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Sign Up (bleeped out cussing) I need some guided help as we go along this vampire story line


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I'm not really sure what to do but i'm going to try this anyway. My story begings as a i ,yzane, a vampire, leave a house where i had just been feeding. Guns rise everywhere around me as the clicks start to make my heart beat faster. "Freeze you bast*rd!" comes a voice of a man that seems more scared of me than he wanted me to be of him. I thought i could take advantage of this but that's where the mistakes start. I stare him in the eyes and begin to walk forward to him as calm looking as i can. I zip to him and lift him off the ground with a hand. "Leave me be or this man looses his life!" I spoke. "We don't make deals," came another voice behind me."You do now," i responded. I began to hover and intended to fly away but just as i was nearly 12 feet off the ground i heard a gun shot and flinched dropping the man and loosing my advantage. "Oh sh*t!" I yelled as i tried to fly away but was caught by a barricade of bullets. My view blurred as i began to fall. I hit the ground hard and fell into a sleeping state.

I'm not sure what to do about the sign up sheet thingy so i'll do it after sombody else does. You can be a hunter, vampire, demon, or whatever else you can make fit into that catagory. Don't be held back by my suggestions. Be what you want i suppose. Well i'll wait for someone else to post so i'll know what to do.
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Name: Zack Kurama

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Personality: Seriouse to a point. Mainly expressionless.

Class: Half-Vampire Half-Human

Job: Vampire Hunter

Appearance: [img]http://sony.realidadalternativa.com/previews/dmc2/dante.jpg[/img]

Weapons: Two pistols and a Broad Sword

History: Zack's vampire side comes from a long line of notorious vampires. His father left his mother when he was born, and returned when he was 5. His father killed his mother, and was about to kill him when he picked up a gun loaded with silver bullets and shot his father straight between the eyes. He's hated vampires ever since. Zack's sword was hand crafted by himself.

There you go! :D
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Name: Yzane
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Personality: Playful unless hunting or if he is about to have to fight someone. He makes his own rules and no one else's matter to him.
Race: Changed Vampire
Appearance: Black short sleeve shirt with a trench coat over it. White hair (not old white. white white.) Red eyes to the point that he looks angry all the time unless he's playing.
Weapons: He always has his guns.
History: He doesn't remember anything after the day he was changed. He doesn't care about his human form anymore. He's growing attached to being a vampire and likes it now. The one who changed him took him in and taught him the basics. He sometimes works as a mercenary but is very picky and only takes certain jobs.
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