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Rin Yhun

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the time has begum for all warriors to join

it is long ago when rin and her faithful companion joined forces to stop the nobutsuna shogunte. in return for winning kenshin and rin are sent into the chaos world. there souls have bben there ever since.

it has been a long time snce the nobutsuna army has tried to over throw the takeda clan but the time has come. naoe nabutsuna has decided that rin and kenshin can't get out of the chaos world and has taken over most of the takeda's reign. people are dieing and the world is in turmoil.
general takeda had agreed with the remaing takeda clansmen that naoe must be stopped he calls forth rin and kenshin but they do noy appear hope is lost until general takedas son takes swing. i will find rin and destroy naoe. so the story is set shingen takeda general takedas' son goes forth into the chaos world with all the help he can get

if ytou wanna join
class(warrior,clarik,priest,exorcist,samurai,shinobi etc.)
and are you with nobutsuna
or the takeda clan

japanese halbred
bio-she is a gurdian of the takeda's she defeted naoe but was thrown into the chaos world full of dragons ,warlocks.and warriors who want revenge she and her faithful companion kenshin have been seperated

kenshin(still open)
bo staff
bio-good friend of rin's son of naoe(he despises his father)
wants peace in the land of kirodesa(in kyoto)
fights with honour he is in love with rin but has yet to tell her

shingen(still open)
tae kwon do/jujitsu/takeda hybrid martial art
bio-son of the takeda general he wants to be a samurai but hates the useage of weapons he is thrown into the chaos world to find rin and kenshin there he will meet many foes allies and monsters
so join please!!!
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[size=1][color=navyblue]Could you please work on your punctuation and capitalization and other various grammatical techniques? It's much easier to read when it's clean and not full of mistakes. Please check Harlequin's sticky or even OB's rules thread for more information.

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