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Art Launch: Project Eden

Baron Samedi

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Yes, once again my name for this is misleading. So, follow my convoluted naming reasons.

Adam= 1st man
Men= Mr. Men

So, here it is, the big launch, Baron's new facade for the Boards...

[size=4][b]MR. MEN![/b][/size]

Now sit back and enjoy my stuff.

Oh, crit welcome. It isn't a great banner, but I wanted Mr. Men.

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AWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! Baron that is so cute! I don't get it, but it is so cute that it doesn't matter. What are those guys? I like the yellow one. The one and only problem I have is the text. It doesn't go with the cute little men. I think it needs to be cuter.


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I used to love those books, heh. The only one I owned was (I think) Mister Messy, but wow...I used to check them out from the library, and...yeah.


*gives you a smiley sticker for nostalgia*

Full marks for content, Baron-me-Josh.[/size]
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