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Okay, how many people here like Industrial. And I mean Industrial/Dance or Noize, personally I don't consider the more rock oriented bands (NIN, Marilyn Manson) real Industrial. I had an infatuation with Industrial a while back and now I'm getting back into it. I'm really getting into Frontline Assembly and Front 242. I love that 80's New Wave influence in Front 242's music. I'm not really into Noize, even thought purists would consider that "true" industrial. I also like Assemblage 23, even though their electronic influence is really strong. Well, your thoughts?
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I used to be back in high school, though i Did always like the more rock-oriented industrial music. The Front bands were good, I was big into Chemlab and Hate Department, KMFDM and some of the obvious bands. My music tastes have changed quite a bit since then, I don't really listen to any of those CD's anymore. I guess I'm more into "indie" rock now.

Are there any good newer industrial bands out lately? It was always hard to find new bands because that genre is kinda dead to pop culture.
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Industrial on a whole really is just "noise" in my opinion. The worst part is that it really hasn't evolved much. New synth technology comes and goes, but it really hasn't changed over the past decades.

NIN, I'd consider more industrial rock at this point. However, back when Pretty Hate Machine came out, the band was placed into that industrial genre and never broke out of it in the eyes of most people. PHM is still more dance musically orientated in my opinion... but industrial doesn't just include stuff like Ministry either, as you know. You could probably stuff a lot of EBM and such in there. Besides, Trent doesn't like NIN being called industrial anyway.

Manson is inbetween too. Has industrial sides to it, mostly in ACS and Golden Age... but the band shifts a lot. Same with NIN. Went from PHM to the pretty much metal-based (but still heavily synth and synth-drum influenced) Broken and on to other things. Then you have all these bands that combine stuff to such a point that I don't even know what they'd be considered. godhead used to label itself as gothic industrial, for example... although their newest release, Evolver, shifted from that. They really changed for the worse after 2000 Years of Human Error lol.

Anyway, I like Ministry. At times they can get incredibly irritating, but they are solid. They released something rather recently that was pretty good. KMFDM/MDFMK were always good, accessible stuff. WWIII, which they released not too long ago, is pretty nice stuff. Better than a lot of the music they've released recently. Bile toured with them, I'm sure some people know this band from the Mortal Kombat soundtrack WAY back... they're pretty much laughable at this point though.

Skinny Puppy, Pigface, Coil, Einsturzende Neubauten and Ohgr are great stuff too. None of that should be hard to find, with the exception of Einsturzende Neubauten, as most of their stuff is imports. Nosferatu can be okay, and I suppose Nocturne has some stuff I could consider "industrial" based.

Then there's stuff like 12 Rounds, Curve, Zeromancer, tweaker, Kidneythieves and so on that are decidedly in the middle. They have industrial aspects, but have different edges to them. Curve is usually referred to as shoegazer, a few others as electronica. I don't know what 12 Rounds would even be considered, and tweaker seems almost like electronic-based rock.

Personally, I avoid the more "underground" ish stuff, as it is too noise based. I doubt I'd name anything I enjoyed that people weren't familiar with. That doesn't mean I'm into Stabbing Westward side of the spectrum, but I just don't care for noise that isn't even comparable to music.
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