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well, im writing a kenshin story so i decided to make one here. Please enjoy and make sure you check out the recruitment section if you want to join, do it quick though, I only want about 2 more people.

DG walked alone through the town. She recieved odd stares as she passed some store fronts and dojos. She silently walked to the edge of the town and looked back. The information she had recieved from an unknown source had been false. Sanosuke, her grandfather, his friend Kenshin Himura, had not been here. Not even once. To her disliking of being lied to she spit at the towns edge and continued to walk away from it.
Out in the distance, the unknown source of information watched her walk from the town towards him. He laughed silently to himself. "She must be killed. She is intruding on my masters business...Batosai the manslayer is a threat to society....he should never be freed..." he drew his sword and prepared to battle with her as she approached.
DG noticed a man standing on a small hill in the distance. She walked closer and noticed the mans sword. She unsheathed her own sword and slowly approached the man.
The man saw that she was prepared to fight and quickly charged at her. DG saw the mans moves before they happened. After charging towards her, he would slash to the left, then the right and then try to finish her off. She laughed and jumped into the air and over the man. He hadnt expected her to be so quick. He tripped over a rock and his sword flew out of his hands.
DG landed and turned to look at him.
"How pathetic..." she said in disgrace. "to think you could attack me?" she laughed and pressed her sword into his back. "Who are you and why are you trying to kill me?" she demanded.
"My, my name is Jonathon, Jonathon Olowski. Please....please dont kill me....I was only obeying orders..." he pleaded, but DG took no mercy.
She pressed her sword into his back enough to make a small slice. "What were your orders?" she demanded, thouroghly annoyed with his pleas.
"My orders were to kill you! You're a threat to, to my master!" he blurted out.
"Who, who is your master?"
He closed his eyes in pain as her sword dug deeper into his back. "I do not know...I am too low in rank to know his name...all I know is that he does not like you meddling in his business...." he had obviously given all the information he knew. DG decided to finish the job. She stabbed her sword through his back, took it out once he was dead and walked away.
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Gene had been watching the fight from a roof. From what he saw the girl was well experenced with fighting. "So do you think she's after kenshin to" gene asked. When he didn't here a responce he turned around. He saw that his brother wasn't there. Gene just shook his head. "I've told him not to go off on his own becuase he always get's in trouble" gene thought as he jumped off of the roof. "Knowing mal he'll go to the closet resturaunt" gene thought as he started running. He came to a resturaunt and opened the door. "Have you seen a kid with a zanbattou come in here" gene asked. "Ya. He's in a booth down at the end of a row" the waitress said. Gene nodded as he started walking. He found mals zanbattou out side of a booth.
He looked in and saw mal eating. "How many times have I told you not to leave with out telling me" gene said hitting his brother on the head. "I would of told you but I was hungry. Why don't you join me and grab a bit" mal said rubbing his head. Gene didn't say any thing and just sat down. "I found some one who might be looking for kenshin" gene said. "Good. The faster you fight him the faster you can make a technuiqe that uses a zanbattou for me" mal said smilling. "I never said i'd make you one" gene said hitting his borther again. "We'll follow the girl and see if she finds kenshin" gene said as he started looking at a menu.
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Mal started choosing all the food that he thought would hold him till morning. He had chosen about five things to things all ready. A waitress came by to take there orders. They both gaive there orders as they looed around.

"You do know eating all that stuff will slow you down a bit" gene said.

"I'm just eating it for extra energy. That girl will probaply leave soon so we'll need to move fast to catch up with her" mal said.

"There is some lodgic in that but I still think you'll be slowed down" gene said.

Mal just shook his head. They're food arrived and gene paied for it.

"So is there any thing you can tell me about the girl we'll be following" mal asked as he started eating some rice with beef.

"She seems to be experenced with blade weapons so we'll need to be carefull. You'll need to hide if she sees us" gene said as he started drinking his soup.

"What do you mean by that" mal asked glaring at his brother.

"You can move fast with your whip but your zanbattou will slow you down" gene said.

"I'm just as fast as you are with or with out my zanbattou" mal said as he started on the next part of his food.

Once they finished they started leaveing. As mal grabed his zanbattou some people stood up and started following.

"We've got company following us" mal said.

