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Writing Poetryesque writings from Mimmi


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[COLOR=chocolate] Hrm.
I'm no artist, nor am I a poet in the true meaning of the word.
But here are my "works of art", hopefully they'll bring a smile to someone : )

I'll start off on a light note and take things as they come thereafter. [/COLOR]


[COLOR=darkblue][FONT=century gothic]I was abandoned, alone in the dark
I was Louis, without my Clark

In a mad time, where pigs doth fly
In a foreign world, where truth is lie

Here I sit, on a cloud numbered nine
Telling myself, everything will be just fine

On a not very special day, I will be your Lane
You will be my Superman, together we'll grow inane
[/FONT]---- [/COLOR]

[COLOR=chocolate]I was inspired by Mitch's use of the word "inane" there : )[/color]


[FONT=century gothic][COLOR=firebrick]You are the flame that glows in the darkest night
You are my warrior in times when I'm too crippled to fight
You keep me afloat in this sea of life ever moving
You give me peace when my heart needs soothing
You correct me when I think I don't belong
You put the right in reasons that were wrong[/color] [/FONT]


[COLOR=chocolate]I dedicate that one to the people who have the ability to bring a smile and peace of mind to others.[/color]


[FONT=century gothic][COLOR=seagreen]I bid you sweet dreams this lovely night
Promise to stay till you sleep
Close your eyes as I dim the light
Fall into slumber so deep
There are no monsters under the bed
No need to stay awake my dear
So allow the pillow to meet your head
Let me kiss away your fear

That's enough for now, me thinks.
Grammar suggestions and spelling corrections are greeted with appreciation. As are words of praise ^_~

If you do not like what you read, be encouraged to create greatness and outshine the fading sparkles : )

- Mimmi[/color]
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Mimmi, your poems hold a simple eloquence, and put much meaning behind a few words.

That takes true gift.

You say what you have to say honestly, with a clear beautiful truth, and do not bother rambling on, as some people tend to get caught up in.

The first poem, as I told you before, was quite cute. =^^= The second was also lovely, a sweet dedication to those who shine softly when it seems darkest.

The third, however, was my favorite. It can be taken in so many ways. A lover to their beloved, a parent to child, friend to friend, it is endless. You leave it open to intereptation, while still getting the meaning across. The theme of sleeping can also be taken in many ways. Actual sleeping, death, or simply a respite from pain. T'was most wondrous. My favorite so far. =D

All in all, good job Mimmi! Aren't you glad you posted? ^.~

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[COLOR=chocolate]Thank you Charma, you're too kind as always : )
Here's a few more, shorter poems. ( I'm not ready to put up the "Winter" yet, sorry Charma ) ; )[/COLOR]

[COLOR=darkblue]I never give up easily, there will be a fight
It will not be tears, falling this night

Prepare for battle, move if you will
Be aware, I am going for the kill

[COLOR=chocolate]I was sort of inspired by the "Kill Adam" RPG : )[/COLOR]


[COLOR=darkred]sleeping, sleeping
falling in your absent mind
Dreaming and waking
refusing to be thine
Crying, screaming
agree to let me go
Secret, silence
no one will ever know

[COLOR=indigo]This road is mine to walk
These tears are mine to cry
Take no notice, if at all
If this is what you judge me by[/COLOR]


[COLOR=chocolate]Next time I will post non-rhyming stuff [i]*gasp*[/i]

- Mimmi
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Mimmi, you are very talented, especially at how well you rhyme. You put my rhyming level(which isn't very good) to absolute shame. There were very enjoyable and well written. Nicely done and I can't wait read your next batch of poems. ^_^
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[QUOTE]Mimmi, you are very talented, especially at how well you rhyme. You put my rhyming level(which isn't very good) to absolute shame. There were very enjoyable and well written. Nicely done and I can't wait read your next batch of poems. ^_^[/QUOTE] [COLOR=chocolate][i]*basks in the deafening praise*[/i] Thankyou, Pex dearest : )

