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Writing X-Men: Rise of Magneto.


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[SIZE=1][B]Yeah, I had a very good RPG going on another board, and I decided to make a story of it. It takes place after the first move, and most characters where played by a different person, so it was hard. I did it anyway, here's the first chapter:[/SIZE]

Rise of Magneto[/SIZE][/CENTER][/COLOR][/U]

[I][SIZE=1]They are mutants, born with strange and awesome powers that set them apart from humanity. Gathered together by Professor Charles Xavier in pursuit of their dream of equality, the X-Men battle for peace. United by tragedy, bound by honor, they fight to protect a world that fears and hates them!

What is a Mutant?

Around the world, some children are born with an extra twist to their chromosomes that will endow them with superhuman abilities such as: to fire a beam of force from their eyes, to fly through the air, or to read men's minds. These 'children of the atom' are feared and despised, forced sometimes to resort to desperate actions to defend themselves against an intolerant world. One group of mutants have banded together to show the world that it need not fear their kind. Apart, they are merely curiosities of science, freaks and monsters - but together, united by their shared beliefs, they are more - they are the uncanny X-Men.[/I]

[U]Chapter one:
We are Mutants.[/U]

The dim sun shone in through Danny?s window, waking him up. Danny had a strange mutation; he had a mythical animal in him. He had horns on his head, a long dragon tail and spiky black hair. He always wore his leather jacket. He could also transform into a dragon, or go half way. He had met a person, Storm (Ororo Munro), and she helped him through his tough time, and convinced him to join the X-men. So, here he is, getting up every morning, so early?. Well he would have to any way. He did teach here. Danny looked at his cloak, in a sleepily mood and growled heavily.
?You?re joking?? He asked himself in a tried, shallow voice. He rubbed his light blue eyes, and his dragon ears twitched lightly. He slowly got out of bed and shielded his eyes from the orange sun. His feet creaked on the floorboards, as he made his way to the bathroom. Danny creped along the floor, with his tail swishing side to side.
?If I didn?t live here I wouldn?t have to sneak around like this every morning?.? He sighed heavily to himself and groaned. Looking at his blue eyes in the mirror, he realized his tail looked an awful lot like Night Crawlers. But he wasn?t too piffed about tails. Danny sighed again, and his fangs seemed to flash in the sunlight. He turned the tap, and clear water splashed in the white bowl. His red carpet in his room looked grey from the dim sun. He scooped up some water and splashed it over his face. It made him more awake, and pretty cold in the cheek. He didn?t bother to dry his face; he just grabbed his long leather, black jacket and swiftly swung it over his back, and stuck his favourite, blue jeans on. The sun shone in his eyes. He bent down and picked up his black boots, shoved them on and ran out of his room.

?Hey Storm.? Danny said in his shallow voice. He stood in the middle of the hallway, with the sun casting his shadow just under his feet. A tall figure stopped dead in the hallway and turned around. Her hair was long, and went over her shoulders a bit. She had blue eyes, which made the winds follow her command. Her power was to control all weather things, rain and everything, a very powerful Mutation. Ororo Munro was her name, or just Storm. Danny smiled, and looked down at his dark shadow.
?Morning Danny.? Storm said in her sweet tone. She always had the same, happy mood. Maybe it had something to do with her emotions, which can change the weather, and hurt people, even kill them. Danny stepped forward out of the light and into which seemed to be a dark hallway. A huge grin spread across his face, and Storm raised an eyebrow.
?What?? She asked in confusion. Danny laughed lightly and looked down at his shadow again.
?Nothing, Storm?. Nothing? coming to get something to eat?? Danny looked up at her hopefully. Storm smiled and nodded.

?No one sleeps here, do they?? Danny asked in his normal, AWAKE tone. He stared at the students laughing as they ate, only a few of them.
?They don?t need to Danny. Remember, we are Mutants.? Storm said smiling. Danny nodded, and his eye twitched.