"If they keep following we'll fight them so I hope your up for some practice" gene said.

Mal nodded as they walked through the doors and left.
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Kitaro watched as the 2 brothers walked out of the resterunt, he overhead their conversation and decided to listen in, they were too looking for kenshin, and that other girl....he might be able to use them
he watchedas they walked out, and noticed a few people following them outside, rugged looking people that looked like trouble makers, bandits probably, he decided to follow and if needed, give his possible companions to-be a hand if needed.....

what the hell is a zanbattou?
and sorry for the short post i just dont realy know what to write right now :/
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O.O.C: The zanbattou is the large sword weapon that sanoske use against kenshin when they faught. It's also the reason sanoske was called zanza.

Gene and mal started heading to the edge of the town. They stopped and waited for there followers to catch up. "You wouldn't happen to be the kelroy brothers would" one of them asked. "Ya. Why is it any consern to you" gene asked resting his hand on his sword. "Most call you the rageing storm becuase some one or some thing gets hurt when your in a town. It's also said that you have your own technique and it's vary strong" another one said. "Whats your point" mal asked. "You can either tell us how to use your technique or we kill your brother along with you" another one of the guys said. "I will show you the a move from the technique but the only ones who will die will be you" gene said drawing his sword.
He dissapered as he ran. A coupel of seconds later he reapered and most of the guys following them dropped. "If you'ld like i'll do it again only it'll be more painfull for the rest of you" gene said smilling. There followers got scared and started backing away. "Come on gene. I want to take a try at them. i'll just hurt them enough to regret coming after us" mal said stepping forward. Gene just nodded. Mal charged at them and swung his zanbattou. They jumped into the air. Mal quickly chainged the angle of his swing and struck all of them. They all fell to the ground with some of there bones broken. "Normaly you can't swing a zanbattou upwards but i've learned how" mal said smilling. "Come on mal. We should probaply get going" gene said putting his sword back. Mal nodded as they entered the town. The jumped onto the roofs and started searching for the girl after kenshin.
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DG continued walking away from the body of Jonathon. She did not no where to go now. She decided that the best place to go would be the nearest town. She put her sword away and continued along a beaten path. Soon in the distance she spotted the outline of a town. Nearing the town she noticed movements in the shadows of the buildings ahead of her. Sensing that she was about to fight again, she drew her sword. A dozen men suddenly ambushed her. They surrounded her. "Look at her! She's only a little girl. What kind of a threat is she?" one said laughing.
"Well, she must be some kind of a threat to have gotten past Olowski and wanted to be killed by the Master." a smaller man pointed out. "Shut up Danisten, what do you know?" one of the larger men yelled at the the smaller man, known as Danisten. Danisten kept quiet and moved to the back of the group. DG was being to become irritated. The largest man approached her with his sword drawn. "This should be one of the simplest jobs I have ever---" DG had slashed the larger man while he was talking so quickly that it had looked as if she hadn't even moved. The man fell over, dead. The other men quickly scattered, all except for Danisten. "That was amazing." he said astonished. He looked around to see if any of his fellow comrades were watching before speaking again. "My name is Danisten. I shouldn't be doing this because it is against my orders but if you wish more information about Kenshin visit the town square. There is usually much gossip going around about something or another. Finding out what is true and what is not will be up to you." Danisten informed her. DG let out a slight smile. "Thank you, Danisten. You have been much help. Now go, before I change my mind of not killing you." Danisten ran off and DG put her sword away, happy of her days accomplishments.
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Ebiru stood on a distant cliff, gazing at the setting sun. His lips curled into a faint smile of amusement, as he thought of the trap he had laid. Covered holes, used for centuries, were hardly an original method of dealing with enemies. The sharpened spikes littering the bottom were also a well-used method. But Eribu hadn't stopped at that. No, his mind had taken the whole thing a step further. Even if someone survived the fall, and avoided the spikes at the bottom, they'd not live for 2 minutes at the bottom of the pit. Poisonous gas, heavier than air, had been leaking into the pit for several hours now. Anyone who fell in would pass out after a few breaths and be dead within two minutes. The perfect trap, for sure.
Eribu, sensing something behind him, suddenly swung around, drawing his sword and swinging it with ease. The blade stopped, touching the neck of the man standing behind him. Funshisu, Eribu?s second hand man stood behind him, trembling slightly.
?What is it?? Snapped Eribu, sheathing his sword.
Funshisu gulped, obviously wishing he were somewhere else.
?Olowski is dead. So is Perusen. All the other men returned, except Danisten. He may have been kidnapped. Do you think that she means to ransom him? Danisten for Kenshin??
Eribu laughed harshly, and turned back to the sunset.
?If that?s her intent, she?s even more foolish than I thought. As for Danisten, send out a few men to find him. If they can?t, we?ll forget about him.?
Funshisu clenched his teeth.
?But what if she has him??
Eribu turned slowly, till he was once again facing Funshisu.
?She can have him. What do I care for Danisten? He?s nothing to me. Now go. Leave me alone.?
Funshisu?s face was flushed with anger, but he turned and walked away, as his master had commanded.
Eribu lingered on the cliff top for a few more minutes. Before turning to go back, he noted that the glowing sunset made the sky look like freshly spilt blood.
He laughed all the way back to camp.
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Kia wandered around in the town square pushing through the crowds of people. She felt a slight snag from her sword on her back and saw a man running off with her sword in his hands. "get back here you theif!" She yelled as she cased after him. Sudenly she jumped up and landed right in front of him. She punched him in the face, leaving him unconsious, took her sword, and walked off. She was just about to leave the town again when she saw DG. "Hey DG! Over here!" Kia said, waving at her best friend. DG looked around and saw a girl waving at her. She smiled and ran up to Kia. "Kia, what are you doing here?" DG asked her as they walked through the town. "Looking for you. Is it true what they say? Is it true that the Battousai is kidnapped?" Kia asked. DG looked at her,"yup, that's what I'm here for. I'm looking for him."
That's all I could do sorry it's so short!
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Kitaro cocked an eyebrow and gave a faint smile as he watched the bandits drop like flys one after another by the hands of the older brother

