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RPG Hiphop school adventure

Kyo no Ryu

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[center]Listen to my sweet techno beat, a dance in my seet, as the music goes on, we party on, buncha 12 and 13 year olds dance across the floor, no one gets bored, dont go out the door, I play some funky songs, variouse hip-hop, as I help everyone, to make the roof drop.

As the emcee drops beats,
everyone thinks they so sweet,
tryin to break it down,
they all over the ground,
gunshot sound,
CD still goes round,
school surrounded,
all the kids confused,
another gun sounded,
some people get choosed,
by a bullet,
enter the stomach,
kids sworm out,
most kids make it out,
some still in.

6 killers lock the doors from outside,
7 kids are locked inside,
all of the killers pry their way in,
to find the kids and commit their sins,
now its time,
here comes the crime,
hiphop school adventure,
escape the torture![/center]

Ill let wonna you gals start. Heres the low down:
[center]6 kids aare trappedd in a big 2 story middle school with a bunch of assasins
god knows why
the kids are completely unarmed except SOMEONE happened to have bobby pins perfect for unlocking doors
any door can be picked
any lock can be picked
If you wanna chuck someone out a window there is only 1, on the staircase, every other window is SEALED SHUT
All doors are SEALED SHUT and cannot be picked
All bathrooms are SEALED SHUT (dont ask)
the food court doors can be picked and food may eaten or used as a weapon
anything may be picked up and used if its not to heavy[/center]
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[color=chocolate][b]Kelly wrapped a ringlet of her raven black hair around her finger as she watched the dance floor from the bleachers. She scuffed her sneaker against the gym floor and raised an eyebrow. The DJ was playing a new rap song. She hated it. Another "drugs 'n' pimping" song as she called it. [i]I should run up and switch the CD with my AFI CD...[/i] she thought happily. Her friend Mark leaned against the wall beside her.

"Who wants to go beat up a prep? Liam?" he asked jokingly. She smirked at him and said, "Do what you like Carters."

He laughed and began to walk off, "Exactly what I'm going to do."

He disappeared into the crowd. She shook her head. She was about to leave herself, when she heard "it". "It" was loud and sharp and peircing. "It" was a gunshot. And then a scream. Kelly's eyes widened. She jumped up and hid under the bleachers. As more gunshots rang out and more screams were heard, she curled up into a ball, covered her ears and started to pray.[/color][/b]
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[center]the shots rattled through the air[/center]

Kyo immediately got under his turn table as everyone screamed and ran out. Several more shots are fired but not many kids are hit, as if the gunmen were aiming for certain kids. Kyo looked around to see a few of his friends. Them being the smart bunch, didnt run around like a stampede but took cover as he had done.

[center] The area begins to clear, 2 kids lay dead on the ground.[/center]

Kyo knew that soon this place would b evacuaated and only him and about 6 other kids who had the brain not to panic would be left.

[center]there was a sund of ots of metal doors falling[/center]

Kyo realizes all the ways out of the school have been closed. All of his friends who are hidden look over to him. He gives a signal to find a way to the art room quickly. It was behind the stage. There was no way he could be seen so he went back and hoped for his friends safety.
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Chris sat, tears tempting her eyes; her friends were dead. And it was partly her fault. They were right next to her when they were shot, why hadn't she done something to prevent it? But it was too late to dwell on mistakes. She came from the shadowy underside of the bleachers where her moment of fear drove her to, and looked around the gym. The bodies were about the only thing there.

[i]I should head to the art room. It provides the safest protection. And anyway, I'm sure everyone else will be there, if there is anyone else.[/i]

But she dismissed the thought immediately. There was bound to be someone else. Locking the doors after giving three thousand kids a two minute chance to escape was bound to result in some stragglers.

[i]Well, maybe not. Maybe everyone got out accept the people who didn't panic. Heh. I don't care how smart the nerds say they are, it's those people who's got the brains.[/i]

With that, she headed towards the art room. It's a good thing Chris speant most of her time studying the blueprints of the school to get away with little tricks she planted. Heh. She almost laughed as she remembered the time she hacked into the soda freezer and shook them all up. The mess was tremendous, almost everyone went home sticky from soda.

