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A war wages in Japan. The Empire has stripped all rights from the citicens. Royal blood no longer determines one's place on the heiarchy, the emporer does at a snap of his fingers. The wealthy have been robbed of their fortunes to be kept in the emporer's treasury. The emporer states it is to help the nation as a one, but his actions can only lead to the destruction of their culture. A local newspaper printed that the Emporer was using the funds to spread his influence to China, by bribe or by force.

All the reporters and staff of the newspaper were put to death immediately, but the newspaper had already been sent. Citcens were outraged all over that the empire would destroy the working class for nothing but land and power. Anybody who objected outloud was put to death. Riots broke out and groups were formed, but most of them were slaughtered. Rouge nations-nations that have cut themselves off from the empire's law-have been completely cut off from trade and over tooken by the empire in one swift blow.

The citicens are crumbeling under the overpowering empire, and they cannot survive like this. All who oppose the empire have declared a state of war, but it is a loosing battle. The overwhelming empire is the majority of both Japan and influenced parts of China. The top group of warring citicens, the Lionhearted, are now desprate for warriors. They have taken random warriors off the streets in a desprate attempt to find warriors. It is time now for you to choose, what side, you are on...

Side: (Citicen, Empearialist, nuetral)
Occupation: (Mercinary, Ruroni(traveling swordsman) soldier, Lionhearted member, ect.)
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