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[I]"Am I sleep? Is this real....

A young girl stands in a clrae filed with only grass and a few bushes surounding her. Her hair is long and dark her body barely clothed. As she looks around nothing can be heard or seen, only the surrounding environment.

She begins to walk and sees the wind blow the grass, but doesn't feel it against her skin. She touches her skin an d feels her hand, but the wind has no effect. Her clothes and hair remain still as the grass keeps moving. Seemingly unaffected by anything.

She continues her journey and soon figures can be seen a ways off. She runs to them. Their backs remain to her. She stops, catchng her breathe.

"Hello...can you....tell me....where I am?

The two figures remain forward, not moving just standing.


She walks in front of them but no faces can be seen. A fog covers their face as if blocked out by some force. Their body their skin, their hair visible but no face. Soon one points, and they turn away from her once again and disappear.

Before her everything begins to fade out. Only darkness surrounds her.

"What is going on here....What the hell is happening?"

"Do you think this is going to work I mean sending other people to look at anothers dream?"
A man in long white lab coats pace outsides the door of a room.

"How long has she been asleep again?" Another man takes s puff from his cigarette and leaning agains a wall.

"It's been over a week now, her family assumes she's dead"

"Well then what have we got to lose," he takes another drag of the cigarette, the end glows briefly.

"Will we be able to start tonight, where is the group you picked? Besides her brain may be a mess."

"That's one chance Im willing to take."

"But the machine, it has-"

"The machine is fine," the guy smoking straighens up quickly and throws his cigarette down and straightens up his coat. "Now go and get it ready.

" Now I have chosen you to do this simutation for me. In this simulation you will be going into VR. There you will be tested on how you react to the ever changing enviorment. One moment it may be complety dark, as if your body's suppened in a void, others you may feel as if your flying, shit you may even be able to breathe underwater. But you must remember it is fake."

A guy stands in front of a small group of people. He continues to speak of their mission and tells them what to expect.

"Now if you survive this you will go on to the real thing, you will be going into someone's dream. Not only will you be the first person to explore anothers dream, but through you we hope to bring this young lady out of a coma....."


Now this is what I need from you...do you wish to participate....

REAL WORLD OCCUPATION: ( Scientist, Psychiatrist, Survival Expert, etc.)
WEAPONS: (Only two may be carried into the dream world. The subject can produce more than two and may pass on some of them to you.)
BIO: (Go into how you were picked for this mission.)

I will be the subject and I shall also rule what is happening in the lab....I wil post later...
Are you ready to get this started....[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Sounds like an awesome story! Kinda reminds me of Nightmare On Elm Street: Dream Warriors....Heh..

NAME: Jason Tarantino (yeah..I know...)



APPEARANCE: Long, Black hair down to his waist. Tattos down both of his arms and chest. A scar across his left eye. Blue eyes. 6'7". In other words, looks nothing like a scientist.

WEAPONS: A Uzi, and a long dagger

BIO: Jason was picked for this mission due to the fact that he is not your normal scientist. He is much more of a "hands-on" scientist than a "by-the-book" scientist. He doesn't mind putting his life, or others lives on the line to prove a theory. The main reason the people wanted him on the team was that he would likely not back down from fright or anything of the sort.
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[color=indigo][font=times new roman][i][size=2]Name~ Serene Heart

Age~ 26

Gender~ Female

Real World Occupation~ Forensic Investigator

Appearance~ 5'4, 115lbs, slender but voluptuous. Dark chocolate hair, emerald green eyes, bronze skin. She wears a pair of tight blue jeans, a white, short-sleeved button up shirt that is unbuttoned to the middle of her breats, a scarlett red bra, a pair of brown boots and brown leather gloves.

Weapons~ Two butterfly knives and a .12 guage, pump action shotgun.

Bio~ Serene entered college at the age of 18 and studied forensics, psychology, and investigations. She graduated with honors and entered the local bureau of forensics and quickly soared her way to a highly respected positions. She solved many cases that seemed impossible, and in a small amount of time, was dubbed the head of the bureau.

She was approached by a few scientists and offered a case that would change her thoughts on how the human mind worked.
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[i][color=red]NAME: Ace genisis
APPEARANCE:Short ,spiked silver hair,silver colored eyes,Black shirt with a red dragon on it with L33t printed under the dragon,Black pants,an old waren out cape,Black shoes ,6' 1''.
WEAPONS: Agito,Mechine gun
BIO: Having seen most living and non-living organisims on the planet and knowing how to destroy each one he was perfict for recording what things might apper.Never backing down from a creature that would aproch him in any condition makes him a bigger risk then help, but he gets the job done no matter what.[/color][/i]
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Guest Skyechild91
[COLOR=teal][SIZE=2][I][FONT=times]NAME: Damai Loren
GENDER: Female
APPEARANCE: Waist length silver hair, bright green eyes, black mini-skirt, black vest with a renisanse(sp?) laced shirt underneath, black high-heels
WEAPONS: Small hand gun, throwing knives up her sleeves(2)
BIO: She was always the type that believed what was told to her, and never doubted. When someone had a case of thinking they were being hunted, she believed them, and tried to help them figure out how to stay safe. She is a very easy person, and loves to help others. Protective of her friends, Damai is truthful, loyal, and very friendly. She was picked for her loving heart, and her bravery and loyalty. She was also picked as she was one of the few that was an empathy. She always seemed to ?know? how others felt, regardless of the situation.

OOC: Tell me is I screwed, k?
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Pinball_Wizard [/i]
[B]Do these weapons have to exist/must you enter tne macine with them (don't worry, I'm not going to have a superweapon of any sort, just somethimg that looks cool). [/B][/QUOTE]

These weapons are assigned by the programers... they exist because they make them...and they only allow for you to have two weapons in this scenario....
So choose wisely which weapons you want and sorry no over dramatic cun or anything they have to be a weapon that exists from this time period.
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