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RPG Battlequest: A Tale From Redwall


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[color=darkblue][i]The sun rose gloriously over Mossflower Wood, starting another bright, beautiful spring day at Redwall Abbey.

Abbess Kipta strolled out in the orchard, admiring the newly bloomed blossoms on the trees. The ancient squirrel always did enjoy the scent of the blooms, and sighed contentedly as she breathed in the scent of a nearby apple tree.[/i]

[b]Kipta:[/b] Ah? I?m so happy that our lovely Abbey continues to flourish. I?m quite certain the harvest will be quite plentiful this year.

[b]Skipper:[/b] I?d be agreein? with you there, Mother Abbess!

[i]Kipta startled slightly at Skipper?s voice, and wheeled about to see the young otter smiling back at her.[/i]

[b]Kipta:[/b] I didn?t realize you were there, Skipper! You frightened me slightly?

[b]Skipper:[/b] Oh, I surely didn?t ean to. Just out for a mornin? stroll when I saw you and decided to give a proper greeting on this fine day. Looks to be a fine one, eh?

[b]Kipta:[/b] Yes, most certainly, Skipper. I?m not used to seeing ypu out and about this early, however. Is everything all right?

[b]Skipper:[/b] Oh, I?m fine. Fit as a young otter such as meself can be, haha. Actually, the reason I?d gotten up so early was to speak with you.

[b]Kipta:[/b] Oh? And why was that?

[b]Skipper:[/b] I got a visit from Martin last night. I think something may be amiss over at the mountain on the Western Shores.

[b]Kipta:[/b] You mean Salamandastron. What did Martin say, exactly?

[b]Skipper:[/b] Well, I?d rather that everybeast hear all of it at one time, so I won?t have to be repeating meself over and over, if that?s all right, Abbess.

[b]Kipta:[/b] Of course. I can certainly understand that. After everybeast wakes, and has their breakfast, we?ll all have a meeting at the table.


[i]Out on the sea off the Western horizon, Bladefang the Merciless had begun his day as well, and in high bad temper. For nearly two months, the stoat and his vermin horde had been at sea on the[/i] Bloodrunner[i] without sighting a bit of land, and it had begun to take it?s toll on him. Though he was used to the ocean and its rises and falls, he longed for landfall for another reason. The result of his foul mood was him kicking and yelling at anybeast who happened in his path as he traveled for and aft the ship.

One such vermin was a fat, greasy rat by the name of Slopgob, who acted as the ship?s cook. He was just coming out of the galleys to look for Bladefang when, unfortunately, Bladefang found him.[/i]

[b]Slopgob:[/b] Ahoy, Cap?n! Good day to ?e!

[b]Bladefang:[/b] An? wot?s so good abou? it, slobberchops? We?re still out on this blasted water witout a bit o? land in sight in any direction!

[b]Slopgob:[/b] Well, the sun is shinin? real pretty-like on the water. That?s a good thing.

[i]Bladefang kicked Slopgob viciously to the deck and sneered down at him.[/i]

[b]Bladefang:[/b] So the sun is shinin? pretty on th? water, eh? Well, it?ll be shinin? right through you, if?n I don?t gets some brekkist soon!

[i]Slopgob scurried to his feet and backed away from Bladefang, fearing another kick if he got too close again.[/i]

[b]Slopgob:[/b] Aye, Cap?n! I?ll make some nice vittles for ?e.

[b]Bladefang:[/b] Make it fish!

[b]Slopgob:[/b] Oh, we ain?t gots no fish, Cap?n?

[i]Bladefang completely lost his temper at that. He drew the lethal scimitar he kept in his belt, grabbed Slopgob by his ragged jerkin and brandished it dangerously close to his throat.[/i]

[b]Bladefang:[/b] There?s water everywhere, an? yer tellin? me there ain?t no fish?!

[b]Slopgob:[/b] A-Aye, Cap?n, sir!

[b]Bladefang:[/b] Well, ye?s best gets to fishin?, or you?ll be swimmin? wit ?em soon!

