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[i] Be warned, for if you stray but a little, you will be lost... [/i]

The bright light dimmed a little, and something could be seen in the distance. It seemed to rush forward at an amazing speed. It was a building of some sort. The figure it's rushing to covers their head and closes their eyes tight- bracing for impact.

Kanu opened his eyes. He was in a white chapel with a crowd of strangers. There were five of them all together. They were all looking around bewildered. "Wow, I could have sworn I was asleep." He heard one of them say. They couldn't see each other clearly because of a bright light that seemed to come from atop a pedistool. Kanu could make out blurry sillohuettes, but that was it.

Suddenly, there was a voice from the light, the same soothing voice they heard earlier.

[i] You are the guardians of this world...

Three lights,
form the dakness overwhelming...

I will be waiting there...

Open the door of light,
And step into eternal shadows... [/i]

"What?" Said another one of them. The light brightened, and seperated intp three, whcih took off through the windows. The five seemed to float in different directions, the chapel collapsing and dissaearing. The world flashed below them and they plumeted to it.


Kanu woke up with a start and looked around. [i] It was all just a dream...[/i] He realized that he was on the beach, next to the lake. [i] How did I get here?[/i]
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[i][color=lightpink][size=4][font=times]Tabby laid in her bed having that strange dream, moving around some trying to wake up but just couldn't. She saw the flashing light, a cool but salty breaze comming from the lake, cuasing her to wake up finally. Looking around trying to figure out where she was really, and sighs deeply. "Where am I...?" she asked softly, standing up in the sand, brushing off her dress from all of the sand. Hearing the words about her being a gaurdian, she blinked wondering what she could be a gaurdian of. A small voice whispered in her ear telling her what she wanted to know, "you are the fire gaurdian"[/color][/i][/font][/size]
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HEY!! Where are you people?!! GuardianStorm? Orien_Xel? DuoMax? C'mon, I'd at least like to give this thing a chance!

Kanu yawned sleepily and spotted somebody else on the beach. He paused for a moment, before shaking his head and walking farther off shore. [i] It was just a crazy dream...[/i]

The thought kept bugging him as he walked to the town. [i] Maybe that dream did mean something. I couldn't have sleepwalked twelve miles. [/i] The town was only about a hundred yards off shore, but to Kanu it seemed like miles. The two suns blaring didn't help any either.
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I'm not sure if this is kind of against the rules or not and i know this isn't the recruitment forum but i think that's a good story and i wanted to know if i could come in on it. I understand if i can't because it's stared but i'd like to none the less.
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Guest Skyechild91
OOC: Sorry! My DSL screwed up.

IC: Damai awoke, palms and forehead sweaty. She lay on the soft moss at the base of a tree. It was in theforest that lined the beach, which was at the back of her house. She had gone there for some quiet, beacuse of her visiting cousins.

Damai saw someone else on the beach, and recognized him. [i]Kanu![/i] she thought. She got up, then caught the tree trunk as a waveof dizzeness hit her.
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"Slow down Ki!" yelled Shento, My brother brother. "You're going to fast!" he yelled again breathing heavily.
?Shento, you know I?m not even going half as fast as I can,? I laughed gently as the breeze blew gently across my face and blew my hair back in a colorful frenzy of black and yellow. The cool breeze felt good as the sun beamed on getting hotter and hotter. I felt like running so fast I could make a gust of wind for myself but I had to watch Shento.
?You know,? he began,?one day I?m gonna beat you.? He fell to the ground playfully and lay still for a moment before turning his face to the sky.
?We should come to the beach more often,? he said. ?Those clouds look so beautiful,? he said as he began to catch his breath.
?Yeah,? I agreed.
?Who?s that?? he asked as he sat up quickly and squinted his eyes trying to see.
?Hold on a second and I?ll find out,? I said. I flashed across the beach leaving dust floating gently back to the earth and landing softly without a noise.
?Hey? I said cheerfully.
There was no answer from the woman in front of me.
?Are you ok?? I asked. ?Are you lost??
Still no answer.
?Well at least tell me your name,? I said.
?Call me Tabby??..but? where am I?? she asked wonderingly
?This is Kaskada Beach,? I began.
?I?m Ki and that over there is Shen?.Shento!!!!!? I yelled as I saw him walk to the figure of darkness.
?You cannot beat him alone,? she said.
I didn?t care what I could or couldn?t do. I ran as fast as I could to the shady figure as I became a person of darkness and shiny, white eyes. I flew at him with my katana in my hand, ready to strike. I was flung backward and landed on the sand with a thud.
"Give me my brother!" I yelled angrily as my changed colors quicker than they ever had before. I raised my hand and concintrated energy into a ball that i held while it shot sparks in all directions.
"Go away Ki!" yelled Shento. The energy died quickly as i sat up trying to figure out what had happened. One moment i was there in front of my brother and the next moment i was on the ground and he was gone.
"What happened?" i asked.
"I showed him my flame," Tabby responded laughing.
"Where's Shento?" I asked, my head still hurt from whatever that shadow did to me.
"And what did that shadow do to me?" I asked again.
"That wasn't what the shadow did to you. It was what Shento did to you. After he hit you with some dark energy he fled my flames. The only thing i want to know is how did he do that? Only powerful shadows can do that," she said confused.
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Kanu neared the end of the beach, when he saw Damai staggering dizzely. She half waved, and clutched a tree for support. "Oh, hey Damai."
"Hey Kanu!" She regained her balence and ran over. "What're you up to?" Kanu asked. "Ah, my cousins are visiting, and you know how they can be." She responded Kanu nodded, a slightly sad look on his face. "Hey, I gotta go."

