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Guest Skyechild91

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Guest Skyechild91
Inspired by the 'Warlock' series by Christopher Stashoff

[I] Song In The Silence

A flute sings into the night
A bird joins in as it takes flight
A wolf bays, a cricket sings
A bell gently begins to ring

Then silence falls, and no one stirs
A sure and true sound can be heard
Yet at the same time, its presenence is unknown
Darkness know sits on its throne

A call is heard, yet no one hears
The darkness melts, as does ones fears
You hear it all, yet nothing falls
Upon thy ears, and nothing calls

Sound returns as the presence retreats
The wings once again beat
The noises return, but not to their full brink
They know not what to think;

A flute sings into the night
A bird joins in as it takes flight
A wolf bays, a cricket sings
A bell gently begins to ring

Someone whispers,? Why hath thou froze, my lord?? In response, one answers,? I hath heard the sound of Death, and it is not pretty.? A gasp answers, and all falls silent again. A young voice says, tentative,? My liege, I am frightened, what shall you have me do?? A pause, then,? Call your witches and warlocks, child: The time for Cathas? end is nigh.?

The air booms out as the child disappears, and air rushes to fill his place. A mind brushes his, and says,[/I] High Lord Warlock, hath thou any other orders for me?[I] The mage?s face twist?s up in concentration, then,[/I] No, Tobias. Just bring them here.

I will need people for these characters-
Rodney(the High Lord Warlock)

I will also need other witches and warlocks. Also just regualr farmers, peasants, knights, ONE king, and ONE queen. Witches(females) can make other things levitate. Warlocks(males) can make themselves levitate(or fly). The can both teleport, and mindspeak. Anotehr thing- ther is a fungus called witch-moss, that of which witches and warlocks, if they think at it, can change into any thing they want. I will play one of the other witches, and one of the strongest. She is daughter of the High Lord Warlock, and twin to Magnus, both of which have the powers of both the male and female mages. I want all of you to speak in the archaic form.

Age-(human standards- High Lord Warlock should be older)
Gender-(easy one- male, female, or neuter)
Appearance-(think mid-evil)
Personality-(another duh)
Bio-(how did s/he grow up? Where they fered, or friends?)
Weapons-(max of two)

Name- Damaria
Age- 17
Gender- Female
Appearance- Mid-back strawberry blonde hair, green eyes, dark lashes, full bosom, renesiance type shirt, whit vest, red broom skirt, sandals that wrap
Personality- Like all farm girls- funny, persistant, and once given hope of love and commitment, your never rid of them. She has a slight exception, though.
Bio- She grew up out of town in the woods, in a cottage that houses her twin, older brother, and younger sister, as well as her parents. She played with the sprites, the short, very lofty dwarves and elves that dwelled in the woods around her home. She saw a unicorn once, or thought she did. Now, as a young teenager, she seaks adenture, totally oppostite of her brother, who is calm, and prefers to stay by himself, alone.