Chris snapped to attention when she almost missed a valuable turn; it would lead her straight down the janitor's hall used to get to the art room faster since it was so excluded from the rest of the school. Suddenly, Chris heard voices.

"Yeah, did you see me? The way I shot up those two kids? Heh, everyone paniced, you should've seen it." One voice said.
"I did see it moron." A second voice. This one was deeper, that of a senior most likely. "And keep it down. Not everyone paniced. There are a few kids that didn't and they're still in the school somewhere. They may be unarmed, but they aren't scared of us and that's the backbone of this. [i]Remember[/i]? The [i]backbone[/i]?"
"Oh, yeah! Right, my lips are sealed." The first voice said. Chris saw the two boys pass. One was indeed a senoir, well built, too. The other wasn't as big, but still opposed a threat with his aim. Chris hurried on. Once in the safety of the art room, she noticed that there were kids already there.
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Guest Skyechild91
Damai heard the gun shots, and dropped to the floor, her instincts kicking in. [I] Holy shit! What the hell is going on?! [/I] She thought. She crawled towards a table on her stomach, and got under it, her back to the wall. She saw Kyo under another, and tried to get his attention.

She brushed some of her auburn hair out of her face, and mouthed to her friend, ?What the hell?!? Kyo shook his head, and Damai caught her breath as she saw two pairs of booted feet walk past her hiding spot. She heard,

? So, where do you think the kids hid, eh??

? Don?t know, but we?d better start looking.?

Damai was very glad that she was dressed in dark clothing, and huddled closer to the wall, making no noise. [I] Please, PLEASE, let Kelly, Cay, and everyone be okay![/I] She saw Kyo motion for her to go to the art room, and crawled silently towards it. She made a mad dash, and slid in, just before Kyo closed the door. Damai slid down the door, sobbing, her heart beating fast.
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OOC: 3 things I forgot to mention...
1: the killers arent school kids, remember thiss is 7th grade
2: they arent just doing this for fun
3: If you want your char to get shot for some reason only you can get him killed, but you wont be granted nother char. If you dont post for exactly 10 days, anyone may dispose of your char. The 6 bad guys may only be killed with my permission.
Sorry about that.

IC: Kyo and Damai had made it. He quickly looked out the to see a window on the door. He saw Chris running toward them, he opened and let her in. The others didnt know about this door so he locked it and stapled a poster over the widow. Chris and Damai helped to put plaster in the cracks so sound couldnt get out. They just had to wait for the othres.
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Guest Skyechild91
Damai slid back down the wall. " Kyo, do you have any clue of where Cay and Kelly are? I cant think of anything bad happeneing to them." She shuddered. [I] Dance, dance, dance! Take a chance and dance! [/I] The song from some pop boy singer rang through her head. [I] Im a survivor, Im gonna make it, Im a survivor, keep on survivin.[/I] Survivor rang through her head as she crouched. Her mind was whirling with thoughts of death, panic and sudden gun shots. [I] I cant let this stop me! [/I] Damai stood up, and moved out to the middle of the floor in the art room. And she danced. It calmed her nerves, and if she ever got out, she would need to remeber them. Besides, if she had to use a distraction, this would work...

OOC: I get, Kyo, I get it! Tell that to them!
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[i]oh damn...it figures this happens when I'm getting a soda....now I have to find a safe place. Hmm I didn't see Kyo leave so he must still be here. Probably hid under his turn table. Now if I were Kyo were would I go that I'd think was safe? Hmm the art room. Yep that's were he went. And knowing him he took some others with him. K to the art room I go[/i]
Ashes thought to herself as she smashed her grape soda can and threw it into one of the many trashcans in the hallway. She turned a cornor and was in front of a door. The art room door. She tried the knob. Locked. She just sighed and took out one of her bobby-pins out from under her bucket hat were it helped her bun stay together. She picked at the lock and in a matter of seconds she worked her magic. [i] Swoosh[/i] and the door opened.
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OOC: Sorry for lateness, i was gone yesterday.