[b]Slopgob:[/b] Aye, Cap?n!

[i]Bladefang shoved Slopgob away disgustedly and watched as he scrambled off to fish for his breakfast. The stoat huffed back into his cabin, slamming the door behind him and knocking some things off the walls in his cabin. He threw himself angrily in his makeshift hammock and stared menacingly out the window, quickly becoming lost in his thoughts.[/i]

[b]Bladefang:[/b] We?d best make landfall soon. The sooner I gets to land, the sooner I can settle the score wit that stripedog![/color]
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[COLOR=indigo]Didi walked down the trail leading to Redwall Abbey, and sighed in contentment. It was a fine morning, the blossoms were blooming, the birds were singing, and the bees collecting there honey.

As he continued his walk, he saw the gae looming in the distance and quickened his pace. After a few short minutes he reached the gate and knocked on it while saying "Ho, Gatekeeper! Shall you open the door for a traveler on this fine day?"

"Aye zurr. Oim comin, koind zurr."

"Well if it aint Tipkun! You old rascal! How are you doing friend?" inquiered Didi.

"Oim doin good hurr aye, Didi. You'm can make yurr stay in the Cavern Hole at the furr reach of the Abbey, hurr aye." Tipkun the smiled and did a common mole-bow to his old friend.

With a smile Didi continued through the Gate of Redwall Abbey and started to settle in.[/COLOR]
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Guest Skyechild91
Loren skipped happily on her way to the kitchen. She did a small aslute to one of her fellow Long Patrol hares. "Top of the mornin to you, sah! Like to accompany me to breakfast, sah?" The hares name was Clorea. He was one of her friends.

"Capital idea, Loren, wotwot!" They gray hare and the black one hopped down the hall. They turned a corner, and abruptly ran into Blayne. Loren collected herself, and stood to attention. "Good morning, Lord Badger Blayne, sah!" Clorea did the same.

OOC: Short, I know, but Im brain dead.
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Captain Vincent Aldridge Pescule of the Long Patrol, Salamandastron lisasion to Redwall, was enjoying his regular morning walk about the Abbey grounds. He stopped for a moment as he met the Abbess near the doors into the Great Hall.

"Good mornin' marm. Pleasent day, wot?"

"Indeed it is Captain. I hope you'll be joining us for breakfast."

"Wouldn't dream of missing it for the world, H'Abbess. The repast provided by your cooks is abosultely top hole, if H'I say so, m'self."

He chuckled and offered a gentlemanly paw to the Abbess.

"Perhaps you'l allow me the honor of escortin' you to brekkfast, marm?"
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Verdan St. Claire was pacing the deck of the [i]Bloodrayne[/i]. It felt good to have a deck beneath his paws again, and the sea breeze in his face. As was his custom, he climbed the mainmast every morning to get a scope of the area and for the sheer exhiliration he felt being up there. As he sat upon the uppermost cross-spar, he thought of his old ship, the [i]Sea Blade[/i]. She had been a good ship, until it ran aground near Slamandastron. The wreckage was probably still there...

He took one last glance around, before grabbing a rope and sliding to the deck. He walked to the galley and swiped a loaf of bread from the stores. He walked back on deck, munching happily. He spotted Slopgob, who was unhappily fishing over the railing.
"Ahoy, slopgub. Why the long face, mate?"
"Oh, 'is mighteness, Bladefang, wants fish for brekisst. I 'ave to catch a bloody fish."
"Oh, he's in one of his foul moods is he?"
"Aye, that 'e is."

[i]"Well,"[/i] thought Verdan, [i]"I might have some news that'll cheer him up..."[/i]
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Guest Skyechild91
Blayne chuckled. "Now, whats all this? I know you've seen me more than once. If we don't get a move on, everybeast will get to breakfast before us." Loren blanched. "Oh, no! Come along, my lord, sah, and you to Clorea,wotwot!" Lored turned on one heel, and fell on her snout. She jumped up emediatley, and rubbed it with one white paw. She said," Oh, nothing to worry about, just fallin' on me old snout, sah! I will be fine, sah!" Clorea marched after her.
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[COLOR=darkblue][I]Mika woke up and rubbed her paws over her eyes.It was still quite early in the morning.She got out of bed and padded over to her closet.She changed into her usual blue habit and sandels and she grabbed her sling and pouch full of river stones.They were the only weapons she was allowed to carry around the abbey.The Sword of Martin was above the fireplace in her area.The gatehouse.

