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[center][b]Super Mario: The Portal of Adventure[/b][/center]

[center][b]The Story:[/b][/center]
Mario's Journal,

Mushroom Kingdom has lived in peace it's whole time of living. Besides Bowser of course, but he is always defeated. Bowser finally realized that he could never win and after a recent battle with Mario he decided to stop his evil mischief and live in peace (but his attitude hasn't changed). Thanks to this Mushroom Kingdom and the rest of Mario Land has been happy and nothing has ever happened. But now something weird has happened, in the deepest part of Peach's Castle, I was cleaning up and getting rid of some junk when I looked out the window to see a shooting star. I raced over to see if the star was alright. When I got to the crater something I will never forget happened. In it was nothing like a Shooting Star but another creature. It was humanoid form, in fact it looked a bit like me with slight changes. He had a black Koopa shell though which was weird because he was a human. He also had a White Toad head with black spots. His face was covered, it was shadowed with black and his body was all silver, a bit like me in Metal mode. He jumped up and punched me straight in the face, I flinched but fought back. I shot fireballs when Koopa Wings sprouted from his back! He flew above me and told me this:
"Mario, I have watched your every move. This kingdom will be destroyed." He flew away but before that he made a portal. He said
"Gather your strongest warriors and report back here. I will not destroy your Kingdom if you beat this little game I made. Tomorrow at noon.. The adventure will begin!" With that he left.



You will choose one of these characters or if you have another Mario Character in mind then please tell.

Baby Mario
Baby Luigi
Baby Bowser (Koopa Kid)
Koopa (any type)
[color=red]Toad[/color] - Played by Lrb


Character name:[/b] (If you can think of anyone else PM me and I will tell you if it's alright.)

[b]Reason for choosing character:[/b] (Note that if someone else has taken a character you want then you can try and sign-up for it. I will choose the best.)

[b]Description:[/b] (Picture would be nice)

[b]Bio:[/b] (The story starts of with us travelling through the portal. Mario gathered his best warriors so for the Bio you put what happened before Mario asked you and you can even add him asking you into it.)

The RPG will begin in a few days, depending on this sign-up. Ok so make sure you just copy the Layout for the Sign-Up to your post like in every other Recruitment, fill the information and your done.

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[b]Name[/b] Haha. I'm a Wario!

[b]Reason[/b] I chose-a myself, because-a love gold so-a mucho mucho. ALmost-a as much as a challenge! Heehee! I will surely find-a some gold-a in this portal.. maybe it lead to a gold-a wolrd-a! You-a think too maybe? Yes?

Wario no-a have photo of self-a yet. Go get film, be back soon. Yes, soon.

Here-a is-a the photo for you. Wario look-a very good-a in it, no?

Wario is a cousin of the Mario Brothers and a brother of Waluigi. He has been jealous of Mario's popularity ever since he they were boys. During Mario's adventure in Super Mario Land, Wario took over Mario's castle on his own island known as Mario Land and sealed it off with the 6 golden coins. Mario retrieved the coins and threw Wario out of his castle.
But Wario, being the persistent guy he is didnt give up. He wanted his own castle more than ever before. One day Wario was practicing being mean when he heard that the Brown Sugar Pirates of Kitchen Island had stolen the giant gold statue of Princess Toadstool. Wario knew that Mario was looking for it, but he thought "If I could find it first, I could cash it in for a princess' ransom. Then I could buy a palace that is way bigger than Mario's pathetic excuse for a castle." Full of confidence, Wario took off. He didnt even stop to think of how tough the Brown Sugar Pirates were. Their leader, Captain Syrup was known all over the world for being a really rotten and ruthless guy. Wario went all over Kitchen Island finding the pirates treasures and taking their coins until he met Captain Syrup at Syrup Castle. Much to Wario's surprise, Captain Syrup was a women. She rubbed a magic lamp and a genie came out and fought Wario. Wario easily defeated the genie and Captain Syrup. The castle exploded, revealing the gold statue of Princess Toadstool. As he was looking at it and thinking of all the money it was worth, a helicopter came flying through the air with a magnet. It was Mario! He took the statue and flew off with it back to the Princess's castle. Wario was speechless. One minute he was the world's richest man, the next Mario was getting all the credit for Wario's great deed. This didn't keep Wario down for long. He still had lots of gold, but now near enough for a castle. He then met the genie. He wondered if the genie would grant his wish. The genie told Wario that he would need to bring him some cash and he would give him a castle. Wario gave the genie all of his gold and all of the pirate's treasures that he had found during his adventure, and the genie gave Wario a wonderful castle.
Then quiet morning, Wario was peacefully resting in bed. He was so tired from treasure hunting that he did not hear the brown sugar pirates sneak into his castle and steal all of his treasures. Wario's alarm clock woke him up and he found out that the pirates had stole his treasure. He vowed to get every bit of it back and then some more to go with it. So he made it to the new Syrup Castle and beat Captain Syrup again. He then took all his treasure back to his castle.
He also thought on a way to get back at Mario. He knew that the Mario Kart cups were getting underway soon so he got a kart and even built his own racing stadium, which looked more like a dirtbike track. Wario then bought a set of golf clubs and joined the Mario tour in Mario Golf. He also played tennis on Mario Tennis. He went to Mario Party and Mario Party 2. He even convinced his brother Waluigi to go to Mario Party 3.
Then one day Wario was flying his new plane. He couldn't believe it! It had been such a lovely day, with not a cloud in the sky, a perfect day for flying his plane. Then, without warning, his engine began to sputter and Wario crash landed in the woods. He spent the rest of the afternoon wandering amongst the trees and underbrush, muttering to himself about his miserable luck. Without looking where he was going, Wario stumbled right into a cave. Inside the cave, he found a music box, but no matter how much Wario wound it up, no song could be heard. "What's-a-this?!? It must-a be brok . . ." But before he finished, Wario vanished with a flash! Only the music box remained, right where Wario had found it. Wario soon awoke to very different surrondings, and it wasn't long before he realized he was inside the music box! A mysterious figure informed Wario that he had once ruled the world inside the music box, until an evil being sealed away his magical powers in five music boxes. Naturally, Wario wasn't too interested in this story . . . that is, until the figure promised to send Wario back to his own world and let him keep any treasure he found, if he'd only recover the hidden music boxes, thereby breaking the seal that had locked away the hidded figure's powers. Enticed by the thought of returning to his own world with a cache of treasure, Wario departed on his quest in search of the music boxes and the many treasures of this mysterious land.

Thenn-a, one day, that little runt Mario, came-a up-a to me, and asked me-a to help-a him. I laughed-a HOHOHO. And-a then I thought about-a treasure. And I said-a "Sure-a Mario. I help-a you with-a these bad peoples. Righty-a"

So-a, we go-a and get-a all-a the other peoples, and we gonna go frew portal and find-a gold-a!
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