IC: Cay busted into the art room door, her marching snare drum was half way off. "Damn it!" She ran straight into the dancing Damai. They both fell over in a heep to the floor. Cay cursed as she lifted herself up. She checked her snare for any damages.
Kyo ran over to where the two girls were.
"Where the hell have you been? Where is Kelly? If you don't keep it down were going to get caught!" Kyo blurted out all at once.
Cay sighed, took the snare drum off and sat cross legged on the ground. "Give me a chance to breath man... I had a little bit off trouble making it past those killers. I don't know where Kelly its, the lights were shut off and I could barely see anything. And those gun shots probably made those guys deaf."
Cay stood up and took a deep breath.
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Guest Skyechild91
Damai picked herself up. "Oops, sorry Cay." She giggled, and redid the protections on the door. She walked over to Ashes, and hugged her. "Thank the Goddess your okay!" She let go of her friend, and moved over to the door, watching for Kelly. [I] Where the hell is she?![/I] She thought.

OOC: And just s yah now, Damai is me with a different name! Wiccan, bisexual, and a kick but girl!Except for her life story, of course.
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OOC: Wiccan bisectual? Coulda fooled me. Wait, whats bisexual?

Kyo counted everyone. He remembered hearing 7 heartbeats, so unless Kelly had 2 hearts there was anoter missing. Being a person who knew a lot of people, Kyo had to think a lot about who it could be. Sudenly he heard a thump. Then a screem, a gunshot and another thump. He thought about the possibilities, but he realized two 8th graders had snuck upstairs to get as close to sex as 15 year olds could get. And then STAB! SCREAM! POW! They were killed off. Stupid kds nowadays think there so cool until theyre head is on a classroom floor.
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[color=chocolate][b]OOC: People call me Liam, not Kelly. Just thought I'd let you know, peoples.

Kelly slowly crawled out from her hiding place underneath the bleachers. She looked at the used-to-be dance floor. There was nothing left of the crowd, but a few bodies. Her eyes widened. [i]Who the hell did this?[/i] She wondered to herself. She was about to leave, to try to find a way out of here ((or at least a payphone)) when she spotted something ((or more particularily someone)) that held her back. She recognized one of the bodies among the dead: Mark!

She was about to scream, but thought better of it. The gunmen were still most likely around. As she ran off down the hallway, she wiped mascara-streaked tears from her face. She headed for her first classroom choice, the art room.[/color][/b]
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Miriki got up from under the desk, but not before hotting his head on the gum filled bottom. "Shit!!!", Miriki cursed to himself, "How in the world could anyone fall asleep in the middle of a heist??" 'Just my luck, stuck in the middle of the school with no one left in the gym, durring a heist, fell asleep for god knows how many hours, and the doors are all locked, perfect." Miriki bashed through the gym doors. After walking down the halway a bit he slammed his foot into the locker. "Damn!!!" Miriki sat by the locker he just kicked. "Oh, damn it, that's my locker." Miriki opened his locker to see the inside of the door bashed in, but nothing else was damaged. That's when he noticed his sketchbook. "Well,", he said to himself, "I'm gunna die, better die doin' sumthin' I love."
Miriki loved to draw and sketch. It was his life's dream to become an artist. With his misunderstood reputation, he thought that would never happen. Still, he kept on sketching, just hoping it could come true. "Horses." Miriki said. "Chrimson." Miriki shut his sketch book. It pained her to look at his drawings of his horse, Chrimson Lightning. Chrimson had died two years ago, but he still kept on drawing, for some reason he couldn't stop. "Gunna die." Miriki kept telling himself, "I'm gunna die, I know it.........Gunna get shot, gunna die."
Miriki sat for a few hours looking at the back of his sketch book, barely writing his name over and over and over again. Just a few hours and Miriki fell fast asleep.:sleep:
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Chris was leaned against the wall near the door. Kyo and the others were thinking up a way to get out of here alive. Kyo was sitting on an art table by the wall that should of had windows, but thank GOD didn't (art room was once used to store gym equiptment, who knows why because the gym is practacly on the other side of the school). Kelly, who had just arrived, was sitting sideways in a chair, facing Damai sitting mirror her in another table's chair, and Ashes and Cay sitting the same way on the other side of Kyo.