As I always say, have at!^^
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_Personality:She is a shadowy character who can be nice when she wants to. She trusts and depends on no one since she was taught to fend for herself. She rarely speaks unless she wants to make a wisecrack or give advise.
_Appearance:Jeremina has short black hair that is pulled back into a pony tail all the time. She has darkblue eyes and a pair of ragged pants and a ragged shirt. The only thing worth value on her (besides her staff) is a gold medalion in the shape of a dragon.
_Bio:Jeremina's choice of lifestyle has made her a tom-boy. OF course, what else would she have learned to be being the youngest of 8 children-all of which were boys (except her of course). She came from a small farm, just on the outskirts of the village. Their house was on a hill, so they could see everything in the village if they sat on the roof. There was always work to be done, so Jeremina had to help out. She became strong after a few years of hard labor, and would soon need that strength. Whenever something mysterious happens in the town, they blame it on her. They say she's a witch, but have no evidence. She's lucky this town is more civilized and will not go through with something util they have facts. Otherwise they would have burned her at the stake years ago. One night, a mother ran crying into the night exclaiming that her child's soul was taken. A mob immediately formed and marched to the witch's house. Jeremina's parents told her and her brothers to leave the back way into the woods while they faught them off. Jeremina and her brothers did just that, but some of the mob noticed them and began to fire arrows as they gave chase. An arrow hit Jeremina's oldest brother and three others. The closest sibing age wise soon lagged behind and the mob caught him. Eventually, Jeremina found her hiding place she would go to sometimes and the three siblings that were left hid in the tree; falling asleep on one another's shoulder. They could see their house burning in the distance and knew they were all alone. They fended for themselves fairly well in years to come. They made sure no one found out their identities, and stole food from the market. They also grew some food until the eldest brother of the two left became ill and they had to stop planting to take care of him. He was bedridden for two years before he finally passed away. After they burried him, Jeremina and the last brother she had left continued to live in the shadows, never revealing their true identities.
_Weapons: A staff given to her by her father after he came back from one of his journeys to other villages. He said the man told him to give it to the child her father deemed worthy of it's magic.
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name-Shaylee (Shay for short)
appearance-I'm Damaria tiwn tho i wear al black that is all that is different.
personality-curious and lade back in what i do
BIO-same as Damaria's tho I grew to have a cush on one of the elevs.
weapons-magical staff & a bow & arrows made by the elevs
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Guest Skyechild91
Nope. Sorry Alia. Magnus is Damaria's twin, and a male. Read the thing, okay? You can make another Shaylee, tho. She can be a witch. If anyone else wants to be someone on the required list, PM me first. Alia, if your going to do a character, amke it as good as Keiko's okay? Thankees! Oh, and the elves are short. Think sanat elves, only not so.
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Name- Magnus
Age- 17
Appearance- Short black spikey hair and black eyes. Dark brown hard leather vest and black long sleeve shirt. Dark brown pants and black boots. Fingerless gloves and a silver neckleace with a symbol on the end that he never reveals.
Personality-Quiet, secretive, prefers to be alone. Not polite, but not rude.
Bio- Magnus grew up with Damaria for most of his life. He was almost the opposite of her, though. He preferred to spend time in a secret place he never revealed rather than play any games. He'd often be gone for weeks at a time, but never anywhere far. He left about three months after Damaria, but not to seek adventure. He just wanted to be completely independent.
Weapons- Large broadsword
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Name-Shaylee (Shay for short)



Appearance- She has midback black hair with silver streaks always in a ponytail. She black eyes. She always wears black boots, a black renaissance shirt, and a black broom skirt. She also has a black stone that is on her staff. It is called onyx and is what gave her, her power. She is a witch you know.

Personality ?She is somewhat shy. She can be curious, laid back, and/or protective
BIO-She grew up in the woods with her mom. Her dad died when she was little but he died happily. That is all she cared about. As she grew up she became to make friends with the elves and dwarf. She talks with the spirits. She knows that unicorn do exist for she has seen one. Her mother tells her to never go into the town. As she grew up she learned to fear the town. When she turned 12 she became curious what made her mom so scared of the town. She began to asked questions about the town. Her mom never answered so she asked the spirits they said that they do not know why. When she turned 14 she (against her moms will) went into town. That is when it all happened.

Weapons-A magical staff that has the black stone onyx on it only be able to be taken off by her and a bow and arrows. (She made them herself.)

Thats as good as it is going to get.;)
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Guest Skyechild91
Nice, Tyler! I had to change my chacters age, because they are twins... Come one ppl, I dont have all day! ((Okay, maybe i do...)) Damaria and Magnus can communicate back and forth, guys! They are the only witches/warlocks with the powers of both genders, due to the fact that hey are twins.

Alia, thats better, but I still want it a liiiitle bit better. I think this RPG has a whole lot of potential if ppl sign up, so I want everyone to put there best into it. Sorry!^^;
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