"What's the rush?"

"I've got a job."

"That's what you always say! Where do you work?"
"...Wherever I can." Kanu continued to walk on, but Damai caught his arm. "Aw, catch a day off for once. It's been eons since we last chatted."

"Heh, it's not that simple."

"Rats..." Suddenly, they spotted a few other people on the beach, a dark figure and a boy dissapearing at the sight of flames. "What do you think they're doing?"

"Who knows? It's none of our buisness."
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OOC: Sorry fo the late arrival. Didn't notice it had started! ^^'
Oh, and I want to change one of my chars powers. Favorable Wind now instead of Gust Arrow. The wind guides his arrows to their targets unerringly.
Ulric sat up in bed, cold sweat running down his face. He had a dream. A dream of dark place where there was evil.. Lots of it. He hurriedly dressed and walked outside, looking up at the high sun. He had slept late, which was unusual for him. Shaking his head, he grabbed his bow and began to walk, hoping he could clear his head.[/color]
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[i][color=lightpink]Tabby looked at Ki and nodded, having a bit of a headache looking around the beach again trying to find more people. Then she asked Ki quietly starting to sound really shy. "Do you think you could stay with me so i dont feel all alone and uncomfortable? I mean like, til we find more people. I know there are more and we could all come together and think something out."[/color][/i]
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Kanu broke free from Damai's grip and rubbed his forehead. It was hot, and he was thirsty. He wished he had something to drink...

Suddenly, an ice cold blast of water came from his hand, knocking him back and onto his back. [i] What the hell was that?! [/i] He sat up to see Damai crouching down next to him. Then he figured it out. "Thanks Damai, but I wasn't that thirsty." Damai looked puzzled. "Huh?"

"You poured water on me."

"No I didn't." Kanu didn't belive her. "Don't act stupid. Who else could have?" Damai thought back for a second. It looked...kinda like you did."

"...me?" She nodded. "Yeah. It looked almost like it came from your hand." Kanu examined his hand. It looked normal, as it normally did. "right...uh, Damai? I think you've been out in the sun for too long."
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Guest Skyechild91
Damai shook her head. "No way, Kanu. Couldn't have. I was sleeping in the shade. Im pretty sure."

((OOC: Uh... I forget... we each control one element, right? Im not sure...))

She gave Kanu her hand, and pulled him to his feet. She cocked her head at him. "You okay?"
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Yeah, that's right. You control light. Here's a link to the recruitment: [url]http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=34307&pagenumber=1[/url]

Kanu nodded. "Yeah, I'm okay." He scratched his damp head and brushed himself off. "But, if you didn't do it, who did?" Damai sighed. "I just said who! You did!" Kanu shook his head. "That's impossible. Here," Kanu showed her his hand. "Look. It's just a normal hand. if it were going to shoot water, it would look different, right?"

