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RPG Outlaw Star: Future Prospects [12+]

Solo Tremaine

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[COLOR=#503F86][SIZE=1]OOC: Sorry I'm late, guys. Won't happen again.[/SIZE]
The cold winter winds blew harshly through the streets of Heifong, the broken windows of the industrial district rattling with each wave of chilling breeze.

The grimy streets were littered with debris- Fred Luo had said a lot of outlaws were roaming the area, picking fights with the Space Forces. The unconscious body of a heavily-armoured man lay in the gutter. Winner or loser, they all ended up that way. The Space Forces were second only to the Ctarl Ctarl in terms of animosity, and had learned a lot from secret dealings with the Kei Pirates.

Trace shivered, drawing the cloak draped over his shoulders tightly over his arms as he studied a holographic map of the area. Heifong seemed as good a place as any to search for a new crew.

He could hear the wailing of sirens in the distance, the smell of spent ammunition and explosions still covering the streets. Things never used to be this bad?

Ahead of him stood a rather dilapidated old bar, its neon sign barely visible for soot caking its tubes. He pushed open the door and wandered inside.

All around him were drunks, shifty-looking gangsters huddled into darkened corners and overzealous bounty hunters bragging about their next catch. Trace didn?t like the look of any of them particularly. Taking a seat at the bar, he turned to face the rest of the room, discreetly eyeing everyone sat down for signs of something vaguely impressive.

?What?ll it be?? a gruff voice rumbled from behind him.

?A double-shot of Blue Moon. In a [I]clean[/I] glass.? He replied quietly.

Outside, the sounds of the sirens grew nearer. The Space Forces were obviously anxious about something. They hardly ever bothered with anything outside of Heifong's core city areas. Faint gunshots rang out over the chatter and gaudy music of the bar. Trace reached a hand to the holster on his lower back, checking his gun was in the right place if he needed it.

A rap on the bar indicated that his drink was ready. The glass was a virulent green, making the liquid inside look like blood in the dim light.

He gave a quiet snort of disgust and threw his head back, downing the drink in one. His back arched as it travelled down his throat.

?Someone better turn up before my Dock Pass runs out.? He muttered under his breath, slamming the shot glass onto the bar with a ?thud?. "I'll be damned if I'm taking this mission alone."

A slumped figure on a stool next to him stirred slightly. "D'jou say somethin', misser?"

"Shut your ass." Trace snapped.[/COLOR]
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[color=royalblue][i]He went back to his drink, then heard something like purring. Before he turned his head he saw the hilt of a knife flash, then slam into the wood of the bar next to his right elbow. Tance whipped around to come face to face with insiduous yellow eyes, an angular face, and fangs bared in a smile. Before he could react, she was sitting down next to him, legs crossed, robe covering her face once more.[/i]

"....shit....you're crazy."

"I'm a Ctarl-Ctarl thank you very much. It comes with the territory."

[i]He couldn't see the rest of her form, but figured that it was definetly like her face. Feline. In the extreme. But still....not half bad. She gave a death like glare at the bar tender, who stopped staring and brought her a glass of white wine. She held it between her fingers delicately, the talons retracted for the time being. And as she sipped it, her hood fell back to reveal the thick aburn hair. He stared.[/i]

"May I help you...?"

"....so are you signing up?"

"Of course."[/color]
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A shadowy figure in the back of the bar stands up. Her tail swished slowly from side to side as she tightened her gloves. She approched the two figures that stood out most in the bar. A Drunken man stared at her and then to the other two... He rolled his eyes and mummbled "God ... what is the world coming to... mutated beasts.. how..foul"

As he walked farther past her she stuck out her right foot and tripped him. He hit the ground with a thud and her ears twitched. The man wobbled a bit as he tried to stand up... once up stummbled a bit as he left the bar as fast as he could.

"Humans... Yuck" She sneers and approches the other two who stood out more so than others. "..I am guessting you are... Trace right?" She says in a low and growl like voice... the shadows still on her upper body.

"That depends on whos asking..."

"I am Shindorakai of the Hyfon race..." She stepped fully into the light revealing her bright yellow eyes and silver fur. "Looking for a job..."
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[COLOR=#503F86]Trace eyed the Ctarl-Ctar cautiously.

Typical. The first person to appear to him happens to be a Ctarl-Ctarl, and one with a strong, rather elusive scent of feline pheromones. He let out a brief, shallow sigh and looked back at his drink. He'd have to swallow his distaste for a while, at least until the mission was done. if he wasn't in such a hurry he'd leave her here, but as it was...

"Impress me." Trace muttered, gesturing to the barman for another drink. "What can you do?"

She smirked. "What can't I do?" she purred, shifting her stool closer.

Trace held out a cautionary hand. "That's close enough."

She flicked out her claws and examined them in the dim light. "Need I say more? I'm a Ctarl_Ctarl. Strength, agility, excelling in armed and unarmed combat..." she leant over the bar slightly while Trace studied the drink in front of him. "...pretty deadly in the right places."

Trace knocked back the second shot and coughed. "Great, you're hired."

As he turned round, he was aware of a second presence behind him. The two of them both turned to face the newcomer, standing tall against the dim, smoke-obscured lights. She flexed her claws as she spoke.

"I'm guessing you are... Trace, right?" she said gruffly.

Trace tensed. "That depends on who's asking." He crept his left hand round his back to the handle of his assault rifle. If anyone knew his name it generally meant trouble.

"I am Shindorakai of the Hyfon race..." The figure stepped into the light, revealing a large bipedal fox-like creature with bright yellow eyes and silver fur. "Looking for a job."

Trace looked her up and down and turned back to face the bar. "Sit down." He could feel the alcohol resting in his body. It was relaxing, but if he had any more he'd be too drunk to fight.