"seems i was wrong, these two can fight quite well"

Kitaro decided to stay still and keep folowing, he jumped on the roof and quickly followed the 2

OOC: again sorry for the short post, i just got nothing to write yet :huh:
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O.O.C.: It's ok about the short posts, I dont mind, the story is only beginning and I can understand that you are having trouble thinking of anything.

DG walked with KIa to the nearest resturant and they sat down. DG quietly confided everything she knew so far with Kia. "So, what else has been happening since I left, Kia?" DG asked with great concern. She had been greatly missing her grandfather. Kia laughed. "Oh, nothing much. Sanosuke is the same as always. Oh, and he told me to tell you that he is very proud of you for trying to do what is right and going out to free Kenshin. He wishes you much luck on your journey." Kia suddenly stared down at her feet. DG was concerned. "Kia, what is wrong?" she asked. Kia looked into DG's eyes."Well, now that I have told you what Sanosuke asked me to search you out and tell you about, I am wondering if you would let me stay with you and help you" DG's smile faded. "Kia, I would not mind you staying with me, but if you get in the way, I will have no choice but to send you home." Kia noted that DG's happiness wavered if she was kept being nice for too long. Kia grabbed a menu. "Shall we order then?" she suggested. DG also picked up a menu now in deep thought of how Kia would help her on her journey to save Kenshin.
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Ebirus moved quietly through the dense forest that surrounded the town where the girl was last sighted. He wasn't really all that worried about her, but any obstacle to his plan had to be removed. He'd recieved news of others, two boys, most likely brothers, who had left behind a number of coprses in the road. The battle there had been done roughly at the same time that the girl met up with Eribu's men, and so they might have been following her. Perhaps they meant to kill her, or perhaps they too were looking for Kenshin. Ebirus never took chances on these things, though. Any job left undone, could come back and haunt you. Ebirus had learned that from experience. If he didn't take care of the girl, and these others now, they could very well pop up again at an inopportune moment. Sicne his men had been unable to take care of the problem, he was going to have to do it himself. As he walked, he dipped the sharpened blades of his many shuriken in poison. He would either kill the girl tonight, or find out what kind of a fighter she really was.
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DG ordered a couple of small things to tide her over for a little while. She was thinking too much to want to eat. Kia ordered the lunch special and looked out the window she was sitting near. "Do you really think, that we alone, can, can save him?" she said with uncertainty. I leaned back in the booth. "The chances of us doing this alone and being successful in the end, are low, very low..." she mumbled and took her food as the waitress handed it to her. She began to munch on the food while Kia mowed down on her plateful of food. Kia soon finished and looked at DG. "Shall we get going then?" she asked. DG closed her eyes still in thought. "Yes, I guess we shall." she ate a few more bites of her food, left some money on the table and left the resturant with Kia.
As they walked outside, DG felt as if they were being watched. She looked out into the forest, off to the side of the town, worried that someone was following them, someone who wanted them dead. Kia took no notice of DG's worry and began walking to the end of the town. "Well DG, are you coming?" she yelled to DG. DG took one last look into the dark and mysterious forest and ran to catch up with Kia. Kia began to laugh and joke with DG, while DG continued to worry about the prescence she seemed to feel was following them. Kia still had no idea that DG was worried about anything for DG hid her emotions well. They walked on, away from the town, following a trail that seemed to lead on into the forest. Kia hurried ahead anxious to get to the next town. Since DG had told Kia she had had no luck in finding any information about Kenshin at the town they had just lefts town square, Kia had suggested that they go to the nearest town where she had heard that there was a dojo where people gossiped a lot and it would also be a good place to get some practice. Not wanting to get left behind, DG ran to keep up with Kia, even though she did not like the idea of going into the forest where she could feel some odd prescence, that she did not like, she did not like it at all.
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Mal started getting worried when one of the girls they were following stopped to look back.