Tatiana stared at her ceiling, and a small amount of light hit her. The sun was dim, as it was in the other rooms.
?Braht*...? she whispered. Images of her three brothers, Dmitri, Mikael, and Yuri passed through her head. Each of them were smiling and laughing, playing with her and teasing. Then they changed to their horrified and disgusted faces when they found that she was a mutant. Being a mutant for most people where curses, mostly for Tatiana.
?Maht*...? Now images of her mother, kind, caring, and understanding. In addition, just as before her face began to distort into fear. The dim light, casting a dim shadow grew stronger.
?Atyets`*?? And now her father. Strong, smart and always knowing what to do. His face suddenly twisted into panic and disgrace. Just seeing those faces like that was a burden for any mutant. Tears fell out of Tatiana?s carmine eyes. She sat up quietly, and bushed her navy blue hair out of her eyes. She heard a light knock on the door. The shadows seemed to change then.
?Tatiana? Are you up yet?? Asked a German from the other side of the door. It could only be Kurt, also known as Night Crawler. Tatiana dried the last tear on her blanket.
?I'll be out in a second mahl'cheek!? Tatiana said. Her voice sounded a lot like Kurt?s, only she was a girl. Tatiana came from Russia, and Kurt is German.

Tatiana had her light blue tank top underneath a teal jacket that she always leaves open and dark blue jeans. She opened the door, to see a blue boy stood there, with black, kinda spiky hair, and his normal cream pants with his red T-shirt. Kurt smiled at Tatiana. He blended into the dark background perfectly.
?Do'broye oo'tro Kurt!? she grinned. Kurt gave her a questioning look.
?Vhat?? Kurt asked, tilting his head slightly. Tatiana then realised what she had said, and shook her head correcting herself.
?Oh, sorry. Good morning Kurt!? Tatiana walked out into the hallway, and looked around. In the morning, the mansion seemed dull, but to be honest it was full of life! Epically after a game of Mutant Ball (instead of baseball it turns into a mutant game!). Kurt smiled.
?I see, so are you ready for breakfast?? Kurt asked, half asleep. He rubbed his white eyes lightly.
?When am I not ready for food you fool?? Tatiana said jokingly.


Dante was outside the garage, smoking a cigarette. Dante wore black baggy clothes, like normal, and a black long sleeved fishnet tank top, and baggy Polyester pants with green stitching. His hair is black. He was smoking, when Tatiana opened the garage door. The sun was up now, and no longer casting a weak shadow, or hanging over people with such dim power. The fresh air was nice this morning, but not with smelly cigarette smoke there.
?Morning Dante.? Tatiana her normal, Russian voice. Dante waved back too her while puffing out white smoke from his mouth. The trees rustled as birds flew out of them every now and then.
?What?s up?? Dante asked, and Tatiana could have sworn that the smoke was making his voice funny.
?Nothing much. Logan?s back with a new kid though. I?m not sure what his name is though. I was going out for a bike ride.? Tatiana said smiling lightly. Her hair was blown back by the wind, gently. ?You?? She added.
?I know he?s back.? Dante said putting his hands in his pockets and shielding his eyes from the sun. ?I?m just doing what I do best.? Dante stood up. His earrings shone in the sun, almost blinding Tatiana.
?What? Smoking Cigarettes?? She asked smiling. Tatiana leaned closer, her eyes focused on Dante. They both began to laugh like children.
?Well, that and keeping to myself.? Dante added sliding down the wall, and resting on the floor. Tatiana sat next to him calmly.
?That?s usual.? She said calmly. ?Well, I?ll see you later!? She said wheeling her bike into the sun.