"My ship's the Midnight Wing," he said in a low voice, being careful not to attract too much attention. "Once we've gathered a few more crewmembers we'll be heading back there. I'll explain our mission there."

He waited for a reply. Hearing nothing but the murmur of activity in the bar, he continued. "While we're on my ship, I'm in command, so I hope you don't have a problem with taking orders. Any objections?"[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=royalblue]"In my experience....obedience far outweighs personal conviction."

[i]He gave her a look. And she smiled back. The fox girl gave her a wicked glare, which she returned with equal sickening sweetness.[/i]

"For the uninitiated, like you, that was a 'No I have no problem with it.'"

[i]Shindorakai looked like she was about to leap at the Ctarl-ctarl, when the party in question stood and extended her claws. Moonlight filtered through the open window, flooding the both of them with pale light. The feline grinned maliciously. Only someone with a deathwish would attack a Ctarl-ctarl during a full moon.[/i]

"....I'll be there."[/COLOR]
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The fox silently leaned her back against the bar and stared at the ceiling. She pulled her gloves on tighter and her ears twitched as she listened carefully to the voices around her. She finaly opened her teeth filled mouth.

"I know what you are and I know your race's strength...but if you knew anything about me or my race you would know I'm as strong as you are and I have extra abilities.. Id hate to stop your heart with a single bite..." Shindorakai laughed, "Plus I am in no mood to fight nor argue..."

"Gonna answer my question or not Shindorakai of the Hyfon race?"

"Yes... I have no problems with taking orders. I have been doing so all my life so i have no problem with it. Mean i have no objections. By the way..."


"Just call me Kaia I dont exactly like the idea of the entire solar system knowing where I am or who I am. Now Ill resume my silence." With that Kaia closed her eyes.

Her ears twitched again as she listened to the surroundings. Her tail occasionally swaying from side to side. The loud and quiet voices of drunken men and chattering people talking about work, the family, and other things surrounded them. The foul smell of humans gave Kaia a headache.

[i] Foul Creatures [/i] Kaia thought to herself as she waited.
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]The mutter from the Ctarl Ctarl was clearly heard in the room, Kaia bristling slightly.[/i]

"Extra abilities..."

[i]Trace stiffled a groan. Two females grating against eachother. One a hardass, the other a combative feline..... ...not a good combination. The fox gave the Ctarl Ctarl in question a penetrating stare, which was returned with equal hatred. A dog and a cat. Whoppee.

Quite suddenly, the immortal of the two rose to her feet again and tensed the muscles in her body. Kaia bared her teeth and was about to snap at her when Senrai Ley Ley's knife flashed across her vision and burried itself in the face of what was obviously an android type bounty hunter. The metallic chinks of teflon against carbon grated in the two female's ears, and the creature hit the ground, spasming slightly. Senrai walked over calmly and plucked her knife out of his face, then turned back, showing her fangs in a dazzling smile.[/i]

"...you were saying?"[/COLOR]
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[center]Blue Heaven (Free Town) - 23:00h

- - -Normally, I would not be found in such a place, especially not with Sata with me, however, today was a special case, since we were now about to make our greatest, albeit toughest, hit: Fred Luo himself. We suceed, we will probably be known as the greatest assasins in existence, we lose, we're just thrown into a scrap pile with all the other losers. I brought Sata here so that she could be put more in touch with her human side. If that works, I might try for her feminine side next, heh.- - -

- - -Maybe Sata is the greatest weapon in history, not counting ships, but she sure has a hell of a lot to learn when it comes to being, or at least acting, human. Maybe tonight will loosen her up...- - -[/center]

Rao took a long drink as he watched Sata roam around the bar, apparently fascinated by the concept of alcohol. Rao couldn't help but grin slightly, she must not have been completed with all of the human data, he thought with amusement. Sata walked back to their table.
"This appears to be a moderately powerful hallucinogen that can alter a person's sense of conciousness, slowing reflexes and perception. Furthermore, it tastes, by my conclusion, awful." Rao nodded as Sata continued.
"Why do you drink it, then, when it's bad qualities outweigh it's good?" Rao smiled.
"If I could answer that, then I would know everything about human beings."
"Then, human beings are by nature, illogical. They hurt themselves willingly while other less intelligent species must struggle to survive. This shows a most complacent and arrogant attitude on the part of humans."
"Other non-intelligent species are unable to derive a sense of pleasure from anything other than fresh food. We humans prefer to find other ways to occupy ourselves."
"When your time could be better spent evolving or creating new and better technologies like myself?" Rao laughed.
"Sata, if everyone were as critical as you, then there would be no point in being human."
"I am unable to understand why that would deter..." Sata was cut off as a loud bang echoed throughout the bar, and saw that a man had upturned a table in what appeared to be a drunken rage. However, Rao quickly dismissed this theory as several other men did the same, all of them seemed ot have their eyes on Sata.
"Ban..." Rao said quietly, so only Sata could hear. Sata's eyes whipped around the room, there were some nine or ten men in the room, all eyes on Sata and Rao. Rao, strangely, sat back down, nodding to Sata.
"Go ahead." Sata walked into the middle of the club as the men surrounded her. Her right hand whipped to her side, as her hand closed around her jitte...
One of the men behind her lunged, and she spun around and smacked him hard in the face with the rod, he reeled, nose bleeding. Two more ran at her from the sides, and she jumped up and kicked out with both feet at once, striking them in their chests. Another tried to attack from behind again, but she kicked him in the stomach as he approached, then whirled and dealt him a blow with her elbow to the back of his head. He fell, limp and unconcious, as three more pirates raced forward. She kicked the first one out of the way, then spun around and heel kicked the second. The third one moved forward, but she grabbed him by the cuff of his shirt and smashed him in the face with a headbutt. He fell limp, and the second man got up just in time to recieve a double kick to the side of the head. Sata landed in a full split position, and as the first man tried tried to hit her again, she blocked it, and her other arm began crackling with electricity. She then punched him in the stomach, and he flew through the window all the way across the street. The remaining few backed up in surprise as Sata got up again. She flashed them a dangerous smile, and got back into her ready position...
"Hey girlie!" A man called from the back of the bar. Sata whirled and saw Rao, and another man behind him pressing a knife to Rao's throat. Sata stared for a moment, before taking a step forward.
"You move, he dies!" Sata was pleased to hear a definite note of fear in his voice. With her other foot, she reached out and stepped on a fallen chair. With one kick, the chair flew through the air and hit the hostage-taker right in the face, where Rao took the opportunity and kicked him into submission. Sata whirled and saw two more men racing towards her. She picked up another chair and smashed the first in the face with it. She then held out the chair like a lion tamer would, and pressed it against the man's chest. She then lifted both the man and the chair over hear head and threw them straight up. She then crouched down, and landed a vertical kick right over her head at the chair, which smashed as the man took a huge shock to the spine. He fell like a puppet, and Sata jumped back as another man reached for her with a knife. She jumped back over a table, picked it up with one hand and hit the man over the head with it. She looked at another one at the other end of the club, and threw the tabletop like a frisbee at him, smashing his skull. He fell limp as another man went for Sata, she whirled and punched him in the face, then smashed him in the gut with her jitte. He vomited from the impact, then passed out. The last man standing backed up fearfully, then dashed forward, knife in hand. Sata summoned up some more energy, and this time a white bolt shot from her outstretched palm and blew the pirate back out the door. Rao's eyes widened. He had no idea that Sata was capable of that. Sata returned to his side.
"I suggest we leave before the commotion starts." She said confidentially before walking out the door. Rao eyed the destroyed club around him.
"It hasn't?"