"I think she knows we're following her" mal said.

"She's thinking about one of the people behind us" gene said.

"We're being followed to" mal asked.

"Yes. One seems to be after her and the other I have not yet determend yet" gene said.

"If you've known they've been fallowing us why didn't you say any thing" mal asked.

"What are the things I've based my techniques om" gene asked looking at his brother.

"Don't use more than what power, speed and skill is needed, stay silent, show your enemy's mercy if you belive you should and if you're being followed show no sign of you knowing they are here" mal said.

"so then keep your mouth shut untill some thing happens" gene said.

Mal nodded as they followed the girls.
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Ebirus was getting irritated. He'd intended to followw the girl close enough to dispatch her with one Shhuriken, and be done with it. But there were others, too. It seemed that everyone was interested in Kenshin. He knew that DG was aware of hi presence, or at least aware that there was something behind her. Her frequent glances behind, and her tense footsteps betrayeed her nervousness. The other girl had no idea anything was wrong. The two boys, probably the one's Ebirus had been warned about, followed not to far behind her. They too, knew he was there. They were trying not to show that they knew, but the younger one was having trouble keeping his curiosity at bay. He turned only twice to look behind, an innocent gesture, perhaps, but he was obviously looking for something. And then there was yet another. A young man, who carried only one katana. Because he had no other weaponry, it impressed Ebirus twice as much. But he didn't have time to worry about that. He ran into the woods, and began skirting the people following DG and the other girl. Moving swiftly and silently, he began to catch up. He finally passed by them, and continued running on to the next town. As he ran, he was thankful for the many years of strength, endurance, and martial arts training. It allowed him to dart through the woods with ease. When he got to the next town, he sat down outside a building on the main street. He closed his eyes and pretended to sleep. In each hand, rested a poison tipped Shuriken.
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:p whoooo people don't know my name so I'm now being referred to 'the other girl' :p just kidding!

Kia stopped. She thought she heard something rush past them. "What's wrong," DG asked her. Kia looked around trying to see if anything was there, "I thought I heard something. Oh well, it must've been nothing if you didn't hear it." And they pressed onward. "DG...i anything following us?" Kia asked, her voice filled with worry. She didn't feel like fighting so soon. DG sighed as she explained what she felt since they set foot into the forest. Kia just blinked and shuddered. "Looks like we better be on our toes. That person might attack!" She said with a dash of fear in her voice. Soon they made their way to the edge of the forest. They walked to the top of a small hill and looked at the nearby city. "C'mon, if our follower is there we probably shouldn't keep them waiting." DG said with a sort of smirk on her face as she rested her hand on her sword.
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While Kitaro continued following the 2 brothers he suddenly felt someone rushing by, he cought a glimps of a shadowed figure in the woods, it was a big fellow, wasnt sure if he was friend of foe

"I better keep watch of that guy if i see him again..."

