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Sign Up Sheathed: A man's story(Rated R to join the fad)


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[quote][i]From the Passion of the Cleric[/i]
For my love, dearest Bismin, I sing for you.
You have captured me.
Your flowing fields of amber, and silver skies.
Your twin suns shine like no others can.
I pray that you remain golden forever.

It has been twelve centuries since the Symbion Cleric Jocyus wrote those words about our homeworld. A philosopher once said "Nothing gold can stay." Evidently, Jocyus was not that philosopher.

Since the days of the poetic Symbions, much has changed. A scarlet stain often ruins even the purest white fabrics. Three revolutions, thirty-four usurpations, and fifty-something rulers later, the Seven Families now rule everything in a kind of tyrannical socialism that is rotten to its very core.

Even with the rising threat of the Fukowlong Societus, the Seven still hold absolute power on Bismin.

I fear for my family. My son, Alexander, is growing in his knowledge of political matters and soon, very soon, he will choose his own side in the mounting tensions on this world. My two daughters, Sethia and Lidia...only God can say where this conflict will take them to.

That is all I can say for now, my friend. I have to report to the Courts of Dey Laros in half an hour. I am afraid that I will be called to Victorallius soon.
- General Maximus Finch

This will not actually be rated R. This RPG is only for those with a certain level of post quality, imagination, and writing skill. I actually have several participants already in mind. However, give me your basic statistics, and I will pick and choose players at my discretion.

Character: Alexander Finch.
Age: 19.
Appearance: Fairly tall, fairly well built. He's a soldier. He has blonde hair and green eyes.
Biography: Growing up as the eldest child(a son, no less) of the top ranking official in the Bismini military definately has had its pro's and con's. He had the best in schooling, training, and life in general.

But being at such a high station means many eyes are on you. And at a time of such tension, many eyes are on the other side of a scope.

At this time in his life, Alex has just begun his miitary career. Along with his entire life having been turned upside down by the disapearance of his two sisters, this has created a great amount of tension around this youthful genius.

His story will begin with the worst still to come...

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