[center]- - -To be perfectly honest, I was never doubtful that Sata was capable of things like that, but to actually see her in action was one of the greater thrills on this crazy trip. I can now tell, for sure, that Sata is probably less human then machine. She definetely has human skin and a human brain, capable of rational, yet somewhat ethical thought, and faster processing and reflexes than a machine. However, I am fairly certain that she does not have a heart, but rather another power source that keeps her going, even without oxygen or food. She doesn't show this from her outward appearance, but I have a feeling that someday, I'll finally know who she really is.- - -

- - -The question is, what'll she think?- - -


-LOGGED AS: RJ-BH-2300.txt-[/center][/i]
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[COLOR=limegreen] [I] Kwaz walked towards the broken down bar. He could hardly call it a bar, more like a converted outhouse by the looks of it. But as long as he could get a drink it would suffice. He lugged a huge backpack, which for most people would seem impossible to be carried by a human. Only a few actually knew that he didn't carry that much weight with the hover units under it.

As he advanced on the bar, he could see traces of battle. A body here and there, shell casing littered the snow plain, and blood stains in the white powder. He stepped into the bar, and a few paid attention to his entrance for a moment before turning their backs again. He slammed his backpack on the ground next to a group of outlaws he was told to join with a couple humans and two other species.[/I]

'Hm, guess I'm late am I?"

[I] The people in the group reacted differently, and the man that seemed the leader replied. [/I]

"Not as late as some other lazy asses, sit down and we'll have to wait for the others. Mind telling me which one you are?"

"Why, I'm the Royal Armory, if you can't tell from the backpack you're very drunk or very stupid."[/color]
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"Now listen here kitten... Can you and I just get along.... YOU may be able to take on some opponents better than I can but thats because my ability cant take on anything that isnt flesh and blood. I dont want to compete, argue, or even exchange foul comments or names... Let us just get along and leave it at that. The only race that I hate thats existing are humans..." Kaia simple said ignoring the pointless show off display. "You may like to compete or challenge... Just dont do it with me... Let us just get along please."

Kaia's tail continued to slowly move and the door opened. More humans walked in and other creatures enter as well. With each pair of feet Kaia's ears twitch to the sound as she kept track of it all. Suddenly a familliar pair of boots stepped in front of her. Kaia stared at the black worn down boots. She began to growl without even looking up.

"You thought you could hide? Here? Pfft... Stupid fuzz head." The man said from under the hood to his coat.

"If you had a single braincell in your head... Human... you wouldent have followed me..." Kaia growled and reacher up with her left claw and wrapped it around his neck.

"Oh come now... You know its not that easy... I wont do it here but I will one day capture you and get what pay I deserve. Today im here for a drink... Let me go... or shall i have my buddies restrain you... We have the technology to do so."

"What ever" Kaia lifted the man off the ground by his throat... and several men in the bar stood up and readied weapons... "Get drunk... I hope you foul creatures continue to drink till your livers quit...so I can fry them up and feed them to the sea screatures." With that Kaia dropped the man and he hit the ground hard. "Get outta here before I bite you."

"You wotn be saying that later on..."

"You wont even find me ... you stupid thing."

"Dont be so sure... come on guys lets go to a real bar..." With that the men left... Kaia simply closed her eyes and spoke again, "As i was saying... I only hate humans... Id prefer to get along with others... especially if I am to work with them later... At least respect that..." She simple said it to the Ctarl-Ctarl who was no longer grinning.

Kaia's silver fur seemed to glow in the dim light in the bar and her black clothes made her blend in with the shadows as well. She seemed more depressed now than pissed [i]but what did it matter[/i] she thought to herself.

"Are we gonna stand here ALL night waiting for someone who might not even show?" Kaia sighs... while tapping a claw on the floor.
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[COLOR=royalblue]"Think about it. If we don't have a full crew....it'll come back to bite us on the ass."