Yes I am [b]very[/b] happy that I posted, Charma ; )[/color]
[QUOTE]How long have you been speaking English..? It'd be neat to know.[/QUOTE] [color=chocolate]
How long have I been speaking english ? ... hard to say.
In school we didn't have english classes until 4th grade (I was 10 then) and by that time I was pretty far ahead of everyone [SIZE=1]including the teacher[/size] :rolleyes:
My oldest sister is 5 years older than me, so if [i]she[/i] started at 11... you all do the math :D
I've been [i]exposed[/i] to the language since I was an infant though, with tv-programs such as "Muzzy" and other educational shows.

But enough about that. Time for some poetry ! [/COLOR]


[COLOR=darkblue]Tomorrow shall come today
And yesterday will be fading
So before yesterday has ended
And tomorrow has already been
Disregard those days that has passed
Brace yourself for those who have yet to be lived


[COLOR=darkred]By all means scream, trust not to be heard
Go ahead and cry, rest assured to go unseen
[i]Borders move at your will[/i]

Feel free to speak, prepare to be silenced
Lash out if you dare, accept to be beaten
[i]Borders strike at your will[/i]

Give all you want, expect to receive nothing
Offer your love if you wish, affection will not be returned
[i]Borders kill at your command[/i]


[COLOR=sienna]Desire tugs at your dress
Wants to see you naked
Love strokes your hair
Cradles you into safety
Memories slap your face
To keep your dreams in check

But when desire calls
You heed to its voice
And when love looks at you
That is all you see
Soon the memories are fuzzy
And you will be lost again


[COLOR=darkblue]It should be me laying there, not the one I love
Quiet and peaceful
My soul lingers here, on empty earth shattered
Searching and wishing
Memories of life are passing, treasures of the heart
Promises and keepings

It should be me laying down, not the one I love
Eternally and after
I am left to keep alive, breathing painful air
Lies and recoiling
See you resting in purity, cleansed of life
Emptiness and clarity

We should lie here together,
Entwined and safe
You will not be lonely, wait for me beyond
Embrace and surrender
So make room beside you, give way for me
Welcome and farewell


[COLOR=sienna]I am blinded by the rays of the light
Cannot see beyond the shadows
I try to calculate how long forever will take
Impossible to figure out what?s hiding in the shadows
Why do I look for love in all the wrong faces
Because I am unable to see through the shadows
I search for reasons to take the leap
Will not find them in the shadows


[COLOR=chocolate]There. I figured I'd get all the non-rhyming stuff up all in one go.
Once I get all of my poetry out of the way I promise to post my "Winter tale", Charma ; )

- Mimmi[/COLOR]

EDIT: ok, I read the rules and I think it's ok to add more in the same post....since no comment has found its way in here ^_~

[COLOR=teal]Put myself to bed and begin to weep
Unable to fall asleep
Hours upon walking in a haze
Made me lose my place
So confused and downright low
Illusions won't let me go
So here I lie tired and ready to sleep
Instead I cry, instead I weep


[COLOR=seagreen]Bereaved of what was already lost
failing the test
Keeping close that which had gone
failing the rest
safeguarding what memory slips
failing to halt
begrudging that which is not
failing to a fault


[COLOR=teal]Let go and cry
Be not afraid to grieve
Let go, let go
Be not afraid to get up and leave
Let go and smile
Be not afraid of vivacious laughter
Let go and embrace
Be not afraid of what might come after


[COLOR=seagreen]When the show is over
and the curtains have been drawn
You have an empty look on your face
to match that outdrawn yawn
The sound of your clapping hands
is as shallow as your words
Indeed you have a cunning way
to hit me where it hurts
When you close the door tonight
and leave me in the dark
I will be diminished to an actor
that has lost her mark...


There's a few more, so if you want them - let me know ; )

- Mimmi
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