[i]Damn. Where is Miriki?? I hope he didn't fall asleep in the hallway, he's playing a serious risk by doing that! What if the boys walked by and shot him? Lets just hope they don't see him, and, if they do see him, that they think he's dead already so they won't waste their bullets to kill him. But, above all, lets hope he's awake and has enough brains to come here and that he's being extra careful. I know he's alive because I would have heard a gunshot otherwise. Knowing him, he'd want to spend his final moments doing what he loves, so he'd go back to his locker and draw most likely. GOD, I hope he makes it here in time,[/i] Chris thought to herself, looking intently out the crack between the black construction paper and the window, allowing her to see a sliver of the hallway outside the art room.

"Chris, anyone coming?" Kyo asked. He'd been checking every fifteen minutes. Probably wanting to know if the gunmen or Miriki were coming.
Chris was tempted to roll her eyes and say, "There wasn't anyone coming the last time you asked, so why the hell would you think there would be anyone in the next fifteen minutes?? Wouldn't you think I would tell you if anyone came?" But she didn't. Instead she shook her head and said, "No."
Kyo nodded. Only once. He knew the danger of Miriki not being here, and he knew the danger of Miriki being in the halls with seven gunmen, especially if he was sleeping or drawing. But, above all, Kyo knew the danger they would all be in if the gunmen found them. If that were to happen, there would be no hope for them.
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"Daaaaaaaamn!" Miriki yelled. He realized he fell asleep again:sleep: . Miriki got up and stretched a little bit. He took his sketchbook and pencil and started to walk down the hall. All of a sudden he heard a noise. Footsteps, and talking. Miriki quickly decifered where they were comming from. She started running down the opposite way. Miriki ducked under a desk that was standing in the halway. But the talking was acctually louder!. Now he could hear what they were saying.
"He came down here." A deep voice said.
" No, No, this way, He went down this hall." another voice said.
Miriki quickly and silently ran down the hall. This was the hall that had the 8th grade Science and the old Art room. Miriki stopped by the Science door. Then he heard shouting. Inside the art room!! It was Chris and Kyo! Miriki quickly ran in the direction of the art room. The footsteps of the two men were louder than ever now, probobly just over in the next hall! Miriki jumped in the Art door. "Get down!" He said. The whole group knew why. They knew the men were comming. They all crouched under one long table under the door. Everyone was shaking except for Miriki. He was ready for anyone to come down thier way. The the men stopped by the door and whispered to each other. Miriki was just about to jump out when Chris said, "No! Miriki!" then something happened...they left?? Yes!! They were gone!! The men had passed the Art room with everyone still in one piece and not a hint of suspision!! But then again Miriki was a bit dissapointed, he didn't get the chance to bust up some bad guys.
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"Look, I know you want to kick their sorry asses, but you can't yet. In case you haven't noticed, they have GUNS, Miriki! They'll blast you to hell if you so much as show yourself. So please, while the others think of a plan, just draw or sleep. Trust me, it's safer to sleep in here than where you last fell asleep." Chris said as they all slowly got up. Miriki was a bit dissapointed, but he knew she was right, if he blew their cover it'd be curtains for all of them. The others got back to brainstorming plans as Chris resumed her position at the art room door and Miriki found a place in the corner and began to draw.

[i]Wait a minute! I know what will help! School blueprints! Then it'll be easier to plan an escape route![/i]

"Hey, Ashes, you're the best I know at picking locks. Could you get into the top cuboard on the left? There might be some school blueprints in there." Miriki said.
"Huh- oh, sure. Good thinking!" Ashes said. And with that she pulled a chair across the floor, then froze as it made a scraping noise. Everyone looked at her intently and they all refrained from movemet for a few minutes to see if anyone was coming. No one came, so Ashes picked up the chair and carried it the rest of the way. She climbed on top of it and took out a bobby pin. She began to pick the lock as she briskly brushed some loose bangs from her eyes.