"...yeah, well they're probably too stupid to man a ship if they're always late like this."

[i]The Ctarl Ctarl gave her a withering look. In her lifetime, she had been privy to the secrets of the Ctarl Ctarl Empire....old mission logs, failed runs, stragegies that worked, strategies that were bunk..... ...and she was amazed at Kaia's simplicity. While she didn't plan on tweaking her any more than was necessary to give her a little pleasure, she did plan on pointing out her flaws with laser like accuracy.

.....she knew her own weaknesses, sure as hell. ....and this was fun. At least compared to translating languages from scratch.....all day long. Trace stood between them.[/i]

"If you want to go out to the dock, go right ahead. I'll wait here."


[i]Kaia stalked off, simmering with both anger and a little sadness. Senrai Ley Ley smiled slightly and sat down again.[/i][/COLOR]
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Lex Talionis lay prone on the rooftop of a nearby building, in perfect view of the bar. His high-caliber sniper rifle was set on a stand in front of him.

He trained his crosshairs on Trace, just for fun, "Bang," he whispered, amusing himself. He had been stationed here because of the notoriety of the place. Many hits had gone down where his captain now sat. Some said that the while the rest of the bar was a mess, the walls and floor were constantly cleaned because of the blood that flowed.

Lex trained his eyes back onto the now-accompanied Trace. A Ctarl-Ctarl and another creature that Lex did not recognize, although the silver fur reflected off the light and blinded him for a split second.

"Strange company he's taking. Those beasts better not be let in. The fur would be murder to deal with," he chuckled at his private joke. His finger trained on the newcomer's head as he saw Trace pull back, grasping the hidden rifle in his coat. A flash of sparks surprised him as the Ctarl-Ctarl slammed her knife into an approaching stranger's face.

[i]Lex, you are losing your touch. Gotta focus, man! You should have picked him off! The boss is NOT going to be happy about tha-[/i]

Men in the bar trained their guns on Trace's small group.

"SHIT!" Lex trained on the lead one, his finger pulsed, but the man lowered his gun, and walked his crew out of the bar.

A small sigh escaped Lex's mouth, followed by disappointment.

"I really DID want to do something tonight..." he complained to himself, but focused once more on the scene at hand.

The beast with silver fur stalked out of the bar, and seemed to be heading towards the dock.

[i]She better not be heading toward the Midnight. I can't watch two different people at once.[/i]

"Hey, you! Are you Lex Talionis?" a voice asked from behind him.

"Yeah, that's me. You lookin' for a hit? I could always use the extra-" a blade whistled by his ear and a metallic clang rang through the air as he reflexively rolled, his black trenchcoat billowing under him. He threw himself up to see three people that looked all too familiar.

"Remember us from Blue Heaven? Ya know, Lex, you are one hard-ass man to track down. That payment was a counterfeit! Where's Trace?"

Lex had pulled his hands slowly back behind his coat, and the men hadn't seemed to notice yet. He got a firm grasp on his pistols.

"Trace is a little busy right now, but lemme tell you that the information that you provided was invaluable! We caught Kei Klikag, got the bounty, and were out of there before anyone was the wiser. I do appreciate you coming back to see me, though. You Dust Bandits have always pissed me off, and seeing your blood spill will satisfy my revenge for my fallen comrade. Thirty years ago you spilled the blood of the only Luck Killer ever. That does not sit lightly on our hearts, and while we did take care of your leader, you bastards still seem to survive. How do you do it? I appreciate you finding me. I was originally just going to let it slide until we met next. You made my job much easier,"

He slipped the pistols out of his holsters. Three shots rang out, and three bodies fell, each with a red circle in the upper forehead.

[i]Dead before they hit the ground[/i]He shoved his pistols back into their holsters as the bodies came to rest.

He pulled out a cigarette, and felt the nicotine steady his hand once more, taking the edge off of the adrenaline that was flowing through his body.
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Kaia walked outside for some real yet not real air. It was sure as hell better than what was in that bar and her super sensative nose proved that. With a deep breath of the cool air she flexed her muscles on her arms and began to walk. She didnt even know where the ship was located and didnt care... her ears and nose could take her then if it was needed. She just needed the air.

She walked a little but was soon approched by the same group of men as before. Would she ever get a break... She figured the answer to that was no because shes never had a break in years...so why get one now? The man who spoke to her before faces her as the others circle her.

"So foxy...or should I say Silver Fang...."

" What do you want now?"

"I made a change in what i do for a living... This crew of mine here and myself... well we are all Boundy Hunters and... I know how high a price they got on you dead or alive... dead prefered... You mind comming quietly or.... are you going to have to die?"

"I think you already know the answer to that one..."

"Alrighty then... boys.."

The guys whipped out guns or knifes. Kaia rolled her eyes. She was not in the mood for this because she dealt with a gang befor she even got into the bar... another one now causing more trouble. She extended her right arm and swung it quickly knocking down three guys who either were knocked out or got back up. 2 of them got back up and began to fire.

Kaia growls and whips another guy to the ground with her tail before kicking the one to her left. So far the gun shots have missed her because of the drunken idiots holding the guns but the ones with knifes did a better job... but not that better. Kaia dodged one knife and slashed the guys hand so bad blood dripped from it as he crawled away whining.

Kaia was going easy on them... She didnt want to killany of them because they were just drunk but they did know her one name and that she had a price on her head... she figured it wasnt safe either way. She grabed the guy in front of her that happened to be grinning widely. She picked him up again but this time dug her nails more into the throat.

