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RPG Seto's Pride

Anyu WhiteWolf

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Sorry I didn't get this up sooner...people who haven't signed in can still sign in..

Lone Wolf( that's me) sat at one side of the table. Yugi and Joey sat at the other side, eating thier fries. A couple people came through the door, we could tell by the little "ding, ding, ding," of the bell above the door. I was just about to bite into my cheeseburger when I heard a rushed sound from the bell, and the door slammed into the wall it was hinged to. I looked behind my seat to see Mokuba panting in exaust. "Mokuba!" Yugi exclaimed, "what's wrong?" I walked over to Mokuba to steady him by holding his shoulders. he looked like he was going to keel over. I noticed that Mokuba's shirt was torn and drenched with blood dripping down his arm. I signaled to Joey by pointing to the dude at the register. Joey ran to the dude and asked for a first aid kit. The guy simply handed over the kit without a hint of concern. "Don't worry, Mokuba, I'll sock his nose in later. Now tell me, what happened. " I thought about it for a minute. "where's Seto..." I said knowing if ANYTHING ever happened to Mokuba, something must have happened to him.
Mokuba told us all about what had happened.
"Appereantly, Seto's evil half has come back from the Shadow Realm again." Mokuba said, "He took Seto away and left me a note. It said 'My lesser half and I have some bonding to do. I have him Class A Burton style...If you know what I mean. You don't? Too bad!' I don't have any idea what that means, I was hoping that you did".:nervous:
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[color=purple]"...I see... Seto Kaiba has an evil side, and the last time it awakened was during a duel with Yugi... Now, that spirit has reawakened, and it's destined to destroy the world... He even has Kaiba's Egyptian God Card, the one I gave to him... I must get it back before he destroys the entire world..."

Tristen and Serenity were out on a "date". Tristen appeared to be caught up in some sort of love spell. "Hey, should we go to the mall or something?" he asked in a romantic tone. "Uhhh... sure..." Serenity answered. She turned away and saw Ishizu, who was sitting down with her hands near her necklace, which, from its glow, meant that she was viewing the future. Serenity stopped walking, and so did Tristen soon after. "Hey Serenity, what's wrong?" he asked.
"Hey, isn't that Ishizu? You know, the one who dueled Kaiba in the Battle City finals?"
"Ummm... I was too busy thinking about you to notice..."
Suddenly, Ishizu woke up from the trance she was in and stood up. "Tristen, Serenity... My Millennium Necklace told me you'de be coming..."
"What are you doing here?" Tristen wondered.
"It's a long story," Ishizu sighed, "but I'll try to make it short. Tristen, do you remember way back in Duelist Kingdom, when Yugi dueled Kaiba's evil spirit?"
"Ummm... oh yeah, that's right..." Tristen remembered.
"The spirit lost the duel to Yugi a long time ago, but he's back..."
"Hey, how do you know?" Tristen asked. "And what's with that weird glowing necklace?"
"It's a Millennium Item that allows me to see into the past as well as the future... Well anyways, Kaiba's evil spirit has taken over him completely, and he plots to take over the world... And it gets worse because he still has Obelisk the Tormenter... I wish I had never given that card to him..."
"You [i]gave[/i] him that card?!?" Serenity exclaimed. "But... why?"
"Yeah, you could have kept it for yourself... after all, you're a duelist as well..." Tristen sounded confused.
"I gave it to him for two reasons. First, I thought that if I gave him that card, Marik would be unable to get his hands on it. Second, it made know difference, because I knew he'd give the card back eventually by losing it in the tournament. But I was wrong for the first time, and now I need that card back more than anything... It must be in the hands of a non-evil person or it will destroy the world...
I also sense that my little brother is up to no good. He still has his evil spirit, and he's still planning to take Kaiba's Egyptian God Card as well as Yugi's... I'm sure he'll never get his hands on Slifer the Sky Dragon, but if he gets Obelisk, the evil inside him will grow stronger..."
"Wait a minute... If Marik takes Obelisk, won't that make Kaiba's evil spirit weaker?" Tristen asked.
"Yes, that is true, but that will only make things worse. The Winged Dragon of Ra is a very powerful monster, and combined with Obelisk the Tormenter, it might be almost unstoppable... And it gets worse with Slifer...
I also heard that Marik is using Tea as a mind slave. You better be careful when you see her; don't be surprised if she acts evil. Also, she holds Bakura's Millennium Ring, which is twice as bad. Plus, even though Bakura's evil spirit is gone, he still is alive inside Yugi's Millennium Puzzle..."
"What?!?" Tristen and Serenity shouted in unison.
"Yes, that is true. Remember when Yugi and Joey got stuck in a fire and the Millennium Puzzle was nearly destroyed? Bakura helped to put the puzzle back together, but he put a piece of his spirit inside one of the pieces... That also means that Bakura is quite likely to discover the secrets of the Pharaoh, unless Yami stops him, which I think he has no problem doing. Yami is still unsure of his past, and he needs help. But don't worry. I can help him with that. Meanwhile, you two have got to work on your dueling skills incase Kaiba or Marik or one of his mind slaves finds you... As a matter of fact, I see Tea coming as a mind slave very shortly..." And with that, Ishizu walked away to talk to Yami.
"That was weird..." Tristen mutered.
"Hey wait!" Serenity shouted. "Tell me more!"
"I will tell you," Ishizu said right before she left, "when the time is right. Oh by the way, you two better take these; they will help you and your decks..."
A few cards flew into their hands: Tristen got a Gemini Elf, and Serenity got Polymerization and Cosmo Queen.
"Wow, another Polymerization card!" Serenity exclaimed. That means I can add another Fusion monster in my deck!
"Hey, Serenity," Tristen complimented. "I think you're catching on!"

