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Art Wic's banners


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[size=1][color=darkblue]I think that is very good. The font and fonk color goes along well with the banner. I like how you have a border, but you faded it. But the blue picture is blurry and I can't really make it out. I can't even tell there is a face. But it's a nice simple, not so complicated looking banner. Sometimes those are best, then it's not so crowded.
I love you avatar too. Nice and clear, I like that font and color.
Good work. ^^
My ratings:
Banner: 9/10
Avatar: 9.5/10
Once again, good job![/color][/size]
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This is a nice banner. Except the blue picture is kind of blurry. But it's pretty cool how you faded the border; the banner would look good with a faded border or regular border.
The Paradise Kiss one is okay. You can't see the font clearly, especially once it gets in the pinkish area and that's when it gets blurry. The black and white pictures match with it, and other then the font it is pretty good.
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