Her gritted his teeth and punched at her but she just grabbed his arm and snapped it. She dropped him and everyone else either knocked out or bleeding all ran in other directions... As for those unconcious they were left to their death. Kaia on the other hand left them alone and continued on her walk.

A while later the Hyfon was finally on her way back to the bar out of bordum. She walked by a fire escape by a dark alley. She heard some slight movements and her ears twitched to locate it. She slowed down and turned around jsut as the guy came falling down from the fire escape with a long sword in hand. He pointed at her head but she grabbed his arm before he could cause her any harm.

Kaia laughed and whipped him around slamming him onto the ground. It was their leader this time. She ripped the blade from his hand and growled at him. Her two front top teeth sparkled in the darker sky. His eyes got worryfull when she sunk her two top canine teeth into his hand. He screamed once he felt something that seemed like fire being injected into his bloodstream. He became motionless soon after that. Kaia dropped him and left him lifeless by the fire escape.

"He deserved it" She mummbled as she walked back into the bar and took her seat. "Remind me not to kill an embassador again alright?" She said to the Ctarl Ctarl while rolling her eyes.
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[COLOR=royalblue]"Don't kill the ambassador again. ...and while we're on the subject...that gang leader was worth quite a few wong."

[i]She tossed an industrial size calculator into Kaia's lap. She picked it up an carefully examined the figures. Whistling through her teeth, and smiling at the same time, this definetly made up for the shitty day. Put together the android the Ctarl Ctarl had nixed, and now her latest kill... 9,000 all togther. Kaia stood and whisked her tail along the side of her leg.[/i]

"My day has just improved..."

"Go cash in. ....and if you pass a store, get me another hairbrush. Mine broke."

[i]The Heyfon eyed Senrai's long aburn hair. ....braided down her back and curled under, sealed with a simple silver ring.[/i]

"I can't imagine why..."


[i]Kaia stared for a moment, then started chuckling under her breath. At least her sense of humor stretched that far. She clicked the side of the the calculator, scanning in the corpses carefully. Then she shouldered her pack and departed quietly.[/i]

"Don't forget."

"....of course not."[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=#503F86]OOC: Wow, this has been busy ^_^; I knew I should have come back home earlier, heh. Good stuff.
Trace pulled the rifle from the holster on his back and held it by his side. A cautionary measure, if nothing else. Fearsome as his new companions were, gunfights could be troublesome.

He glanced behind him to where the Royal Armoury was following them outside, his metal backpack glinting in the moonlight.

"Are we leaving?" he asked Trace, whose ears were pricked as if trying to pick a particular noise out of the low hum of the vehicles elsewhere in the city.

"Wait..." Three gunshots rang out, their sound echoing throughout the streets. Immediately, everyone's heads turned to the roof of a nearby building, followed by a grim silence.

Trace sniffed the air. This ammunition had a very distinctive scent to it.

He let out a satisfied sigh. Allowing himself a slight smile, he took aim with his assault rifle and squeezed back the trigger. A volley of bullets cascaded into the concrete near the top of the building, sending clouds of dust billowing into the night sky.

"What was that for?" Senrei hissed, mildly annoyed by the ringing in her ears caused by Trace's gunbarrel.

Trace licked his lips. "Just saying 'hi'." If he was right, they'd soon be joined by someone he knew he could trust.

A shrill electronic bleep caught his attention. The device on his wrist crackled inot life and a deep mechanical voice transmitted through.

[i]"Trace, I'm detecting several Ban Pirate ships in orbit of Heifong. I suggest you make haste with the crew so that we can avoid any unnecessary damage."[/i]


He signalled to the others and began striding down the debris-littered streets. "Keep the engines warm, Colt. We'll be there soon." Jabing a button on the wrist-mounted communicator, the voice of the ship's computer faded away.

He gave a look to Kwas. "Now we're leaving."[/COLOR]
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Kaia looked at the calculator device and realized she hadnt gotten it yet. She growled and her yellow eyes seemed to change to orange. Trace looked a little confused.

"UM I have something I need to do real quicktell me where the ship is so I can catch up."

After getting the location of where the ship waited she slipped the device in one of her pockets grabbed the bodies which were now lifeless and beggining to smell foul to her strong sense of smell. She ran off in another direction at high speed. She soon got to a large building.

She slowed to a walk once in the doors and she dropped the two dead bodies in front of the desk and pulled out the device. The lady behind the desk just looked at the faces of the two people and began to type in her computer. The boss came out and looked at the mess.

"Well they might be dead but that works for me... Wait... no gunshot wounds in this one... How did he die?" The man points to the real human.

"Some bites can be deadly... Mine is one of them." She growled and pointed at the spot where she bit the guy.

The boss laughed and dragged the guys off. The lady at the desk caught Kaia's attention. "Um You ready? Here."

"Thanks..." Kaia took the device and the money and ran out the door.

Her nose picked up the scent of the two she was with earlier. She knew speed was the key this time. She took off in the right direction ad high speed. Her fur was getting cold due to the speed and wind. Her tail whipped with the wind as she dodged people, cars, and other things.

She soon came to a small spot and turned towards the shop. She entered and went to the far back. The shop owner seemed to recognise her.

"Ah Kaia... What brings you here? You here for... perhaps... Weapons? Or perhaps ship Parts... im sure your ship would need something by now..."

"Sorry bruce but J-T 751 was destroyed... Im with a different ship and crew and im not the one in commant. So if he wants parts for his ship he can get them on his own... im in ah urry for something more important thatn weapons.." Kaia said while smileing and rolling her eyes.

"Oh like what?"

"A hairbrush..."

"A HAIRBRUSH!?!?" The guy broke out into laughing upon hearing the insanity. "Girl it will take more than a hair brush to brush all that fur."

"Its not for me you idiot... Im working with a CtarlCtarl and a hairbrush was her request."

