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Sign Up Supernatural Encounters (Swearing and there can be romance but no sex. Make it PG 13)


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Alright let me break the story down for you. It is modern day and In the cities of Miami, Los Angeles, and New York City there are three different people. They live their everyday lives and expect nothing out of the ordinary when they do something that has to do with the supernatural. It doesn't matter what they do. They think nothing of it until some people they are somehow related to (boss, friend, relative, associate, anything! but it has to be directly related, not something like, my brother's mother in-law's sister's room mate) start getting attacked. They learn that the attackers are ghosts, and somewhere along the line, these three meet up and try to solve and correct what is happening.

Sign ups: There can be any amount of people, but only three people who have the ghosts attack people they know. The other people can just be friends, or people that are met up with along the way and try to help. You could also be a person who gets attacked. You could also be a ghost if you wanted! That would be interesting. Here is the info i need.


Age: And make the age atleast 18 alright?

Gender: Try to even out the genders if there are 3 girls and 2 boys and you want to join, it would be preferable if your character were a boy.





Person who has ghosts attack people they know, person who the ghosts don't attack people they know, or a ghost: Tell if you are one of the three characters who has ghosts attack people they know, or if you are not one, or if you are a ghost.


Alright here is the info for my character:

Name: Sky Mortin

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Appearance: Straight blonde hair, usually gelled up in one of the latest fashion trends. Blue eyes. A thin but not really scrawny body and fairly tall. He usually dresses up in the latest fashion trends too. He always wears a silver pendant in the shape of a dragon that used to be his grandfather's a while back.

Location: Los Angeles

Personality: Friendly and fun loving mostly all of the time he can get very stressed and angry if something is going on. He is usually very outgoing and always trying, to no avail, to try and impress the ladies. He has very expensive taste, and can sometimes be conceited. He cares very much for the friends that he has and will always be there for them. He has no problem with breaking the rules as long as there isn't a huge consequence or if he thinks he won't get caught, which is most of the time because he is usually pretty cocky.

Biography: Growing up in a fairly wealthy family as an only child he had always been a good student who worked as hard as he could. He didn't do too good but he wasn't bad either. He got mainly B's. He wasn't popular in school but he wasn't a loser either. His mother had run away when he was 13 and his father really never got him. Sky had always been interested in acting. His father didn't really approve of that, being a lawyer, and thinking acting was girly and for gays. Never on good terms with his father he was constantly out of the house. And got the first chance he could to move out. He had had one girlfriend and they had been dating for four years but they broke up a month before his 20th birthday. Persuing his acting career he has appeared in comercials and some Motion Pictures only as either extras or a person with one or two lines. He lives in a pretty fancy apartment and has more than enough money, though he doesn't want to buy a home. He enjoys coffe, video games, movies, and the normal type of thing.

Person who has ghosts attack people they know, not one of those people, or ghost: He is a one of the three characters who has the ghost attack people who are related to him in some way.


Alright, so sign up to join this wonderful RPG and i'll start it up once i feel we have enough people. Come on and join!!!
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Ahh, what the heck. I get to be a ghost, how many RPGs have [i]that[/i] kind of twist?
Name: Chinili

Age: 74 (looks 10 as she did when she died.)

Gender: Girl

Appearance: [img]http://www.classicgaming.com/splatterhouse/gif/ghost.gif[/img]
(Just imagine her face that of a 10 year old.)

Location: The torndown project house (A.K.A: an office building in NYC)

Personality: She's a shadowy ghost, who likes to be alone. She doesn't talk much, but when she wants to fiight, she does. And heaven help whoever is her opponent.

Biography: Chiniri never had a good life. The people at school picked on her for her ragged and dirty clothes and her parents didn't care much for her. In fact, at age 3, Chinili's dad had already broughten home 3 different wives, each time he had left for a month or two and came back chasing the children, trying to beat them. Finally, her eldest brother, who was 8, took the children out on the streets to live. They stayed close to the house, incase they could inhabit it again when the parents went away, and also incase a mom had another kid they needed to take in. The 8 year old got jobs washing cars and mowing lawns as the little ones played on the already cut grass, or inside the car. They barely made enough to survive, and, once Chinili was old enough, she helped, too. School was no fun, anyway. But, when Chinili was 10, she was diagnossed with exhaustion because of malnutrition which led to anemonia (sp?). She died a month later due to the fact the others couldn't get her medical health (for financial reasons, duh). So, once they tore down her house in the projects, and put up a buissness building, she had to haunt there.

Main, not main, or a ghost: Ghost (again, duh)
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Alright, thats a good character. Ok, N Y C. Thank you!

Alright, we need 2 more main characters, and some more non main characters, and ghosts.

Also, in order to make this RPG seem more connected, we'll have the three main characters, in the very least possibly the non main characters too, we'll have them be connected via AOL Instant Messanger. Atleast until they meet up somehow.

How does that sound? If there are any questions, PM me.
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Hmmm... Should I be a ghost or a main character?
[color=sky blue][u]Name:[/u] Morikarea (Mori for short)
[u]Age:[/u] ummm...
[u]Gender:[/u] Female
[u]Appearance:[/u] Mori is about 6 feet tall, has pale blue skin, deep blue eyes, and long wavy white hair. She wears a lavender shirt with short pink sleeves, a long, slightly torn aqua skirt, and no shoes.
[u]Location:[/u] the outskirts of Miami
[u]Personality:[/u] Mori is very quiet and tends to just stare at people when she meets them. She also always seems emotionless and will not laugh or smile even when someone tells the funniest joke in the world. (She'd probably be good at playing Poker because of that!) Even though she technically is a ghost, she tends to act humanlike most of the time and doesn't attack people.
[u]Bio:[/u] Mori's life is a mystery at this point; only she knows (part of) what went on in her life--er--afterlife. She has always wondered whether she's alive or dead, and if she is dead, she doesn't remember anything about her life. When she heard about the ghosts attacking people, she started to see dead people all over the place (actually, ghosts, but same thing...) and could talk to them as well--telepathically. She asks them if they had seen her when she was alive, and she only managed to learn one thing:

In either her life or afterlife, her mother was attacked by a gang of ghosts, or, at least that's what Mori heard. The thought of her mother dying made Mori want to kill herself as well, which she probably did. Whatever it was, Mori has woken up with absolutely no memory of her past life.

