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Rage against the Machine


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[b]OMG rage is the r0x0rz lolk!!!111 [/b]

And no, I'm not spamming :smirk:

I've only really got into Rage Against the Machine since the Matrix credits, and I enjoy their style. It's a kind of funky hip hop rock sound (to me it is anyway)

My favourite tracks would be Wake Up, Renegades of Funk and Bullet in the Head. I also have downloaded a track which is probably mislabelled as being them, it's the Star Wars Imperial March, rocked up, it's a good track.

Among the things I like most abour RAGTM, is their political message, and how it is so well wrapped into the lyrics of their songs. Before hearing Wake Up outside the Matrix Credits, I didn't hear such lyrics as "you know they murdered X, (Malcom X I assume) they tried to blame it on Islam."

According to The Covers project, a site that lists bands and what they've covered and who's covered their songs, Renegades of Funk is a cover, and they also did a cover of N.W.A's **** the Police (which i don't recall after reading their discography)

It's a shame RAGTM broke up in 2000, I woulod have like to hear them speak out about Iraq :smirk:
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Well I say down with rage...

First off, x was murdered by muslims that didn't like when malcom found the true islam and stopped hating whites. (go look it up, don't take rocha's word for it)

Second, they are a bunch of hipocrites. Thats right.

You see, when you claim to be a communist and then expliot a capitalistic society so you can sell your music, you are a hipocrite. (saying one thing and doing another)

All in all, I was a huge rage fan about 8 years ago, but then... I woke up. Just like he asked me to (rocha) I woke up. I stopped listening to foolish communist that are just wanna-be mexican revolutionaries and started finding things out for myself... and thats when I found out rage and rocha in particular were/are full of ****.
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[color=#707875]Well...I like Rage Against the Machine, at least in terms of their sound. I've liked them for a while, though I've never been a huge fan in particular.

I completely disagree with their political lyrics...like most celebrities, their opinions don't hold a huge amount of factual weight. So I put them in the same basket as any other Hollywood actor who might try to tell me about world affairs.

But, I don't really care about that. When I listen to their music, I really don't care about the political message. If the music sounds good and if I enjoy it...fine. *shrug*

I wouldn't be a very well informed human being if I relied on them for my political messages anyway.[/color]
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I used to be a huge, huge fan of Rage Against the Machine but now I just like them...I'm not obsessed like I was before, heh.

I always liked the sound of their songs, especially the guitar; Tom Morello is an amazing guitarist, no doubt about it. I never really got into the political aspect of the band, so their feelings on politics are pretty much a moot point to me.

My favorites of theirs would have to be Bulls on Parade, Ashes in the Fall and Sleep Now in the Fire.
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