"...i guess." She said, but she didn't seem to like her answer. "Actually..." Kanu and Damai both turned to the speaker, who happened to be one of the figures they saw. "...your hand wouldn't necissarily need to look different. look at mine." She held up her palm, a normal palm. Suddenly he was staring into flames, which made him jump. "See?" Said the girl. Kanu nodded.
[i]What's really going on?[/i]
Damai smiled, seeing that she was right. "So, what are your names?"
[i]I can figure this all out later...[/i]
"I'm Tabby, and this is Ki. Sorry for listening in, it's just..."
[i]I have work to do, and I'm already late.[/i]
"...I saw the water, and, well..." She looked down at her feet. "I wanted to see what happened." Damai smiled. It's okay. I'm Damai, and this is Kanu...Kanu?" He snapped out of his trance. "Sorry. I gotta get going. But, thanks, though."
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Guest Skyechild91
Damai grabbed Kanu's shoulder as he tried toleave. "No you dont."

Kanu gasped, and pulled away. "What the-?!" His shoulder had a small burn. Damai stared at her hand in shock. A small ball oflight formed in it, and glowed. Damai looked around at them in disbelief, and said," OMG, Kanu-chan, I am so sorry..."
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Kanu rubbed his shoulder. "It's okay. What was that, though?" Damai showed him her hand, with the ball of light in it. "I guess...I've got the same thing." He shook his head. "This is getting weird. None of this is possible, on any terms." Tabby looked up from her shoes. "Maybe on elemental terms. Fire, water, light..." Ki silently choked. "d-dark." Kanu suddenly remembered the boy who dissapeared with the dark figure. He knew better than to ask, by the look on Ki's face.

"So, what is all this?" Damai asked, still staring at her palm. "I don't know." Tabby responded. "I just woke up, from a really weird dream." Kanu jerked his head up. "About some sort of quest we were supposed to go on."
[i] Now i'm interested, but I still gotta go...[/i]
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Guest Skyechild91
The light in Damai's hand flickered, then died as what Tabby said caught her attention. "Wierd... Me to!" She breathed. She suddenly knew what Kanu was thinking.

"Don't even thibnk aboutleaving, kanu-chan!" She said it stearnly, and glared at him. "That dream..."

She remebered- the chapel, the light, and that voice...
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Okay, time to wake this thing up.

Kanu sighed and shook his head. It would be a long time before Damai let him go. "I remember the dream," began Damai, "We were in the white chapel, and it was very bright. I think I saw you!" Kanu looked down. His foot seemed to vibrate. "And then there was the poem...what was it again?" The sand seemed to shift under his foot. Kanu unclicked the strap from around his sword hilt.

"Something about the elements, three lights, and a door, I think." Kanu stepped back when he realized it. "There's something coming up!" A large blue scaly cone shot up from the ground, as Kanu unsheathed his sword and stabbed it. Damai, Tabby, and Ki all jumped back. "W-what is that?!" yelled Tabby, falling back. There was an unsteady silence. "I dunno, but I think it's dead." Remarked Damai as Kanu tried to pull his sword loose.

Kanu was about to say something back, when there was a large rumble. The ground around the cone all burst, as a huge snake like dragon came out. It shot up high and towered above the town. It's skin was shaded in different colors, much like a rainbow. Kanu and his sword clung desperately to the cone shaped scale on the back of it's head.

Kanu pulled as hard as he could, and the sword finally came loose. As he started to fall, he got a good look at the creatures terrifying head. The head was pure black with red rubies and eyes in it. It's mouth was filled with dagger-like teeth, about as tall as Kanu. Then there was smoke, as the cone shaped scales rocketed from the creature's back and landed like darts all over the panicing city.

Kanu turned away, realizing that he was falling from one hundered feet in the air! His arms flung madly around, until one of them was caught by someone. It was a man with fire-red hair and piercing eyes. A black cloak circled around him. He was standing on the creatures back, and lifted Kanu's arm over his head, brining his face level with Kanu's. "Wha-What the hell's going on?!" The man was silent.

Kanu crained his neck to see the city. It was being massacared, horrible creatures emerging from the cones. Damai and the others were running along one of the breaking and cracking streets, towards the monster. "KANU!!!" He heard Damai scream. "You're not the one." The man who had caught him said silently, loosening his grip. "What're you-AAAAAHHH!!!" Kanu screamed as he resumed plummeting through the air.

Kanu crashed hard into a straw-roofed building and thudded onto the floor. His eyes blurred, and he slowly passed out.
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