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This is the story of a girl named Natsumi, and her quest to find her destiny.

This is an orginal story of mine, not any anime that's out there, allright? Thanx!

One night, she had just come home from school when she found a small group of people dressed in black with masks covering their faces, waiting for Natsumi, holding her sister, Minako (or Mina), hostage-like.
"What are you doing to my sister??" Natsumi screamed.
"Nothing if you cooperate with us. We need you in our world. We don't have the liberty to say at the moment, but we have our orders to come and get you and your sister and take you with us," said one woman with a staff, who appeared to be their leader, " There's a war (of sorts) about to happen and we need your help."
"I'll only come with you if you don't harm my sister, ok? If you do, you don't know what's coming for ya!"
"Oh yes we do. And we won't harm you or your sister, alright?"

Then they set off into the group's van and they were off.

"Are you alright Mina?" asked Natsumi.
"Yes I'm fine. Just a little shaken, that's all." Mina replied.

After what seemed to be 2-3 hours, they were dropped off in a strange world that they had never seen before!

"You on your own then. We'll come back for you when the time comes, alright?" Said the woman with the staff.
"No that's not alright!! I want to know this second why we're here!!" Natsumi screamed.
"Like I said, we are not at liberty to say right now. Just be patient and don't get killed."
Then the van drove off and then vanished!
" ' Don't get killed??' What's that supposed to mean??" Said Minako.
"I don't know and I don't think I want to find out."

So, Now that you have an idea about the beginning of the story, here's what I need:

Natsumi~ 17 yrs. old. She's a straight A student who also plays Piano, does ballet, and is an accomplished painter. The artsy type. She's very Mature and she feels she needs to look after her sister, Minako.

Minako~ 15-16 years old. She's a goof off ( So that means whoever plays Minako has to have a few funny lines here and there), and she doesn't do well in school. Basically, she's the opposite of her sister.

Sango~ (I know I stole the name but if anyone has a better one, go ahead and use it!) 19? years old. She's the angsty quick tempered one. She's a master swordswoman who has an unknown past. (I want her to be related to Arianna some how...you can have fun with it.)

Arianna~ 18 years old. She's the reigning Queen of the land. She's very sad looking and mature. She's been reigning for about 3 years.

Woman with staff~ You can pick her name and age. She's the leader of the small group that kidnaps Minako and Natsumi. Takes orders from Vincent.

Vincent~ 18 years old. Arianna's twin who was disowned after he impragnated a girl (she had a miscarriage anyways) because he ws "inappropriate." (so he can have a slightly sick mind...Not too sick if you know what I mean...Like Miroku in Inuyasha) He's also the Bad guy...

Ryou~ 16 years old. He's kind of a rag-tag kind of guy. Sloppy, lazy, and likes to eat. He's a really sweet guy who will become the most loyal of friends. He can have a bit of a temper at times... (Basically, Minako's true love for you mushy guys out there! ;) )

Kenta~ 21 years old. He's a famous warrior who's a knight in the Queen's court. He's the top seargant (sp?) so he's usually calm and mature. (Natsumi's true love ;) )

You can make up characters as we go along too. We need about 3-4 more people dressed in black. They can be male or female. ( We could use a few more guys! Sorry! ) We can have a second in command type minion to Vincent if you wish.

I want this to be somewhat funny, ok? So please try! It's very much appreciated!

What I need is something like this:
Name: Natsumi (no last names please)

Age: 17

Weapon: ?? To be found out! ;) She has a necklace which has a gem that can be of use *wink wink* (Minako doesn't have one of yet...but you can make up an appropriate one if you wish.)

bio: same as above ( you can add stuff to everyone except Natsumi and Minako...Maybe I can let a little slide with Minako but she has to somewhat fit my bio for her, ok?)

(in case you haven't noticed, I'm Natsumi!)

You can do appearance if you want...go see my site to see what Natsumi looks like...(Click on one of my Natsumi pics)

That's it! sorry it's so long! I hope you sign up! *hugs*

Woman with staff (Wensi?)~ SoulsAngelWings
(I'll add more charas if anyone comes up with them.)
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Guest SoulsAngelWings
Name: WenSi
Age: 20

Weapon: She carries a weapon like a staff or scepter with wings. It was recovered from a silver-blue diamond found in an ancient tomb which is said to hold great power over destiny. However, it is only a piece of a set of several other important mystical items. **think Natsumi's gem-studded necklace**

bio: Born to the Yuno Pao tribe's Queen SunaSi and King Turuna, WenSi was born on the Day of Latent Power and Intuition. She is very judicious and inciteful, if there is a way to solve a problem she knows. Although she knows how to solve problems she has not mastered her inner strength. One day, her kingdom came under siege and her parents were murdered by visitors from another world. In a cave she found the silver-blue Jewel of Destiny. She knows only that it makes a formidable weapon. It can show her an enemies destiny and weakness.
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Very good! That sounds great! Once I have enough people, I'll start the RPG...

If anyone has any questions about the characters, just pm me, ok? Thanks!


P.S: Doesn't anyone like my story?? I'm just kidding...There's still plenty of time! :D

P.P.S:If noone signs up by the end of the month (i.e. Dec. 31st) I will give up on this and start over...(I'm sorry if this is against the rules)
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