Meanwhile, while she was walking away, Ishizu saw something else... "Hmmm... I also sense that Mai should be back from the Shadow Realm soon... At least [/i]one[/i] good thing is about to happen..." And with that, she went off to find Yugi.[/color]

I hope that was OK for whoever's playing Tristen... (or if nobody is, hope that's OK Anyu; I'm not going to actually RP Tristen and Serenity; I just added them to this post.) I'll post Mai's intro post next, so don't wake her up until then.
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Rinshii's ears perked up when she heard mention of an 'evil side'. She turned around from her own table and saw Mokuba, Yugi, Joey and Lone Wolf.
"An evil side eh?" she began, joining into the converstation without even being invited. "Class A Burton Style!?" she tried recalling what is was but couldn't remember and shrugged.
"I take it you'll be needing some help with freeing your brother..." she began, hinting that she was willing to help.

OOC: Where are they anyways? in a restrarunt or fast food place perhaps?
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OOC: OK, I'll deliver the message later--I'm waiting for intelligent posts, no offense...
[color=purple]"And now, Harpy Lady Sisters, attack Dave's life points directly!!"
"Noooooo!" Dave cried as his life points crept away from him, causing him to lose the duel.
"Ha! That should teach you the meaning of girl power, twerp!" Mai shouted as she left. "That was too easy," she thought as she went. "I need more of a challenge!"
"Then a challenge you shall have..." a mysterious voice called from afar. "About time," Mai said in a relieved tone. "Give me all you got!"
"A challenge you will get... but first I must tell you something..." the voice continued.
"Blah, blah, blah. I came to duel, not to talk."
"Feisty one, huh? OK, follow my voice and we shall have our duel."
Mai, thinking it was all a trap, walked away in search of anouther opponent. "Sorry, whoever you are," she thought as she walked on. "I'm not as dumb as Joey. I'm not falling for your trap."
Suddenly, a trap hole appeared below Mai, who fell into it!
"What the..." Mai wondered as she hit the bottom of the hole.
"You cannot run away. I have a rare power: the power to make Duel Monsters cards come to life. Think of it as a Shadow Game, but without the evil magic."
"Huh... Go Harpie Lady!" She held up her Harpie Lady card, and a Harpie Lady appeared out of it! "Now I can do that too...?" Mai wondered in confusion, staring at the monster she just let out of its card.
Suddenly, a thunderbolt erupted from the center of the street and hit the sky like a bullet. Thousands of Kuribohs came raining down and exploded when they hit the ground.
"Run!" "Get out of there!" "Hide!" People were shouting everywhere, fleeing the city by the thousands. A few of them soon spotted Mai's Harpie Lady.
"Hey, don't think this is funny," one of the people shouted angrily. "Your little Kuriboh scheme is a cheap trick! Just because you have the power to summon Duel Monsters to this world without a duel doesn't mean you can send Kuribohs everywhere to blow up this city!"
"It wasn't me; it was... it was... a voice..."
The group of people laughed. "Ha ha! A voice," a man said in a babyish tone. "A voice! We should turn you in to the police!"
But before they could say any more, Mai was off on her Harpie's Pet Dragon...[/color]
Sorry the post had to be so short; I have to leave... Hope that wasn't too off-topic... (but I won't tell you who set those Kuribohs off!)
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iv'e only got time for a short post
Lone turned to Joey and . "You and me will go see if we can find our friends," She turned back to Yugi and Rinshii, "You two and Mokuba head back to Kiaba Corp to see if you can find out any information you can possibly get." Lone and Joey ran down the street towards Tea's home and Mokuba led Yugi and Rinshii back to Kaiba Corp.
"Lone! Slow down! Yer runnin' to fast!" Joey yelled. And she was too. Lone is best known for her amazing speed and strength. So she took it down a knotch.
"Oh, Lone, Joey, What's up? I was just on my way to work..."Lone skitted to a stop and trotted in place. "No time! we gotta find Tristan, Serrenedy, and Duke, and maybe we can find Mai..." Joey and Tea followed Lone down the road where they spotted Tristan flirting with Serrenedy. Joey quickly grabbed Tristan and pulled him to the ground..."You bum! Whatta ja doin' to 'er dis time, huh??"(sorry for the horrible Broklyn accent) Lone picked up Tristan by the colar and hung him there while holding Joey back with the other arm, "We need to find Duke, he's probobly at his gaming store, you can pound on Tristan later, J Man...( I call Joey "J Man" cuz I just thought it would be cool to put in my pet names for him to the rpg...)" Serrenedy gave a giggle and followed the gang to Duke's "Gaming Centre"
Wait, THAT was a short post??
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I'll do a short post...