Mika walked out into the morning sun and stretched.It would be breakfast soon.Mika saw Abbess Kipta and Skipper.Mika's good friend.Mika walked over to them and greeted them.[/i]

"G'Morning Mother Abbess,Heya Skip."[i]Mika greeted as she tied her sling and puch to her belt.[/i]
"Good Morning Mika." "Mornin' Mika."
"Hey Skip.Looks like you have something on your mind."[i]Mika said.[/i]
"Kinda.I got a Visit from Martin last night.He was talkin' about something may be amiss over at the mountain on the Western Shores."
"Salamandastron?"[i]Mika gasped.[/i]"What'd he say?"
"Skipper will announce it at this morning's breakfast for all of the abbey beasts to hear."[i]Kipta said.[/i]
"I see.The interesting thing is that I had a slightly similar dream.But it was about some Searats.Maybe that's what's going to happen to Salamandastron??"[i]Mika said.[/i][/COLOR]
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[i]Skipper, Mika, and the Abbess were about to walk into the abbey when Skipper came to a stop and just stood there as Mika and Kipta continued walking. Mika noticed Skipper first and turned in consern.[/i]

Mika: Whats wrong Skip?

[i] Skipper felt a morning gust of wind blow threw the trees and ruffle her clothes. She suddenly snapped out of the odd trance and looked up to Mika and Abbess Kipta who were staring at her oddly.[/i]

Skipper: Oh it's nuttin'. I was jus' enjoyin' the moment.

[i]Skipper managed to smile and they headed inside to the great hall. Smells of ale and custards filled the large room. There was a small buzz of noise from the abbey dwellers who had been up early and were preparing the food for the morning meal. A few dibbuns were already up playin' with wooded swords acting like they were fighting of evil vermin beasts.[/i]
[i]Rag-ear shook violantly as a cold ocean breeze blew threw the opened window in the crews sleeping area. His teeth clicked and chattered as he shivered from the blast. He hated the ocean so much... Rag-ear turned over as if trying to roll away from the cold sea, but he toppled out of his cot landing with a thud on his nose.[/i]

Rag-ear: Blasts! This cot be damned!

[i]And staggered up onto his feet and rubbed his acking nose. He stumbled into his rag tunic and boots and clambered up the stairs to the deck of this ship. He stopped at the top stair and noticed Bladefang, not looking the least bit cheery, glaring out at the sea with a horrible scowl on his face. Rag-ear tip pawed of the stair and scurried off in the opposite direction of the deady ill tempered hord leader.[/i]
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[color=darkblue][i]Bladefang was sitting in his cabin, recollecting the fight between him and his nemesis, the stripedog.[/i]

[b]Bladefang:[/b] He looked like such easy pickin's, him and that hare. I shoulda took him out easy as a babe. Instead, the thing goes berserk and take out 'alf me horde. That hare wasn't no better. Flyin' about everywhere, taking beasts out with an old stick! But wot am I a'pposed to expect from a bunch a fleabags like this lot...

[i]Just then, Verdan came up to Bladefang, making a show of saluting the brooding captain.[/i]

[b]Verdan:[/b] Ahoy, Cap'n Bladefang, a fine mornin' I bid to 'e!

[b]Bladefang:[/b] Wot do 'e want, Verdan? I ain't in no mood for your little foxy games.

[b]Verdan:[/b] Fine, then. I suppose you won't want to know about the land I saw.

[b]Bladefang:[/b] What land?!

[b]Verdan:[/b] Oh, off port side...