Finally. The lock was open. She opened the cuboard and took out some dusty papers. They had the blueprints to the school.... and the quickest passages to the exits.
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OOC: My character's dad is in da army... she wouldn't be shakin' T_T

IC: [b]The all scanned over the blue prints. Cay was pretty decent when it came to blue prints. Her father had a few of jets and ships that were hanging around the house. It looked like the only exit that they would be able to get to without it being locked was the one that led to the roof on the second floor. They were still on the first floor.
"Looks like we can get out on the roof on the next floor..." Cay said pointing a path on the map. Kyo looked over it to make sure she was right and nodded.
"That seems to be the closest and only way out... lets get moving." He said.
Chris peeked out the art room to make sure the gun men were out of distance. They had passed a while ago, so they should be gone by now. The group silently creeped out of the art room. Before leaving, Cay and Miriki turned on a small lamp located in the back of the room and placed some empty paint cans side by side and on top of each other. Then, the covered them with a white sheet to make it look like a person. That should fool them if they walked by again. [/b]
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"Damn you guys are good." Kyo said as the 2 set up the ghost-like thingys. [i]things are pickin up[/i], Kyo thought smiling. He was a much bigger fan of action then sitting around. Before they left he picked up a few ultra-sharp colored pencils and poketed them. Ashes gave a bobby pin to everyone in case they got seperated which was likely. It was to bad they didnt have anything incase the power went out. oh well. They carefully left the art room and headed down the hall. It wouldnt be TO hard to get there without getting shot up would it?

OOC: Im making a school map so it will be there in my next post.
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Miriki looked around the hall. He was looking for a door with a gold plate. Or atleast, it was painted gold. He couldnt seem to find it. Miriki didn't seem to remember where it was. He naver payed much attention to it except when he beat kids into it. "Miriki?" Chris asked, "What are you looking for?" There it was, finnaly. Miriki read the words aloud, "Ganetor's Closet." Miriki opened the door saying, "Thiers bound to be a flashlight or two in here." The group let out a sigh of relief. "Oh crap..." Miriki sayed in shock. He quickly pulled the group into the closet. "What the hell, Miriki!!" Kyo yelled. "Shut up." Miriki whispered, grinding his teeth. The group waited patiantly for what Miriki was doing. Then they heard it. Footsteps. Comming closer. Tap, tap, tap. Closer still. Then...they stopped. Miriki guessed right in front of the door. Once again, he was about to dart out the door when..."AaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhCHOOOOOOOOOOOO" The dude stopped to sneeze!! Chris was about to let out a hude sigh of reliefe when Miriki put his hand over her mouth. When the man's footsteps were no longer heard they all literaly fell out of the closet. "Thanks, Miriki." Chris sayed. Miriki gave a thunbs up. They got up and headed down the hall again.
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O.C.C: Um... I just thought of something: are there locks to the school inside? Because couldn't Ashes just pick one of those locks? Just a thought ^_^.

I was blacker than midnight in the halls. The only light was coming from the two flashlights they had. Actually, only one of them was on, they were concerving the other's batteries incase he other ran out of juice. It was even MORE dangerous to be walking down the halls now. They had to listen extra carefully and couldn't shine the light too far ahead incase a gunman was coming. They had to listen for their footsteps so that they could turn off the light instantly without the gunmen seeing. They also had to look ahead on the map and look for any hiding places they could use if needed.