[b]Mori is a ghost.[/b][/color]

I hope Mori's in... sorry if her bio's kinda confusing...
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ummmmm, well you're probably in no doubt cuz really no one has come in yet. But, i was kinda leaning towards the main characters being alive. It's a great sign up other wise! Just either make her alive for a main character, or dead for just a ghost. Unless, you ABSOLUTELY want to be a main character AND a ghost, then i guess it would be alright. And a main character doesn't mean they get to post the most. If you're a ghost you can post about the ghost as much as you like!

Let me clarify something, Main Character, doesn't really mean that they are what the RPG is all about. The three "Main Characters" ( i shouldn't really be saying "main") are the three people who have ghosts attack people they know. There can be other people who can be in the RPG just as much, and same thing with ghosts. In fact i shall edit my first post so that it doesn't say "main character", it says "Character who has ghosts attack people they know" yes, that is what i shall do.

Ok, other than that, PEOPLE JOIN PLEASE!!!!
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name: Menolly Greene

age: 18

gender: female

apperance: About 5 foot 6 with long chocolate brown hair and deep blue

location: Nyc (where exactly I've not decided.)

personality: Very shy and rarely opens up to people she doesn't know well. She never thinks well of the latest trend and dresses very plainly (so not to be noticed). Noone is quite sure why she dislikes being noticed by others. Despite the shy exterior, she is quite spiteful and holds many grudges

Biography: Since she was very little, Menolly was hit alot by her mother and was constantly moving around from place to place. For a while, she didn't even have an actual home. When she was 15, she ran from her mother, only taking a backpack full of clothes. She lived in a library, where she discovered many books on withchcraft. Completely interested, she practiced what was in those books, until she became quite good. Determined to make her life better, Menolly turned herself to social services and using her newly aquired powers, made sure she got put with a upper-class family that would leave her alone. During the rest of high school, she furthered her skills even more, and managed to get into a college in NYC.

person who has ghosts attack people.

What do you think?
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Name: Percy Noble

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Apperance: Short stubby man with three day growth covering his face. Normally wears a pizza stained t- shirt and jeans held up by braces.

Location: Miami

Personality: fairly shy guy who is to afraid to ask chicks out. loyal to good friends. Gets easily annoyed by people doing stupid things that have no purpose.

Bio: born in Colarado to fairly normal parents Percy grew up like every other kid. His mother died when he was 10 leaving his father to raise him. in order to come to grips with his tragic loss Percy started living more and more on the net. At the age of 12 Percys' father moved him to Miami where he has lived ever since. After he finished high school Percy went to colledge were he is now studying for a computer degree.

Main/ non- main/ ghost: Percy is not a main character.
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Ok, good you guys, good. Those are both great sign ups! Gumby, interesing thought having your character being a slob.

Nefertimon!, i need you to change your sign up!! Either you are a ghost or you are a person who has ghosts attack people she knows! I need you to do this soon or Gumby can have his character be a "main character" (Grrr shouldn't be saying that but..) if he wants. Ok? alright, so please help me here.

We might be able to start after Nefertimon changes her sign up, but we could also use another boy!!
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...I'm confused. You said in the last post that I could be both...

Mori's mom DID get attacked by a ghost, as I said in my bio. So she's not technically a ghost... well she is; she just doesn't attack people. And I do get what you mean about main character.
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Nefertimon, well............It just would be really really helpful if you were either alive and "main" or dead and just a ghost. It would be so much easier that way, because the three main have to be connecterd via AIM and they have to meet up. It would be kind of hard for a ghost to do that. And she doesn't have to attack people, she could help the other people. And another thing, with the three main characters, the people they know haven't been attacked yet. They're going to get attacked later on. I'm not trying to be mean or anything, i just think this would be easier.

Thank you very much.
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Ok... it said in my bio that Mori killed herself after her mother died... so...

Anyways, Mori is a special ghost. She can be seen by humans. So I don't know why you think that a ghost would be hard to contact in this case...

So, with that said, Mori will be alive at the beginning of the RPG at least. So I'll be a main character.
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Guest lunastarlight
Name: luna

Age: 18

Gender: girl duh

Appearance: shoulder length wavy brown and bright green eyes, average height and weight

Location: NYC

Personality: sweet, but if u get on her nerves she explodes, she is sarcastic a lot but she loves her friends dearly even if she sometimes yells at them and she would do anything for them

Biography: her parents died when she was little and she has lived with her aunt and uncle and cousin since she was little and they took care of her and treated her well. she was always looking for something more than just regular life though.

Person who has ghosts attack people they know, person who the ghosts don't attack people they know, or a ghost: ghosts attack ppl she knows.: rolleyes:

i really have NO idea if i did that right... o well lol
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well, that is good. But we already have three characters that have ghosts attack people they know, and unless anyone doesn't want to be one anymore, Is it ok if you're a friend of someone then? Or someone else or something? Thankies.

To everyone: I'm trying to type up a first post but i've just been so wrapped up in School, and everything else so be patient with me alright?

Remember, this is still open to everyone else.
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