"Oh boy CtarlCtarl... Sure this isnt some joke? A no matter ... here take these." The manded her a box the size of a small took kit.

Kaia looked in and glanced at the fancy brushes. There were about 4 of them and a mirror, "Uh.. Bruce... How much is this gonna cost me...?"

"Nothing...except that you better visit me again sometimes..." Bruce laughed.

"Fine..." Kaia turned towards the door and headed out.

"Um and Kaia?"


"Sorry about the J-T"

"So am I..."

Kaia took off out the door and caught the others scent again. It seemed darker out now and kaia wasnt thinking light when this poped into her mind. She quickly caught up to the others.

"You know... You guys are kind easy to locate. Lets hope none of my old Hyfon friends are here... They dont take nicely to CtarlCtarl... " Kaia tossed the took kit thing at the CtarlCtarl.

"I dont need tools...." Senrai said staring at it.

"Open it"

"Oh how nice.... Brushes" Senrai simply said once seeing the contents of the box.

"So are we there yet or am I going to have to call the police from dangerously slow slowpokes?" Kaia laughed showing huge white upper canines... They were hollow but no one could tell it from just looking at them. "Anyways so.. um... whos that?" Kaia points to the newer person she didnt even look at. She smelt him and prefered not to look.

"Who do you think?" Senrai muttered.

"Never mind."
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[center]Heifon 4-5 Orbital Ring - 08:00h

- - -So, now we have more Ban to take out on our way to Heifon, they probably aren't too happy about Sata doing a number on even more of their men, or us stealing their experimental ship, Malus Gemellis.- - -

- - -Malus is a real enigma, the complete ship has a total volume of about 600 meters cubed, but the ship only has a bridge, an observation deck, crew quarters and an engine room. There seems to be a whole lot of unused space near the wings and the bottom of the ship, so about 60% percent of the ship has yet to be explored. I don't know why the Ban were so interested, since it doesn't pack much more power than any of their other ships. It doesn't even have grappler arms. Maybe it has something to do with Sata?- - -

- - -Guess I'll find out soon enough...- - -[/center]

"Ban ships within 2000 kilometer range, they are within spread beam radius." Sata announced from the firing station. Rao returned the command from the helm.
"Go right ahead, fire wave one." He replied, watching Sata pull the trigger. four long beams fired from underneath the wings, and curved upwards to strike two Ban ships from underneath. They appeared to have sustained some damage, but now that they were aware of the Malus' presence, they fired small fighters at it. Rao couldn't help but grin slightly, those idiots.
"Fire microlasers," Rao told Sata, who replied by pressing another trigger. This time, a smaller turret emerged from the observation deck, and fired multiple small beams at the oncoming fighters. About ten of them were vaporized, but several more were closing in. Just as they were about to reach the ship, they were also vaporized by the ship's powerful shielding.
"Fire wave two." Rao ordered, but Sata did not reply by pressing the trigger. Instead, she reached onto a contol panel and pressed a few buttons.
"Effect #7, active." Sata answered. the observation deck turret emerged again, but this time, it fired a larger beam at the first Ban ship, blowing a hole right through it. Rao's eyes widened, he had never seen that before.
"Effect #12, active." Sata announced, and the observation deck turret fired a ball of electricity at the second ship. The ball collided with the hull, and the ship was shocked and ceased function completely. Rao stared at Sata, who simply replied calmly:
"Both ships are out of commision. Resuming normal course for Heifong." Rao stared at her a moment longer, unsure what was happening...

[center]- - -Once again, I did see something like that coming, but even though I saw it I still found it hard to believe. At least now I understand why they wanted the Malus so badly, those wapons were unlike anything I've ever seen. Furthermore, Sata appears to be the only one who is capable of using them.- - -

- - -The only question now is, how long will she stay with me?- - -


-LOGGED AS RJhf450800.txt-[/center]
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]They continued walking down the street, headed for the not so far away hanger, and they all heard the same distinctive sound. Clink. Clink. Clink. They were about to turn their heads and look when the Heyfon and Ctarl Ctarl hissed a warning.[/i]


[i]The Ctarl Ctarl slowed her pace and smiled thinly. She slipped the kit and her knife to the others, then slowly turned around.[/i]

"Go ahead, I'll catch up in a few."

"Are you nuts?"

"Yes actually."

[i]They picked up the pace, the Heyfon looking back with a sort of longing. As they turned their heads and were ready to cross the streets, they heard a wild howl and a screech that signaled a very obvious challenge.[/i]

"Come out you bastard of a Sidhe Dog!"

[i]The humanoid leapt at her, stung by the insult, only to see her clench her body up and transform into a huge tiger-like creature with two tails. Her limbs were long and clean, her mane ruffling with her wild movement, bristling gold and red. She raised one claw and he charged. With a simple leap and turn, she landed on his shoulders, knocking him down to the ground.

He felt the breath catch in his throat, and then she opened it with her mouth. The blood poured down over her limbs and she raised her head and bayed to the moon in a hideous ritual of life and death/[/i][/COLOR]
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"Not bad... oddly i knew of what they could do I have just never seen it... I got my entertainment for the night." Kaia laughed to herself quietly as she continued to walk.

The moon was bright and calming yet Kaia knew it brought out the worst in almost any speicies. Her own species, the Hyfon, had bad reactions to over doses of moonlight. Like a human to sun... It creates a sunburn if not protected... The Moon seemed to have a similar effect for the Hyfon but no sunburn was involved. Kaia just laughed again slightly.

The Hyfon let out a sigh as her feet slowly pressed against the cold street sidewalk as she walked. Slight memories of killings before and fun space chases. Memories of long ago fun flooded her mind but none more so than her escape. It was a serious life and death situation but it was fun too.

