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Art A Gohan Wallpaper ^^


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I'm obsessed with Gohan...especially the 11 year old, SSJ one. Uh...*cough cough*
I made this wallpaper for a webstie named Golden Son. It's a Gohan shrine. :D
Anyways, this thing took me about an hour. I don't know if anybody knows, but I can't crop pics, I used that eraser tool. And there was plently to erase in these pictures, and I had to adjust the size because it was a wallpaper.
I made both 1027x768 and 800x600, though I prefer 800x600.
...Because the image size is too large, I had to host them on a website, so here they are.

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This is pretty good wallpaper. I like the pictures and the background, but it is a little hard to see the text because the font is a little light. Also on the closest picture to the left, a blue shade comes into Gohan's arm *His right arm looking at his perspective*.
Did you mean to cut off some of his hand?
Otherwise, it's a good wallpaper.
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