[color=purple]Yugi, Joey, and Tea were still laughing about Tristen's affair with Serenity. Suddenly...
"Yugi. I have been expecting you."
Yugi turned around. "Ishizu!" he exclaimed. "What are you doing here?"
"I came to tell you something," she said in a sorrowful tone. "You must find Kaiba. His evil side has completely broken through, and he plans to kidnap Mokuba and put the whole world in danger!"
Yugi gasped and looked at Yami.
"But that's not all," Ishizu continued. "Bakura is sill alive; he lives inside... your puzzle."
"But how..."
"Remember when you almost lost your puzzle in a fire? When Bakura helped to put your puzzle back together, his evil spirit put a piece of himelf inside a piece of your puzzle. Now, he is wandering its chambers and is trying to figure out your secret..." She them turned to Yami. "Yami, you must find Bakura and destroy him before he finds out anything more..."
"Oh don't worry about that. There are several traps inside there which will consume him forever..."
"Yes, he's aware of that. But he still has help from my brother, Marik..."
"And that's not all Marik is up to. He's occasionally trying to take over Duke's mind and set up an unbeatable Dungeon Dice Monsters game using him... He must be found and stopped..."
"Darn, isn't anything good going to ever happen?" Tea wondered. "Ever since Duelist Kingdom, it's gotten worse and worse..."
"There is one good thing," Ishizu replied. "Mai has managed to come back from the shadow realm." Everyone cheered at those words. "And," Ishizu continued, "she has managed to gain a new power similar to that of a Millennium Item... She can summon Duel Monsters and other cards as if bringing them to life, without entering a duel."
"But how can..." Tristen wondered. Ishizu cut him off. "It apears that the long hours in the Shadow Realm has done something to her, like making an error in restoring her mind... She may have a hidden millennium item, even... there seem to be duplicates of the millennium items going around, and new ones were created... I once passed by a boy with a Millennium Treasure Chest. That item allowed him to wish for virtually anything he wanted, as long as it could fit into that chest."
"Wow, that's quite amazing..." Yugi wondered. "But then," he thought to Yami, "then it's possible for someone to posess even more of those items, and possibly turn evil... oh I don't like the sound of this..."
"We have nothing to worry about," Yami reassured him. "As long as we believe in each other and the heart of the cards, there's nothing we can't do or put an end to."
"Yugi," Ishizu said, interrupting his conversation with Yami, "always believe in yourself and the heart of the cards. You'll need that belief more than ever..." But before she left, Mai was soaring towards the group on her dragon...
"Hey guys," she said excitedly. "Betcha didn't expect me back so soon!"[/color]
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Lone got up behind Harpie's pet Dragon and started poking it's tail. "Hey! I can touch it!!" Nobody payed any attention, they knew Lone's love for dragons and let her stay in her happy little world of poking and proding and yanking it's tail and wishing she, too had the Blue Eyes :bawl: . When Lone tried to talk to the gang, they were gone, everyone except Joey who looked spacingly at the sky...spacingly? "J Man! Everyone's gone!" Joey looked at her, "Yeah, dey all went ta Duke's. Gunna see if he's a mind slave or not." All of a sudden, the dragon starts to dissapear. "Oh crud!" Lone yelled. Then, a Kuriboh fell from above mearly missing Joey. "Jeeze!" He yelled and took a couple fast steps back. The kuriboh was smoking and looked dead and crispy...ew. "Uh, I tink we betta go find da gang." Joey exclaimed as he started to walk away from the Crispy Fried Kuriboh. "Yeah." Lone said as she folowed Joey.
Please include Lone in your post, I fell left out now...and we were supposed to be at the gaming shop already....
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Bringing the rpg back to life!
Lone and Joey quickly caught up with the gang at Duke's gaming parlor. "Somehow...it seems bigger than last time."Tristan exclaimed. "I think your right, Tristan." Yugi said. Lone started to stare blankly at the sky. Mia gave her an annoyed look, "What are you doing?" Lone just kept looking up. Joey joined her, "Nope. I deffinetly dont see anyting." Lone got hit by a drop of rain. "Dark clouds, man. You gotta see them they're right there." Now Tea gave Lone an annoyed look, "Jeeze, all this stuff if going on and she's looking at clouds..." Soon the rain started to pour. Then something unlike this season happened, it snowed, hard. "What da heck?!" Joey yelled. Serrenedy hugged herself to keep warm. "It's freezing!" She said shivvering. Next, it started to hail, but just on Lone. Then a few seconds later the whole town got it. "WHY AM I ALWAYS THE FIRST ONE TO GET HIT WITH THE HAIL STONES?!?!" Lone yelled. "Quick, inside." Yugi yelled as the gang had allready started to do.
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