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Okay,I have two friends,one has mudkip/marchstomp/swampert(water)And another Treko/Goilve/Septile(Grass) (sorry for spelling mistakes and they are Rubby and Sapphire cards)and my best pokemon?Typhlosion EX!Yes it may be easy to kill Septile(because of split blast,dmg-100) but its solar beam does 70 damge which in turn wear me down then Swampert uses waterfall,50 dmg, due to weakness ,100dmg.Then..........KO:bawl: !!!!Can anyone devise a strategy?

Ring of Fire,40 Dmg
Energy: Fire(x1)Colourless(x2)
Special:The defending pokemon is now burned and can't retreat until the end of your opponent's next turn

Split Blast,100 Dmg
Energy:Fire(x3) Colorless(x2)
Special: Discard a energy card

PS:This about pokemon Trading Card Game :bawl:
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[color=darkblue]I can understand the "urgency" of your request, but try to slow down with the typing in the future and proofread. I had to read that a couple of times to understand it, lol.

What I would do in your situation is include the Lv. 40 Base Set Raichu in your deck.

[b]Agility[/b] (2 Colorless, 1 Lightning Energy)
Special Effect: Flip a coin. If heads, during your opponent's next turn, prevent all effects of attacks, including damage, done to Raichu

[b]Thunder[/b] (3 Lightning, 1 Colorless Energy)
Special Effect: Filp a coin. If tails, Raichu does 30 damage to itself.

Put in about 2 Pikachu (your choice, but not any from the Gym Heroes or Gym Challenge sets; they won't work. I recommend the Base Set Lv. 12 Pikachu.) and one of the said Raichu cards. Then throw in some Computer Searches (Base Set), Professor Elms (Neo Genesis), PokéBalls (Base Set) and Marys (Neo Genesis) to get to those cards faster. That way, you can knock it out quickly, and still have a powerful card Active.

You could also throw in a Base Edition Electabuzz for something a little less time and energy consuming.

[b]Thundershock[/b] (1 Lightning Energy)
Special Effect: Flip a coin. If heads, the Defending Pokémon is now paralyzed.

[b]Thunderpunch[/b] (1 Lightning, 1 Colorless Energy)
Special Effect: Flip a coin. If heads, this attack does 30 damage plus 10 more damage; if tails, this attack does 30 damage.

That's my advice, anyway.[/color]
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I would also add to the deck a couple of Plus Powers (Base or Base 2Edition) and a couple of Defenders. +10 damage and +10 defense for each combo of a Plus Power and Defender. Attatch these to your Typlosion EX and then you will be able to survive the attack, then pummel the opponent with one more Split Blast.

If that doesn't work......... I'll edit with a new stratagy...
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