Snapping his eyes to the slowly opening door, Ehren looked over his shoulder at the man that came in. No light came in, but that was fine with Ehren. He was 17, with olive green hair; reddish amber eyes and wears normal clothes.
It's only Yasuo .He relaxed fractionally.
?How long have you been up?? The tall man sighed. ?Never mind. Do not answer that. I suppose you have been up all night again. You just cannot sleep, can you??
Ehren uneasily rubbed his cast arm. He looked up, at Yasuo?s face.
?No. I haven't.? Yasuo shifted feet, uneasily.
?Are you ready to try out the school I talked to you about before?? Yasuo asked. Ehren stared at him, picking at his cast.
?Can we at least get this stupid thing off of my arm first?? Ehren asked. Yasuo nodded.
?Yes, but they have a practicing doctor on the school premises so you do not have to worry...?
?I want a normal doctor.?
?But Ehren... I heard--?
Ehren rolled his eye looking away. He sighed heavily.
?Fine, fine? Whatever you want. The darn thing itches and it's bothering me.? Ehren finally said.
?You think it has not... your injury has not healed yet? Even after all those months--?
Ehren's face clouded with dark anger.
?They did something to it. I know they did.?
?Are you packed?? Yasuo asked him. Ehren nodded, slinging his small, ratty duffle bag over his shoulder.
?Let's go, before I change my mind, old man.?

After an hour of traffic, they finally arrived at the airport and Ehren was sent off alone as Professor Xavier requested over the videoconference he had had with Yasuo. Yasuo looked off worriedly at the Ehren's form as the crowd swallowed it up. You did not even want to wish your sister goodbye. Ehren, why have you closed yourself off to our help?
Ehren oblivious to Yasuo's concern sank back into the aisle seat closest to the exit behind mother holding their crying babies; he clutched his bag tightly in his lap.
?Sir, I ask that you put that under your feet.?
?Could ya scoot over a bit there, kid? I need a seat and the only ones left open are next to you.?
Ehren reluctantly complied, trying hard not to cringe at the rough-shaven, bulky man as he sat next to him in the middle seat.
?Where you headed, kid?? The man asked gruffly.
With a stern glare, Ehren shrugged noncommittally, noticing that the man had strange dog tags hanging out of his shirt. Ehren ignored his curious urge to ask about them.
The man chuckled a bit. ?Well, I'm headed off to New York City, kid. The name's Logan.?
Ehren sat back looking straight ahead. Completely ignoring the one named Logan.
Logan looking amused at his closemouthed-ness, settled back into his chair.
For the remainder of the flight, all that Logan heard were the incessant crying of the baby in front of him and the droning of the engines.
The next thing he knew the plane was landing.
How am I going to convince the kid to come with me?
See, he was supposed to take the kid to the Institute, but seeing as how the kid didn't even seem to acknowledge his existence besides a friendly glare, Logan wasn't certain on what action to take.
When it was okay to get off, Ehren slung the bag over his shoulders and left the plane quickly, moving over to a less crowded area away from the throng of people greeting their friends/family as they got off the plane.

He knew he was supposed to wait for Logan. Yasuo had given him a name but not a very accurate description; He forgot the very important part where the person was frickin' HUGE!
And he was standing right behind him about to call his attention.
?What is it, Logan??
Logan stepped in front of him with a curious look.
?I'm the person who's supposed to pick ya up to take you to the school.?
?I know that. It's just hard trying to convince myself that it's perfectly okay to blindly follow a guy I just met that resembles a grizzle bear into a place of people I don't know.?
Ehren grinned.
?You see my predicament.?
Logan laughed. ?Yeah. I see your point, kid.?
?My name's Ehren.?
?Ahh, you'll always be kid to me. Anyways, let's get outta here.? Ehren followed.
Inside the airport garage, Logan pulled out a set of keys for the mustang.
Ehren looked at it slightly annoyed. He hated the color red.
They both got into the car; Logan turned it on, shifted into gear, driving away.
Ehren was silent again staring out the edge of the car, hoping that he was just being silly from the trepidation he felt.


* Braht - Brother
* Maht - Mother
* Atyets`- Father

I think...

EDIT: Do people not like me or something? lol.[/SIZE][/B]
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[B][SIZE=1]Thanks! I'm almost finished with the second chapter. It's so hard to turn an RPG of mine into a story. Every Role Played their own character, and that was different in each post O.o... gah it was hard the first part! When I'm on the end bit it's going to be havoc!!!

Thanks for reading![/SIZE][/B]
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