[i]God, I hope those murderers are stupider than they look. If they aren't they could hear us, or see the light, or something like that and we'd be dead before we hit the ground.[/i] Chris thought to herself. But she knew the odds of the gunmen being stupid like that. You don't exactly commit homicide in a school without a plan, so they probably had it planned out. With that thought, something else flashed across her mind. [i]What if they have seen the blueprints, too? What if they know... I mean of course they know.... that the only way out is the roof exit. What if they were planning to lure us there?[/i]

"Guys!" Chris said in an urgent whisper. Everyone stopped and turned around.
"Yeah?" Kelly said.
"I just thought of something. What if the gunmen were [i]planing[/i] to push us to the roof exit? I mean think about it. They were the ones to lock the doors, wouldn't they know of the only escape route? What if they are planning to meet us at the exit? It would be a whole lot easier for them to kill us all if we were in one sitting like that." Chris said and looked thoughtful for a minute. "The only other possiblity is that they didn't know of the roof escape route and thought they had locked all the doors. But that's unlikely because I mean, come on, you don't exactly commit a homicide like this without analizing [i]all[/i] your escape routes now do you? And besides, the first plan seems to work better."
The group stared at her, horrified. They were all thinking the same thing: What if she's right?
"Yes, your theory does seem possible, but on the one hand, we have a gang of gunmen waiting for us at the roof exit, if you're right, of course. But, what if you're wrong? Then we'd be heading into the gunmen at the [i]other[/i] exits. So what do we do?" Kyo said after minutes of concentration.
"I don't know...." Chris said.
"Um, excuse me?" Kelly said. The group turned their attention to her. "Why don't we send scouts?"
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"But that [I]is[/I] our only optin." Miriki said. "Wether or not they're smart enough to plan out something like that, We have to go that way. Remember Life is either a daring adventure or nothing, to keep our faces towards change and act like free spirits in the precence of fate is strength undefeatable." Miriki bashed his left hand into his right palm, hard too. "Besides, I'll kick thier sorry asses if they show one hint of weakness." Knowing Miriki, Chris smacked her forehead, "Please! Miriki! Cut the 'toughguy' act for once." Miriki shook his head iin dissapointment:nope: All of a sudden, the lights in the flashlight started to blink. "Oh SHIT! Miriki said as the light flickered on his face...:nervous:
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Chris quickly pulled the spare out and turned it on just before the other completely died.
"Ok, Miriki, I know you wanna kick some ass, but you gotta remember: these kids have GUNS! Do you hear me? GUNS! One that I've seen looks like a senior from the high school and he could pick you up and start beating the rest of us with ya. He could kill us wihout the gun! And his partner has the best aim I've seen in YEARS. Not even my uncle had that kinda aim, and he was the sharpest gunman I know." Chris whispered.
"Ok, so it looks like all we have to do is get the big one "out of the way", if you know what I mean, and get the guns away from the others, then we can pummel some sorry ass." Kyo said.
"Heh-ha! I like that plan!" Miriki said, driving his fist further into his hand.
"Ok, now all we have to figure out is how to carry out this plan. I mean, how are we going to get the big guy and get the guns from the other kids? They won't exactly hand them to us." Liam said.
"Well, it sounds like all we have to do is get the guns from the kids and we can just threaten to shoot all of 'em. I'm sure even the big one will obey us if we've got a gun to his head." Ashes commented.
"But how do we do that? Get the guns, I mean. What are we suppose to do? Ask them to give us their guns over lunch?" Cay said. Everyone seemed surprised. They had almost forgotten she was there. Then, a weird smile spread across Chris's face.
"It's worth a shot." Chris said with a mischevious look in her eyes.
"Whadya mean?" Kyo said.
"I mean that maybe we could lure them into the lunch room and chuck food at them from under the tables and then take their guns while their destracted. It's risky, but I think it's worth a try. Whadda you guys think?" Chris said. Everyone just stared, taking in how dangerous that would be. But all the while concidering it. Maybe it [i]was[/i] worth a shot.
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Then it it hit him. Kyo that is. You see.... he had been holding a blueprint and staring at it quite intently. Everything looked normal... well... normal for this school. But then he remembered something from last year. One of the special rooms. There were around 6. 5 were listed. But there was a secret door he remembered opening not on the map. It was in the back of the boys locker room. There was a floor tile covered in water that nobody touched. He once did and a secret door opened. He never bothered with it this year because it was dry. "there" he said pointing to it on the map.

OOC: You can get us there just dont put us through the passage, you can even make encounters...
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