[i]Bladefang pushed past Verdan and looked frantically off the port side of the ship, eagerly scanning the horizon for this land. When he didn't spot it, he marched back over to Verdan and grabbed him by his neck fur.[/i]

[b]Bladefang:[/b] It ain't a wise idea to play wit me, fox!

[b]Verdan:[/b] I wasn't, O Great Cap'n Bladefang. To see the land, ye've gots to get up higher. I saw it from up on the mast.

[i]Bladefang threw Verdan back, almost overboard.[/i]

[b]Bladefang:[/b] Why didn't you say so, addlebrain?!

[i]Bladefang stomped off in a fowler mood than before toward the main mast, mumbling to himself how he had such an incompetent crew...[/i][/color]
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Vincent sat down at the table in Great Hall, frowning to himself. SKippers news about trouble at Salmandastron concerend him greatly. What was going to happen? What did Martin have to tell everyone?

OOC:Short I know, but I'm a bit tired right now..
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OOC: Katana, are you going to give the speech from Skipper? Cause I really don't know what to say... :sweat:

IC: [i]Skipper made her way over to where some of the otter crew were sitting down drooling over the meal that wern't allowed to eat until everyone had arrived and the blessing had been told. Skipper laughed at the two youngest membesr who had just recently been chosen to join the crew. They were otter twins. [/i]

Skipper: Roll that tongue up and stop droolin' over the food, Ick. You too Ack.

Ick + Ack: Yes ma'm!

[i]The two young otters stopped looking at the food imidiatly. Skipper and the others chuckled at the two young otters. She then made her way to the head of the table where Mika and Abbess Kipta were waiting. They waited until all the abbey beats were in their seats ready to munch.[/i]

Abbess Kipta: Ready?

[i] Skipper nodded her head and then the Abbess rang the small bell that she kept for announcments.[/i]
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[color=darkblue][b]Kipta:[/b] It seems as if one of our own has had a visit from Martin last night.

[i]A murmur of excitement shot around the breakfast table, and Kipta waited until it had subsided to continue.[/i]

[b]Kipta:[/b] Skipper, would you like to share what message he gave to you?

[b]Skipper:[/b] O' course, marm.

[i]Skipper got up from her place at the table and made her way toward the head, so that everbeast would be able to hear.[/i]

[b]Skipper:[/b] Well, last night, I had a dream that I was standing out on a beach, far away from our beloved Redwall Abbey. Martin the Warrior suddenly appeared beside me and said this:

[i]A war will come to a mountain
That stands both tall and bold.
Warriors from Redwall will aide in the fight
Those both you and old.

The leader of otters shall be one
And a sweet young hare makes two
Remember this, brave warriors
To take the best of you.

Two more you'll meet along the way
Toward the battle in the west.
Be strong in the face of this great danger,
For it will be your greatest test.[/i]

That's all he said.

[i]Again, a murmur went around the room at this startling news.[/i]

[b]Kipta:[/b] Well, we know that the mountain they speak of has to be Salamandastron. And since the Badger Lords there have long been friends to Redwall, we most assuredly will help them, especially since Martin has said we must.

[b]Tipkun:[/b] Bo hurr, Muvver h'Abbess! You'm bees roight h'about that. Thurm gurt beasts doan't seem loike they bee needin' no 'elp, t'ough!

[i]A young squrrielbabe named Rovebush piped up from her seat near the back of the room.[/i]

[b]Rovebush:[/b] Aye, you right, Sir Tippy! I'se seened a badgy-thing afore! They's bigbeasts, don't need no help fightin'!

[i]Sister Marian, the mouse in charge of the sick bay, cuffed Rovepaw lightly and waggled a wary paw at him.[/i]

[b]Sister Marian:[/b] Now, you know you've never seen a badger before, Rovepaw! What have I told you about telling fibs?

[b]Kipta:[/b] In any case, we will help the beasts at Salamandastron if Martin wishes it. Right now, however, we must figure out who Martin has decided shall go on this venture.

[b]Skipper:[/b] Since Martin said "The leader of otters is one," that'll be me, marm.