[i]She remembered she was doing houshold chores... Not willingly but she by then had learned not to oppose them or punishment would be the outcome. So after a while she learned to just go with the flow. She finished cleaning the kitchen, her small clawed hands swollen from cuts and other bruises. She suddenly got a burning rushing feeling in her head and a fluid began to fill in her mouth.

She spit the fluid out into the empty sink and smelled it carefully. It smelled deadly but she wasnt dead so something must be up. She spit some more out onto a small plate and held it out for the family pet which was some strange looking lizard the size of a large dog. It licked it up and in seconds it collapsed. Soon its heart stopped and it died.

She touched the tips of her canine teeth to realize the liquid came from them. She concintrated and the leak slowly stopped. She laughed and the noise lured the creature in. It growled and pulled out its weapon.

[b]"Did i hear something from you! What... You kiled the Mutt!!! Get over here you worthless slave!"[/b] It seemed to be having fun.

[b]"Lets see you make me..." [/b]Kaia laughed for the first time in years.

The creature lunged at her and she leapt out of the way weakly from lack of nourishment. She bit the creature on the arm and concintrated again and injected some of the liquid. Soon the creatures heart stopped. Kaia enjoyed it and ran through the hosue to find another family member to that creature. After killing all 7 of them she was enjoying herself and she no longer needed to concintrate to inject the poison. She then left that house that was her prison. She was free.

Then over the years of freedom she did certin jobs for certin pay and killed a lot of people but it was fun and yet a job. After a while killing was a routine and it slowly became not as fun. It was still always fun just not as fun as it used to be. She finally left that planet of green and blue and made her way from planet to planet from job to job. Now here she was... About to leave this planet... with yet again... another job.[/i]
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[COLOR=#503F86][i]OOC: Summary
-Trace, Senrai, Kaia and Kwaz are all on their way to the Heifon Spaceport to board the Midnight Wing.
-Lex is presumably still on the roof of the building (Trace didn't kill him, just shot at the walls), unless he's stalking the others.
-Rao and Sata are on a ship heading towards Heifon's orbit.
-Stick Fairy's character Pearl hasn't come in yet, and neither has Shanghai's Eizou.

As another note: I'd like to limit the amount of posts per person per day to no more than 2. It's very easy to run away with a story otherwise, heh. I've had problems keeping up where all the characters have gotten to, come back from and who they're talking to already [SIZE=1]or maybe I'm just dense like that...[/SIZE]

Anyway, it's going well so far ^_^ If anyone has any problems, chuck me a PM.[/i]


Trace kept his rifle held out in front of him as he walked. Something in the night air sent a feeling of apprehension throbbing in his veins.

In the distance he could make out the support towers of the Spaceport, some attached to spaceships. Tiny red lights flashed on one, a signal that it was gearing for a launch in an hour's time.

That was the Midnight Wing.

"Pick up the pace guys!" he hissed at the others, quickening his pace. He looked over his shoulder again. Three new crewmembers so far. Where was his gunner?

He cast a quick glance to the top of the building he'd fired at. He'd only met Lex once before, but his reputation was well-rooted into almost every Outlaw's collection of stories. He was a legendary marksman, and never one to turn down a job.

He clenched his jaw. He'd better be here soon. He needed a decent gunner for the ship. Another stupid mistake wasn't what he needed right now. Two crew dead in as many weeks, it wasn't looking good for him.

[i]"Great, I'm going from Tracker to Kamikaze."[/i] he thought bitterly, contemplating the wide scars on his chest.

As they continued forwards, a shape in the darkness ahead stopped them in their tracks.

"You looking for a fight?" Trace growled.

The figure gave a derisive laugh. "I'd hardly call it a fight." He pulled a hood from his face to reveal a black and white mask with five eyeslits and triangular spikes poking from its edges.

"The Ban Pirates aren't best pleased with your choice of mission." the figure started walking forwards slowly, almost in a slither. "I think it's time to terminate your contract."

OOC: Remember, this guy's a Ban Pirate. he's not going down easily, if at all.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]Senrai, stil transformed, registered the threat in her ears. The full moon was giving her the power she so desired.....and the Ban Pirate was grating on her nerves. She tensed her muscles and took a step forward.

The Hyfon bared her teeth slightly. Then the Ctarl Ctarl pounced. The Ban pirate was knocked backwards, while she burried her claws in his chest, the iron sinking down into his body, and coming through the other side. Her howl echoed through the entire area, shattering more than just a few windows.

"Bastard! Bastard!"

"....you really are no match for me....cat."

"......immortal Ctarl Ctarl thanks..."

With a simple twist, she threw him against the wall and took another step forwards, tails whisking in the wind created by her own power.[/i][/COLOR]
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The hail of bullets made Lex twitch, especially as he saw Trace aiming at him from the scope.

"That's my cue," he packed up his rifle, and slung it over his shoulder, attaching the tripod to the end of the rifle. He spun his pistols around on his thumbs, and popped both of the clips out to check them.

[i]Almost full, but I might need all of these bullets. Those boys were just a welcoming party.[/i] He pulled three bullets from a compartment in his trench, and quickly slipped the bullets into the clips. A Click and a Snap later, the pistols were back in his holsters.

He lost sight of Trace, who seemed to have moved inhumanely fast. He ran full speed, jumping from rooftop to rooftop of the jammed buildings, trying to see a sign of Trace, or his companions. On the horizon, he saw the spaceport, and a large navy blue ship standing in a main dock, the engines smoking.

"Bingo," he smirked as he kept jumping from building to building, looking for signs of Trace. As he was about to jump from the next roof, he stopped himself, and looked out at the empty flat of land.

