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Steve Martin as Pink Panther ?


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[COLOR=firebrick]A few months ago I saw this newsflash on a german teletext that Steve Martin is about to reprise the role of [b]Detective Clousea[/b] (sp?) in a re-make of [I]" The Pink Panther "[/I].
I?ve been looking around, but have found nothing that contradicts or confirms this ?information?.

So I turn to the people at OB to help me sort this out.
Is this just a rumour, or is this project/idea actually undergoing serious treatment ?
Personally I have nothing against Steve Martin as an actor [size=1]( "Laugh and the world laughs with you. Sneeze and it?s [b]Goodbye Seattle[/b]" ? from the movie [I]Roxanne[/I])[/size], but it feels odd that he should play a role I [size=1](and others?)[/size] so deeply associate with Peter Sellers.

For some reason I get the images from the movie adaptation of ?[I]Inspector Gadget[/I]?. An ok cartoon, but Matthew Broderick should?ve turned it down[size=1] (in my humble opinion) ?.yes I've seen it...[/size]

And re-makes (in general) are usually a far cry from the orignal movies. [/color]

It might sound like I take this more serious than I should, but rest assured that my world will not fall apart. Regardless ; )

- Mimmi

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[COLOR=darkblue]Thanks for the link Semjaza. [/color]

[COLOR=firebrick]It says that it's scheduled to begin shooting in April next year. They've put down surprisingly little information compared to most Hollywood productions.
Sure they've given a plot and Steve Martin, along with a couple of "written/produced/directed by" names, but it all comes off a bit vague to me.

Maybe I'm just spoiled in knowing [i]everything[/i] before it's even decided...and it's still early days.

[COLOR=darkblue][b]AnonymousSource[/b]: thank you for replying to the thread. Good to know I'm not the only one a bit "iffy" to this subject :)[/COLOR]

I'm reaching the place where you realise that your classic movies and actors are being replicated into a new, hip remake. Scary...

- Mimmi [/COLOR]
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