Kitaro also noticed that one of the 2 brothers always kept looking back in his direction

"Did they spot me?, not likely....but better not take any chances yet"

Suddenly with high speed, Kitaro started circuling the entire area hoping the 2 lost track of him, he stopped on a tree in the other side, and kept watching
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Gene knew that one of there followers had already gone ahead and one went for a better view point. Mal was uneasy because gene wouldn't let him go after one of them. "I know one of them is still here so why can't we go after them" mal asked. "It's just proof that you're improving and we'll go after them when a reason's given" gene said. "I understand that las part but what do you mean my skills are improving" mal asked. "After they've moved around that fast and you still know they're here means that your hearing has improved. Eventualy your skills will be as high as mine and you'll be able to tell where they are with out looking" gene said as they neared the edge of the forest. "Does that mean there's a closer chance of you making an attack in your technique that requires a zanbattou" mal asked looking at gene. "Don't push your luck mal" gene said as he went ahead. Mal sighed then ran to catch up.
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As they approached the town, DG drew her sword, feeling the same prescence she had felt inside the forest, only it was stronger now. Kia drew her sword also. DG cautiously looked around. They came to the entrance of the town and saw a man, dozing by the nearest building. Sensing that he could be the strange prescence she had felt, DG stopped and stared at the man. He slowly opened his eyes and looked directly at DG.
"So you're the one who is searching for Kenshin, eh?" he said slowly standing up. DG prepared to fight. "Well know, before I kill you I feel it is in your best interest that you know who I am. My name is Ebirus." he pulled out his shuriken. "now, I'll try not to make this, too painful." he suddenly jumped up into the air and landed in front of DG. He started to slash at DG but DG was ready for him. She blocked his slashes with her sword and jumped backwards as he lunged at her. She yelled out to Kia. "Try and attack him, while hes distracted!" Ebirus heard her yell to Kia and dodged out of the way as Kia charged at her. DG jumped up and swung her sword back, intending to hit Ebirus as she came down. She swung it forward as she neared him, he laughed and put his shuriken up to block the attack. DG fell backwards as Ebirus pushed her back with his shuriken. She quickly regained her balance. Kia slashed at Ebirus, cutting part of his shirt on his back and creating a slice across it. He retalliated by slashing at Kia with the shuriken. DG charged at Ebirus and slashed at his legs. He turned around and slashed DG's left shoulder. DG held her shoulder and slashed at Ebirus one last time. He laughed and quickly turned back around to slash at Kia a little more. Kia hit his shuriken out of his hands. She tried to hit him with a killing blow but he jumped up and landed behind Kia. He dashed away, leaving Kia and DG breathless.
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Both Kia and DG cringed with pain. "DG...I think he dipped his shuriken with poison! I've never felt pain like this!" Kia said as her vision started to blur. Both of them started breathing heavily as they walk slower and slower through the town, looking for a doctor. Soon they found a hospital and gasped the words "we've been poisoned" to the nurse. Before they knew it, they were in hospital beds, recovering from their battle.
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O.O.C.: A few things that need to be clarified...
1. Shuriken are used mostly for throwing. They come in many different shapes and types, but the most common form is the throwing star. That's what I was going to use here. For the sake of continuing the story, we'll pretend I was using swords.
2. Is this how a typical RP battle goes? Being a newbie, I don't know... Thought I'd have more of a say in it. But oh well. I don't care. It's cool.
3. Wow! I din't know I was that good!

Now back to the story at hand...

Ebirus Walked casually through the forest, heading for his new hideout. He didn't mind the scratch on his back. It stung a little, but he liked it. Pain made for endurance.
He was quite pleased with the days work. He had no need to kill them completely, though he could have. No, the wounds he'd inflicted were purposely light. That way less poison was wiped off on the skin, and more made it into the blood. Right about now, they should be lying in the middle of the road, gasping for breath, nearly blind. Some poor old herb-woman was probably trying all her antidotes right now, but to no avail.
Suddenly, Ebirus stopped. "The hospital!" He cried in anguish. "They would have the antidote!" He hated to lose more than anything. He slammed his fist into the nearest tree, and screamed with rage.
When his fit of rage had passed, he looked toward the sky, which was turning grey with thunderclouds.
"It will be done!" He swore to the approaching clouds, shaking his fist. "I will not accept failure!"
He would let the girl survive the night. Not out of mercy, but because he hated an uneven fight, especially when it was in his favor. He smiled.They didn't call him the laughing killer for nothing. This was going to be fun.