[i]No more rooftops for a while. Crap[/i] the spaceport loomed at him, and he whipped out his crystal knives. Each knife slammed into the cheap brick as he eased his way down the building, finally jumping five feet onto the concrete, saving his legs with a roll.

He leaned against a wall to catch his breath. Trace could definitely hoof it! He had arrived at the spaceport with the navy ship still looming overhead. Four caught his eye.

"Bingo," he whispered to himself, sliding around his cover to see more clearly. Trace, the Ctarl-Ctarl who had almost lost her hand to his bullet, and the strange creature that he did not recogonize all stood in a tight group. Also with them was someone from the Royal Armory.

[i]What the hell is one of THEM doing there[/i] he thought with disgust. His pistols were already out, and he scanned the area around the small group. A strange looking person with a black cloak, and a black and white shattered mask leered at them. The Ctarl-Ctarl had already slammed the man into a nearby building, but he did not seem fazed at all. A slight output of a barrel caught Lex's eye. He scanned the windows and nearby busts.

"1...2...3...Shit," he counted the hidden snipers surrounding their position, "This will take too many shots if I take em all out from here..."

He pulled back into a nearby building, and slid up to the roof, hoping to not draw the attention of the sniper whose neck was in perfect killing position.

A quick flick of his wrists, and his knives bloodied, but no sound escaped from the now-dead sniper. He set up his spot using the sniper's own gun, and quickly picked off the remaining three snipers.

Trace's eyes snapped immediately to the site of the gunfire, and saw blood trickle down the edge of one of the windows.

Lex pulled back and reloaded,

"That should even things up a bit,"
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[SIZE=1]*pokes posting people* >.>[/SIZE]

[COLOR=#503F86]The Ban Pirate picked himself from the debris of the wall, chuckling to himself. His mask had been cracked slightly by the impact, a glimpse of flesh visible underneath.

He licked his lips. "Well, that is a surprise."

He drew his hands in front of him and clasped them tightly together, holding two fingers from each hand outwards, facing his opponents.

[i]Kiryah Sidhana, Kiryah Sidhana..."[/i]

Trace's eyes widened. Imediately, he aimed his rifle at the Ban Pirate and opened fire. The Ban Pirate almost disappeared in the volley of bullets. Trace paused for a moment, then to his horror saw the Ban Pirate's wicked grin underneath his mask. The bullets were floating inches from his face.

[i]"Ariyah!"[/i] The Pirate screamed.

The bullets shrieked back in the direction of Trace- he rolled away just in time. The Light Shield system in his gloves boomed into life, bullets ricocheting from its invisible barrier into the ground.

"Colt!" he roared into the communicator. "Prepare for an emergency take-off!"

He clipped his rifle back into its holster and drew a sword from the scabbard underneath his cloak- the enhanced metal katana blade shimmered a dull blue in the moonlight. It was no Caster, but should at least protect him from spells.

A volley of green fire erupted from the Pirate's fingertips. Kwas and Kira dived out of the way, trying to encircle the Ban Pirate. Trace's sword deflected the flame heading towards him, sending it streaking along the ground.

Senrai leapt upwards to spring onto the Pirate from above when a shot rang out across the dock. The bullet streaked across her arm in a glancing blow, showering the concrete in Ctarl-Ctarl blood. The sniper fell to the ground, a bullet in his head from Lex's gunbarrel.

Senrai sucked the blood from the wound on her arm and bore her teeth. Things were going to get ugly.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]She whipped her head around and looked straight into the eyes of the assassin. He almost dropped his gun from nerveless hands. Her head lowered and she sprang from the dock towards him, her eyes glowing in the darknesss. He tried to run, but he felt as if his legs had melded to the ground. Instead of leaping on him and devouring his gun, she circled around him in a burst of speed and caught him from behind. He screamed aloud in agony as her claws pierced his chest. They ripped downwards, turning his body into ribbons from behind. The gun was dropped and Senrai was flooded with a rain of both gore and guts.

Her laughter, the laughter of a wildcat, was uproarious and triumphant. She narrowed her eyes and scanned the area once more. Assassin. Gun. Going to fire. .....gone. ....she snarled with frustration and turned on her other senses. Still nothing. A faint heat signature, but nothing more.

With the same speed that had rendered her temporarily invisible, she returned to her original position. She looked at the moon quickly, then looked back at the Ban Pirate, who was going into cardiac arrest. She arched her back and stood again as a humanoid.[/i]

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  • 2 weeks later...

A small kunai could be seen coming from the night sky, it not being heard, the sharpness of this kunai cutting through the wind itself. It had passed right by the Ctarl-Ctarl, landing on the ground right next to her. They may wonder where that weapon had come from, and their answer would easily be found by looking up. There, standing uptop a building, was a young who with normal looking clothing on.

Covering the bottom part of his face, a long red scarf, his hair was gray, and was easily slicked down. In the boy's right hand, was a weapon known as a kodachi. A sword that wasn't long enough to be a sword, but not short enough to even be a dagger. It would be kind of weird to see someone like him that resembled a ninja wielding a kodachi, don't shinobi normall wield a ninja-to(I think that's the weapon.)? A katana with a straight body?

Anyway, the young boy looked down at them, and then his eyes scanned the area to see the blood that the Ctarl had left at her wake. Still not moving, the unknown shinobi quietly asked," So, Ctarl-Ctarl, you are the one who has spilt the blood?"

As this statement was being asked, his eyes were closed and kodachi was held not too tightly in that hand. Although he hadn't looked ready for an attack, you would bet that he would need to have a lot of skill to close his eyes while in the face of a dangerous Ctarl-Ctarl.

OOC: I was going to wait a bit longer, but then this forum had died! I don't want it to die without my character not even being introduced!! [/size][/color]
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