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What the...? In Elfheim in the feild behind the inn, there are three tombstones and the one on the far left says "May Link rest in peace."

What the...? Is this just some joke thing that S.E. put into the game? Because I thought FFI came out [i]before[/i] 1986 when Zelda came out...

Or is it even related to Zelda? I'm so confused! I mean, sure, Link looked like an elf with trimmed ears, but man...
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=purple]Actually, the inscription on the tombstone in Elfland was never in the [B]original[/B] Final Fantasy. Remember, these are the remade versions of FF and FFII, so there are bound to be some minor additions that weren't there to begin with.

And as for The Legend of Zelda, it was released in 1987. In NA or Japan, I'm unsure. Final Fantasy was released in 1988/89, again unsure of NA or Japan, but it was released in either of those countries that fateful year.

Besides, I think it's great that Square poked fun at the overrated Link.

EDIT: Uhmmm, it's been a while, yo. Someone needs to either 1) close this thread because it's pointless and the question's been answered or 2) simply change the name to FF Origins, since I don't see any other thread discussing this [B]great[/B] game.

I'll start up a topic as soon as someone deals with this.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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