He laughed with maniacal glee as the rain began to pelter his body.

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Kitaro was about to continue following the 2 brother when he heard a loud scream a little bit ahed

"Someone might be in trouble, ill catch up with those 2 later"

Kitaro zoomed and dissapeard, running as fast as he can towards the source of the scream, when he got there he found the same man he noticed befor when they just enterd the forest

"....Are you ok mister?"

The person frowend and looked at Kitaro

"Get lost boy, i got no time to deal with kids, well maybe just 2 certain ones, he he he, now buzz off i got an..."appointment" in the hospital"

The man turned around and started walking

"Are you sure youre ok sir?, you got s bad looking cut on your back there, is that why your going to the hospital?

"I thought i told you to buzz off you annoying brat, unless you want some trouble, and youll end up in the hospital yourself"

Kitaro gave a have smile
"I dont think youre in a condition for a fight, certainly not to fight me"

"Annoying rude brat, ill show you in what condition i am"

The man drew his katana out of the sheath and ran at Kitaro charging him head-on, on the same time Kitaro, sighing, drew his sword preparing for battle......

OOC: ill give you a start on the fight if you want ;)
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Gene looked in the direction there follower had gone. He had left after the persion who faugh the two girl. "So what'll we do if those two girl don't pull through" mal asked. "They better. They're my only lead to kenshin" gene said. "Ya but what if that guy comes after us" mal asked as they heard thunder clouds. "He came after those two becuase they were trying to find kenshin and save him. I'm just out to fight him" gene said. Mal nodded as they started walking. "We'll stay in the hotel close to the hospital so we can make sure they're o.k" gene said as it started raining. Gene got a room for them then they headed up. They entered the room and mal got onto his bed after dropping his zanbattou and whip. Gene looked out of the window as more lighting sounded. "A fight is about to break out. I wonder who'll win" gene said as he looked towards the forest.
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DG sat up in her hospital bed, still recovering from the poison. It was late at night and everyone else had gone to bed. She looked out the window and stared at the moon. She tenderly touched the bandage that was covering the slice on her shoulder. DG and Kia had been lucky, if they had not gotten to the hospital when they did, they would be dead right now. DG looked over at Kia, she was peacefully snoring. DG didnt know how she could be sleeping when DG knew Ebirus would be coming to finish them off soon, she did not know when, she just knew that it was going to be soon. DG lifted her sword off the table next to her bed. The edge gleamed in the moonlight, she sighed and put it back. Unwillingly, she slid down under the sheets of the hospital bed and fell alseep.
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O.O.C.: Hmm, this is an unexpected twist. I wasn't going to come back yet, but I think this will make things a little more interesteing. I'll give you a choice: Fight now, (and you can have the first blow), or you can choose, and see were the story goes.

Ebirus ran furiously toward the young man, who drew his sword in readiness. At the last minute, He crouched low, and launched himself into the air, he flew over the young man, and landed on his feet on the other side. As the startled man turned, Ebirus smiled, as the other man's brow furrowed with concentration
. "Why fight me?" asked Ebirus, softly. "I've done nothing to you. Why do you not leave me be? If you sheath your sword now, I will let you live. Otherwise, someone's going to get hurt." Ebirus smiled once again, waiting expectantly for the young man's response.
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DG suddenly woke up. She knew something was going on. She silently got out of the hospital bed and went to the window. She looked out into the forest and saw two dark figures talking. She saw the one man jump into the air and land behind the other. She could not hear what they said, but It sounded serious. Fearing that one of the men could be Ebirus, she went back to her bed and grabbed her sword. She sat next to the window and continued to watch the two men talk.

--------------------------------------- -------------------------------
Sorry if its so short, can't think of anything to write at the moment.
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