event has changed her slightly; she seems more mystical now then she used to be, and not to mention, she looks more beautiful and sexually appealing...
[u]Weakness:[/u] She's powerless without her staff.[/color]
Well, I'm sorry if the signup was kinda long; I usually tend to get carried away with signups and posts... (And, yes, I have used Aurora before in an RPG, about the apocalypse...)
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