[b]Kipta:[/b] Agreed. But now, we must figure out the other two...[/color]
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It never ceased to amaze Verdan. Bladefang could get in such foul moods at times...He watched him stomp over to the mast and begin climbing.
"Ahoy, Cap'n! Mind your footing! Wouldn't want you to fall now, would we?"
The only reply was a string of curses. Verdan laughed and went to find something to do.
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Vincent shot to his feet.

"Well, marm, if there's to be trouble at the bally ol' mountain, I've got to go! "Tis my duty, you see."

He made an elegant leg towards the Skipper and the Abbess.

"And I shall be most happy to acompany you along the way, Skipper me pal. Wouldn't dream lettin' you go without me, wot?"
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[i]Skipper smiled as the hare tossed his arm around the otters sholders and seemed to sqeeze her. Hares could be so perky when it came to adventures and such. Or it could be that hey were just hungry... [/i]

Kipta: Well... It does say a sweet hare...

Skipper: Yes... SWEAT is the keyword there...

[i]Skipper playfully pushed Vincent off of her and laughed as he almost tripped over his huge feet.[/i]

Vincent: So... shall us two chaps be the only ones? Or does the peom thingummy mean two more beasts, wot wot?

OOC: >_< I got confussed on that part
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Vincent's face was on longer jolly as he descended into Cavern Hole to fetch his saber. If there was to be trouble at the mountain, he would have to go and leave behind the good food and the friends he'd made. But he had a duty to preform, and he would perform it to the utmost of his ability. Such is the lot of a captain of the Long Patrol.

OOC: Vincent is officer of the Long Patrol, and he feels it's his obligation to go, even if he's not in the poem. Sorry if I confused you. ^_^
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OOC: Thanks so much for the PM, Lady Katana! And sorry all I haven't posted yet.

[color=green]Blissfully unaware of the meeting among the full-growns, Emma looked over her shoulder somewhat nervously as she padded along in the orchards, the tips of her ears just barely peeking out above the bushes that surrounded her. There was no reason for her to feel guilty in this case, but occasionally she just did. It was probably something of a reflex, since her brothers and sisters had constantly been getting yelled at by their parents for something or another.

Satisfied that she was alone, at least for the moment, Emma smiled brightly and hopped a little faster, her red cape just catching the wind and blowing out a bit behind her. It was a beautiful day free of chores for her, and her mother had sent her off to play. So Emma, of course, was out to look for some food.

She could see some other Dibbuns already at the berry patch before she arrived, and slowed down her pace and lowered her head a bit accordingly. It was nobody she knew, and she hoped to munch on some berries quietly, without their noticing. It was usually easy for Emma to slip by unnoticed when she wanted to. She was still on the small side, even for her seasons.

She could still overhear, though, and inadvertantly pricked up her ears slightly at what the conversation she could hear. Which, ironically enough, seemed to be about eavesdropping.

"You were eavesdropping??"

"Well, maybe a tiny bit. But -- it wasn't on purpose! I smelled breakfast, I guess their window was open ..."

"You're such a typical [i]hare[/i]." (Here Emma bristled slightly, and might even have been prompted to say something had she not had so many berries in her mouth.)

"Well, I suppose that's a good thing then, since it also allowed me to run over here just as quickly as possible and tell [i]you[/i] all about it."

"So someone really had a vision from [i]Martin the Warrior[/i]? About a [i]war[/i]?"

At this revelation, Emma couldn't help but make a tiny "eep!", even with her mouth full, and she fell over.[/color]
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Guest Skyechild91
Loren sat at her spot next to Lord Bayne. She filled her plate with berry tarts, meat pies, and buttered veggies. She filled her glass to the brim with strawberry cordial.

"My lord, isn't today lovley? Makes the cordial nice 'n bubbly on your tounge!" Loren said, taking a nice hearty swig from her glass. She ate, talking about her morning patrol along the wall.

Loren turned serious. "So how do you think Officer Vincent is, stationed at Redwll H'Abbey, wotwot?" She sdtuffed another mouthful of tart into her mouth, and chewed rapidly.
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